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Microsoft Office Error Code 0x4004f00c – Complete Solutions

Microsoft Office is arguably the best tool that you can use to work with and store data. This has in it all the necessary tools, like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint among the many. But the truth is that it is not completely trouble free and you might face issues from time to time. Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c is among those issues that might come your way. And as such, you will not be able to use this software, thus ruining your productivity.

However, it is very much possible that you will be able to fix this issue by yourself and on your time. But for that, having clear and concise instructions is imperative. And that is exactly what you will get in this article. With that, you can resolve this issue and again be able to use the Microsoft Office program.

Microsoft Office Error Code 0x4004f00c – Possible Causes

In case of the Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c, there are many ways you might come across this. And as such, it can be quite problematic for you, getting in the way of your work.

The most obvious situation is that you get the error message Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c. And because of this, the program that you were running would suddenly come to a stop. Other than that, there will always be the issue of program crashing which can be very annoying.

  • The first one is if the process of installation, when you did it, somehow had come under the compromise. And as we all know, that corrupt system files can cause a lot of different problems. This error is just one among the many that you can come across.
  • But the thing is that it is not only a faulty installation process that creates corrupt systems files. They can come up for many different reasons including any kind of malware attack.
  • It might also be because of some other program on your computer that is behind this. Anything like antivirus is known to delete certain files it considers malicious to the system. And in a situation like that, it can cause such problems. In this case, a program has probably deleted some of the MS Office related files. And that is causing the  Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c.

How to fix the Microsoft Office Error Code 0x4004f00c

In this section, you will find all the necessary solutions. Implementing which, you will be able to fix this error code. Try them one by one, till you fix this error code. So, here they are –

Revert the Recent System Changes Back to Default

In order to fix this MS Office error code, this is one of the steps that you can take. By restoring the Default Settings, it might be the right solution –

  • Click on the Start option on your computer.
  • Within the search panel, put in System Restore and then press Enter.
  • From the results that come, click on the System Restore option.
  • Type in any of the login information, if needed.
  • Run the given instructions from the Wizard for selecting the required restore point.
  • Then, finally, restore your computer.

This will likely fix this error code. But in case this does not deliver the solution, then you can move on to the next steps.

Get the Necessary Windows Updates

It is very important to keep your Windows Operating System totally up to the date. That can help either solve or avoid many problems.

And it does include the Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c. So, to do this –

  • Click on the Start button on the computer screen.
  • Type in the word ‘update’, inside the Windows search panel and press the Enter button.
  • Then, the Windows Update dialogue box will come up.
  • Look for the available updates and then click on the Install Updates button.

Updates might just fix this issue. But if this does not deliver, then there are other ways as well.

Scan your PC for Malware

Malware within your system can cause a lot of problems, including this particular issue. So, the fix for this would be to make use of the antivirus program that you have on your computer.

Open up the antivirus’s System Control window, and then look for the Scan option. Once you find it, click on it to run a complete search of your system. Wait for it to complete the search.

And after the search results are in, look for any corrupted system file and then get rid of it.

Get Rid of any Junk File from your System

Accumulation of junk files takes place within your system storage and these can create problems over time. A lot of them to be precise, including this particular error code.

That is why you must get rid of these periodically to keep the system working smoothly. And in case you are facing this problem, you can try to clean up all the junk files. And that is likely to solve this error.

Here, are the steps to do just that –

  • Find and click on the Start button, and then in the search panel type in ‘command’.
  • Instead of pressing the Enter key initially, press and hold down on the Ctrl and the Shift keys. Then, hit the Enter key.
  • Then, in the permission dialogue box that comes, click on the Yes button.
  • After that, in a black dialogue box that comes up, put in ‘cleanmgr’ and press the Enter key.
  • The Disk Cleanup system will start doing its job.
  • The in the selection list dialogue box, choose the files you want to get rid of and click on the OK button.

This will empty up the required space and can thus resolve this error code issue.

Deploy the Windows System File Checker

The Windows System File Checker is a very useful tool that comes along with the Windows Operating Systems. It can help you fix a lot of technical glitches including this one.

So, here is how you can use it to fix this problem –

  • Find the Start button on your computer home screen, and then click on it.
  • Type in ‘command’ in the search panel there.
  • Then, after pressing and holding on to the Ctrl and the Shift key simultaneously, press the Enter key.
  • Then, in the permission dialogue box that appears on the screen, click on the Yes button.
  • Now, in the black dialogue box with a blinking cursor that appears, type in ‘sfc/scannow’ and then press the Enter key.
  • Then, the Windows System File Checker will initiate its scanning process which can take some time.

From there on, you will have on-screen instructions to finish the process. And that will very likely identify the problem and help you to fix it.

Reinstall Microsoft Office After Uninstalling It

This is also something you can do that can help you fix the Microsoft Office error code 0x4004f00c issue. Here are the steps you need to execute to do this.

  • Find the Start Menu, and then right click on it to open up the Start Context Menu.
  • Once there, click on the Programs and Features option.
  • Find the program that is associated with this error, from under the Name column.
  • Then, in the dialogue box, click on the Microsoft Office-associated entry.
  • After that, click on the Uninstall or Change option which you can get from the top menu ribbon.
  • Then, from there on, there will be comprehensive on-screen instructions that will lead you from there.

Follow all of that and you will be able to fix this issue. And as such, you will be able to use Microsoft office once again.

There are also other solutions to this problem, but that will require a high degree of tech-savviness. And that process is to troubleshoot the registry entries that are associated with this particular error code issue. It is not a good recommendation when it comes to DIY fixes and that is why we have skipped over that.

In case none of the given solutions in this article work, then only you can go for that. But not by yourself, you will have to go to professional technicians.