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Hassle-free Solutions For Power Lines Not Connecting To Internet

Powerlines networking is very popular among users for professional use due to its notable features. It sends data through existing wires like telephone wires or electrical wires which is used for electrical wiring. It is free of wireless interference, rather it offers a useful way to get a wired connection to a location. Also, it is quite stable which makes it an ideal connection for higher bandwidth. But it is not error free. It comes with some technical glitches. Powerline not connecting to the internet is one such glitch.

Reasons For Power Lines Not Connecting To Internet

IP Confliction: If you have connected more than one device to your system, then IP conflict occurs and due to that the server fails to connect the Internet.

Changes in The Network Settings: During updating your system, a change in the settings takes place without notifying you. Due to that your powerline network’s IP also get changed. Your system fails to connect with the internet

Check the connections: Check whether the ethernet cable is connected properly or not through which powerline connections are connected.

Troubleshoot Power Lines Not Connecting To Internet : Easy Steps

We have discussed some steps here, if you follow them properly, then you may fix the connectivity issue of Power Lines network.

  • Always check the status of the LED lights of the adapters.

          We illustrate you some LED status based on which you have to troubleshoot.

           If the powerline LED is off, then at first check that encryption key which you have set for network security purpose is used by all powerline devices or not. If not, then press the Reset button on each device for about a second which will bring the powerline adapters to its factory default settings. And if you have observed that powerline LED is red, then navigate the powerline device to a closer location.  

  • Sometimes we need to add some new adapters to an existing powerline network for higher bandwidth. In that case, firstly you have to check the compatibility of the new adapters in comparison to the working powerline networks. If they are compatible, then it will successfully perform the operation.
  • If you connect the powerline network into a wall outlet without using any power strips. Also, it works well when connected with surge protectors or uninterruptible power supplies.
  • The wiring through which the powerline network passes data should not be much longer, otherwise, it will affect the performance or speed of the router.    

All the given methods are expert approved, if you apply them properly you may able to fix the issue in no time. After applying the methods if the error still persists, then seek help from reliable technicians.