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How To Eliminate The Malwarebytes Error Code 404?

Malwarebytes error code 404 is a common issue that users often come up with. It occurs primarily due to a problem with the license key of Malwarebytes. At times, the error 404 can freeze your system and irritate you. In such instances, before uninstalling Malwarebytes or going to some repair shop, try these DIY methods. From this article, you will get a clear insight of error 404 along with the fixes of it.

Main Causes of the Malwarebytes Error Code 404

There are many factors which can cause various types of error codes with Malwarebytes. Some cause of the  Malwarebytes error code 404 is given in the section below. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Improper product activation code/License key
  2. Internet connection issues
  3. Conflict with Windows Firewall
  4. Improper installation

Most of the causes of this error code are connected with the software. That’s why they are quite easy to solve with the help of proper solutions. Some of the prime solutions to this issue are presented in the next section of this article.

Ways to Solve the Malwarebytes Error Code 404

If you want to solve the Malwarebytes error code 404 on your own, then there are many possible ways by which you can do it. Now, before marching on to the solutions, reboot/restart your system. It can help you to eliminate the issue as well.
If the rebooting is unable to fix this error, then move on to the other solutions.

Provide Proper Activation Code

Most of the time, this error code comes up when the user provides improper product activation code or license key.

Therefore, type or note down the Malwarebytes product activation code properly (check the code twice after typing) for further use. Then, open the Malwarebytes Activation window and provide the correct license key on the activation box. Now, give the software a few seconds to verify the activation code. After the activation code verification, it will eradicate the error code.

Update the Malwarebytes Application Manually

Another thing that can trigger up this error code is the application update process. So, you can try to manually update Malwarebytes.

  • To begin, copy the update files of Malwarebytes from another system.
  • Then, navigate to “C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware\rules.ref”.
  • In that folder, paste the update files.
  • Once you are done, reboot the device.
  • After the reboot, relaunch the Malwarebytes application and check if the error still persists.

Disable the Windows Firewall

At times, if the Windows Firewall creates obstacles for Malwarebytes. As a result, you face issues like error 404. So, you can disable the Firewall temporarily to resolve the issue.

  • To perform this task, first, open up the Control Panel window. To do that, press the Windows Start icon and launch the Power User menu. There you will see the Control Panel option; click on it.
  • Now on the Control Panel page, click on the System and Security option.
  • Inside the System and Security page, you will find the Windows Firewall option. Click on that to continue.
  • From the Windows Firewall window, find the Turn Windows Firewall On or Off option. There you need to check the box beside the Turn Off Windows Firewall (not recommended) option.
  • Once you are done, hit the OK button in order to save the changes you made.

After that, the Windows Firewall will stay inactive until you enable it again. Meanwhile, verify whether the error code appears again or not.

We hope that the above solutions and suggestions are helpful to you with the Malwarebytes error code 404 fix. For more tech-related info, keep following our articles.