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Fix NVIDIA Driver Error With Affordable Solutions

NVIDIA driver error is common on Windows 10 and occurs when you install the driver on your PC. It usually occurs when you upgrade the Operating System to Windows 10 and try to install the NVIDIA drivers just after the installation. The problem arises because Windows requires some time to install the GPU drivers in the background. It can happen due to several reasons. One of the restricting factors can be the third-party security programs installed on your PC. Besides this, an incomplete or improper installation of Windows can create problems in the installation process. Moreover, NVIDIA files saved on your PC or the NVIDIA processes running in the background can cause this issue.

Methods To Fix NVIDIA Driver Error

Below are the most accessible ways to resolve NVIDIA error.

Update The NVIDIA Drivers

Open Device Manager from the Start menu. Expand ‘Network Adapters’ and select your device. Right-click on it and select ‘Update Driver.’ Now, click on ‘Search automatically for the updated driver software’ option. Windows 10 starts searching for an updated driver and if it finds such a compatible driver, then it installs it on your PC.

If you have the NVIDIA installer installed on your PC, then go back to Device Manager. Search for ‘Display’ or ‘Standard VGA Graphics Adapter’ in the device list, right-click on it and select ‘Update Driver Software’ option. Then follow this path ‘C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\xxx.xx\windows_version\English\Display.Driver)’ and wait for the driver to install. Finally, restart your PC.

Alternatively, if you wish, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the latest and compatible drivers. Then download and install it on your PC.

Uninstall The Antivirus Software

Access Control Panel and choose ‘Uninstall a program.’ Locate your antivirus tool from the list of programs installed on your PC. Right-click on the antivirus and select ‘Uninstall’ and then restart your computer. If you have more than one antivirus installed on your PC, then repeat the same steps for uninstalling them as well.

Disable The Firewall

If you are encountering NVIDIA driver error Windows 10 due to Firewall, then disable the Firewall temporarily. So type ‘Control’ in the ‘Run’ application to open the Control Panel. Type ‘Firewall’ in the dialog box located at the top right corner of the Control Panel. Tap the ‘Turn Windows Firewall on/off’ option on both the public and private networks. After that, click on ‘Save,’ close the Control Panel and restart your PC.

Delete NVIDIA Files And Stop NVIDIA Processes

Go to the C:\ directory on your computer and delete as many NVIDIA files are there in that location. Then type ‘Task Manager’ in the search box and press ‘Enter’ to access the Task Manager. Then navigate to the ‘Processes’ tab and select the processes pertaining to NVIDIA software. Select one process at a time and hit the ‘End Task’ button to close it forcefully. Reboot your computer and try to install the driver again. Then click on ‘Custom’ and click on ‘Perform A Clean Installation’ box.

Reinstall Windows

  1. Backup all your files and settings to another device as there is a high probability of losing data. Turn on your system and press ‘F8’ or ‘F12’ on your keyboard.
  2. If you have a USB or DVD, then choose it to start your Windows from this installation media. Otherwise, open ‘Boot Order’ settings and enter the BIOS settings.
  3. Choose your preferred language, time and input method in the ‘Windows Setup’ screen and click on ‘Next.’ Click on the ‘Install Now’ button and type a valid key for your Windows.
  4. Windows Setup page appears displaying the license terms. Read and accept them and then press ‘Next’ to access the next Window. Click the option, ‘Custom: Install Windows only.’ Now if you find any partition, then delete them as well.
  5. After that, select ‘Unallocated Space’ and hit the ‘Next’ button. See the status of the Windows installation and wait until it is completed.
  6. When Windows prompts you, select ‘Use Express settings.’ Now you need to select that ‘Your organization owns this PC’ if it belongs to a domain. But, choose ‘I own it’ if it is your personal computer. Click ‘Next’ to continue.
  7. Then enter the username and password for your Microsoft account and sign in to Windows 10.
  8. If you want to create a new account, then select ‘Create one.’ You may also skip this step to sign in with a local account. Wait for the process to complete and then restart your PC to install NVIDIA driver.

Run System File Checker

The installation of NVIDIA driver fails if the Windows core has been altered. Hence, you will need to run the system file checker to cancel such alterations. Type ‘taskmgr’ command in the ‘Run’ dialog box and hit ‘Enter’ to open the ‘Task Manager. Then, click on the ‘File’ tab and select ‘Run a new task.’ Type ‘PowerShell’ in the ‘Run’ box and check the box for ‘Create this task with administrative privileges.’ Type ‘sfc/scannow’ command in the PowerShell window and press ‘Enter.’ System File Checker will start scanning the Windows OS for errors.

If the System File Checker displays a message that it has found some errors but is unable to fix them, Then run DISM command. So type ‘DISM’ in the command line of the Command Prompt window and press ‘Enter.’ Wait for this command to scan your PC and fix the glitches.

Free Up Disk Space

You cannot install NVIDIA driver if it’s hard drive is running out of space. So open ‘File Explorer’ right-click on ‘Primary system drive’ and select ‘Properties.’ Click on ‘Disk Cleanup,’ select ‘Clean up system files’ and click ‘OK.’ Select the files you want to delete and click on ‘OK.’ Then select ‘Delete’ to remove these files permanently. Now make an attempt to install the NVIDIA driver and you won’t get NVIDIA driver error again.

Update The Firmware

If your computer BIOS is not running the latest version of firmware, then it won’t let you install NVIDIA driver. So follow the steps to update the firmware.

  1. Connect your computer to your router via an ethernet cable. Open a web browser and enter ‘http://www.routerlogin.net’ in the address bar.
  2. Then enter ‘Admin’ as the router’s username and ‘Password’ as the router’s default password. Choose ‘Advanced’ option and select ‘Administration.’
  3. Click on the ‘Router update’ or ‘Firmware Update’ and tap the ‘Check’ button. The router starts looking for updated firmware and notifies you if it finds such a firmware.
  4. When the router asks you whether you want to install the firmware or not, click on the ‘Yes’ button to continue. Check the status of the firmware update and restart your PC when the process is completed.
  5. If the older version of firmware was the root cause of NVIDIA driver error, then you won’t get this error during the installation.

Hope you have got the appropriate ways to fix NVIDIA error without external help.