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Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4: An Easy Troubleshooting Guide

Microsoft office applications are now becoming an important part of our day to day life. But while installing or updating the Microsoft Office, it might end up with an error code that is Microsoft Office error code 1058-4. It is a common error faced by almost every Microsoft users. This error appears when the office  365 try to perform any updates. You can not open any Microsoft programs smoothly like MS Word, Excel, etc. It is basically a connectivity related issue. Microsoft Office 2013 error code 1058-4 generally occurs due to the faulty installation of Microsoft office. If you faced this error, then follow this article carefully.

Relevant Causes for Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4

As Microsoft Office is very much approved by the users, but still it can show some error like Microsoft Office error code 1058-4. Here are the factors which are the main causes of this error:

  • An antivirus program can be the main causes of this error. It can block all the process while installing the Microsoft Word.
  • This error can also appear when the proxy is enabled.
  • If you are connected with a low/improper internet service.
  • This error also occurs in case any system file is corrupted.
  • If your Windows Registry is corrupted, then this error can also occur.

Common Symptoms of Microsoft Office Error code 1058-4

There are some common symptoms with which you can easily identify this error:

  • The process of installation of the Microsoft Office might stop abruptly.
  • This error code continuously flashes on the screen.
  • The performance of the system degrades.

Steps to fix Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4

If this error matched to the above causes then you can fix this error by the following solutions.

Step 1: Disable the Firewall or Antivirus

While installing or updating the Microsoft Office you might face the Microsoft Office error code 1058-4. You might face it due to the restriction of the network and firewall. So, you can fix this error by disabling the firewall or the antivirus. To do it, follow the steps below:

Steps to Disable Firewall

  • At first, click on the Start button
  • Then, open the Control Panel
  • After that, navigate to the System and Security and then open the Windows Firewall
  • Then, click on the “turn windows firewall On or Off”
  • After that, select “turn-off firewall for both private and the public network”

Steps to Disable Antivirus

  • Open the antivirus application which is installed on the computer
  • After that, click on the Settings and navigate the real-time protection
  • Then, turn off the real-time protection
  • After that, navigate the Antivirus firewall and then turn it off
  • Click on the Yes option to confirm it

Your work is done. Now, try to install or update the Microsoft Office to check whether the error is fixed or not.

Step 2: Run an SFC Scan

The Microsoft Office error code 1058-4 also occurs in case of the file corruption. If this error occurs due to this reason, then you can easily fix it by the SFC scan. To do this scan just follow these steps:

  • Open the Command Prompt in the Administrative Privileges
  • Type “sfc/scannow” and hit Enter
  • After doing the above steps, the scanning procedure will begin automatically
  • Do not close the Command Prompt window untill the scanning procedure is done

Now, try to install or update the Microsoft Office to check whether the error is fixed or not.

Step 3: Registry Repair

The Window registry corruption can also be the cause of this error. In order to fix the MS Office error code 1058-4, repair the Registry Keys by rebuilding the string values.

  • At first, open the Registry Editor
  • Then, delete the previous Registry Key which blocks the installation of the latest version
  • After that, search for the below keys and then delete it:


  • Also, change the DWORD values in below keys from 0 to 1 in Office Common Registry folder.


Step 4: Remove and Reinstall MS Office

If none of the above steps fix the error, then it is required to remove the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013. And reinstall it for the proper use.

  • At first, click on Start
  • Then, go to the Control Panel
  • After that, click on Programs and Features
  • Then, search for Microsoft Office and click on the Uninstall option
  • Once the uninstallation is complete, reinstall it to use it properly

If you do not know how to install Microsoft Office then follow the next steps:

  • At first, open “Office my account”
  • Then, log in the Office account by using your registered email ID and password
  • After that, click on the Install option under Office Product
  • Then, save the installer setup and run after downloading is completed
  • Do not close the screen while it is installing
  • After completing the installation, click on the Finish button

By following the above steps you can easily fix this error.


The above article is about how can you fix Microsoft Office error code 1058-4. Hope that this article helps you to fix this problem. If you have any queries, then you can leave it in the comment section.