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Get Easy Fixes For Netgear Authentication Problem

Netgear router is the best router available in the market. You can easily form a wireless network with the help of Netgear routers. However, you might come across Netgear Authentication Problem when you try to connect devices like laptops, smartphones. This problem can happen even if you have entered the correct credentials to get the access. An error message of “Authentication error” on your device is displayed on the screen. If you are facing a similar problem then we will provide you with the possible solutions to fix the problem. Before getting into the troubleshooting part, you must check if the password is entered correctly.

How To Fix Netgear Authentication Problem?

If you are facing Netgear Authentication Problem then you can follow the troubleshooting guide to fix the problem.

Reset The Wi-Fi Connection

Reset The Wi-Fi ConnectionThe first thing that you should do is to reset the Wi-Fi connection of the Netgear router. Remove the wireless network from your device and again connect to the Netgear Wi-Fi network. Follow the instructions given below to reset the Wi-Fi connection.

Go to the Settings app on the device and select the Wi-Fi network connection.
Find the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect. Press or tap-hold to reveal the options. Select “forget network option” to disconnect the Wi-Fi connection from the system recognition.
Now search for the Wi-Fi network again and then, connect it with the valid credentials.
The device should be able to connect with the Wi-Fi network without the Netgear authentication problem.

Verify For Duplicate Names Of Wi-Fi Networks

The Authentication error arises when the entered credentials do not match with the Wi-Fi username and password. It can happen two Wi-Fi networks having similar names that create a confusion when you connect with the Wi-Fi. Simply verify that you are using the correct Wi-Fi network to connect.

Alter The Wireless Network Configuration Settings

Alter The Wireless Network Configuration SettingsAn IP address can trigger Netgear authentication problem. You can try to change the wireless network settings on the device or change the DHCP settings to Static IP. Go to the Settings and choose the Wi-Fi. Press hold to choose the “Modify network configuration.” Now, select the advanced options to check the IP settings. Now, change the DHCP to static and thereafter delete and enter the IP address.

Turn On The Airplane Mode

You can also try to turn on the Airplane mode on the device and then connect to the WI-Fi. Sometimes, other incoming connections might interrupt the Wifi signal connectivity and may raise authentication problems. Check if turning on the airplane mode resolves the authentication problem.

Factory Reset The Netgear Router

Factory Reset The Netgear RouterYou can also try to reset the Netgear router. In order to reset the router find the tiny hole at the back of the router. Use a pin to press the reset button and then reset the router. Wait till it finishes and then turn on the router and connect the devices.

Remove Authentication Error With Passphrase

Remove Authentication Error With PassphraseYou can also follow the instructions to fix the Netgear authentication problem.

Open the computer and go to the router settings.
Type the IP address or the router login address in the settings page URL. You will find the login address at the back of the router.
When the router’s settings page opens, go to “Wireless Settings.” After that open the “Security options” and check for the Passphrase in the box. Note down the passphrase.
In the next step, press hold on the current network which you want to connect.
Now in the password field, type the passphrase that you have previously noted down and log in.
Check if you can log in without the authentication error.

Update Router Firmware

Update Router FirmwareIt might happen that the authentication problem might occur if the firmware is not up to date. So, you can try to update the router firmware and then try to connect to the Wi-Fi and see if the error persists.

Alternative Method

Alternative MethodYou can also try this method to fix the Netgear authentication problem. Open the Netgear router login page. Enter the admin username and password and in case you happen to be using the Nighthawk X10 model, then there is the Login Netgear Nighthawk X10 process. And after logging in, then go to the Wireless security mode and set it to “wpa/wpa2-psk” and apply the settings.