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A Comprehensive Guide To Fix Linksys Authentication Error

A router is a common gateway or networking device that forward the data packets between several computer networks. It is commonly used as a traffic detecting tool, which detects internet traffic. When it comes to routers with high performance and high durability, Linksys is undoubtedly one of the best. However, you can face some problems while using this router. The most common networking issue of the Linksys router is the Linksys authentication error. Basically, it occurs when you provide an incorrect password while configuring your Linksys router. Apart from this, there are other causes too which led to this error in the router. If you ever encounter this error in your Linksys router, then follow this article properly. In this article, we will talk about how you can resolve this error with some easy and simple solutions.

Causes Of Linksys Authentication Error:

Though there are various reasons for the occurrence of Linksys authentication error, here we talk about the most common ones:

  • Network connection or slow net problem
  • Issues of wireless network routers
  • Invalid username and password
  • Wireless driver regularly crashing issue.
  • Problem while Installing the router in a new device
  • Due to the network configuration problem
  • Link establishing problems

These are some of the basic causes which led to this authentication error.

Excellent Methods to Solve Linksys Authentication Error:

Due to any of the causes mentioned above, if this error is occuring on your router, then read out the solutions. Below we have discussed the methods on how to fix the Linksys authentication error. Try the steps below:

Step 1: Reset the Wifi Connection

The first step is to reset the Wifi connection. For that, go through the steps below:

  • At first, go to the Settings option and click on the Connection option
  • Then, check that the connection of the Wifi is OK or not
  • After that, click on the Forget network option to get the new network
  • It will ask you for the registered email address, where it will send you the new password.

After performing these steps, resetting the Wifi connection will be done securely. This may take some time. So, wait for a few seconds and your Wifi connection will be reset properly.

Step 2: Use the Static IP in the State of DCHP

Perform these steps for proceeding further:

  • At first, click on the Setting option and then, choose the wireless and networks option.
  • After that, click on the Menu button and then, select the Advanced option.
  • Then, select the static IP and save the changes.
  • At last, close all the Windows that you have opened.

Hope these steps will solve the error problem. If not, then you have to configure the Linksys router.

Procedure to Configure the Linksys Router

For overcoming the Linksys authentication error, you have to configure the Linksys router. To configure it, apply the steps provided below:

Access the Configuration Menu

When you first configure your router, you have to connect it through an ethernet cable. If you are using a wireless network, then just open a web browser and type the address of the router in the address bar. The default address of the Linksys router is By doing this, you can easily access the configuration menu.

Enter the Username And Password

Whenever you are trying to access your router with the web, it always asks you for the username and the password of the router. At that time, you have to provide the recent id and password of your router. If you forget your id and password, you can find it through factory resetting of the computer. There, you have to look up for the router model online through which you can easily get the username and password.

Use the Configuration Software

Now many Linksys router comes with the installation CD to install and configure the router. This will allow you to change the setting of the router. But here you need to enter the username and password to configure this. Once you open the configuration software the browser menu will same as before the configuration.

Setting Up the Wireless Network

In case of a wireless router, you can set up this configuration part. When you open the configuration window, you can see the basic setup page. In this section, you have to create a secure wireless network save and set it default. And you have to give the globally valid IP address to increase the speed of the network. After that, you can easily set up the wireless network.

Give the Network Name

In the basic wireless setting section, you will find that there is a Wireless Network Name (SSID). In that section, you have to put your Linksys router network name and the correct password. If you do not know the name of the network, then you can use the model number of the router. Alternatively, you can turn on the suggestion of the Wifi network, it will help you.

Enable the Broadcast

To configure the Linksys router, make sure that you have enabled the broadcast in the Wireless Broadcast menu. Once you have been done this broadcast, click on the Apply changes option and after that, click on the Save settings option.

Change the Wireless Network

If the above steps do not fix your problem, you can follow this step. The wireless network starts from DHCP and ends with the static IP address. To change the wireless network, just right-click on the network option. Then, click on the Advance option. Now, you can see the IP address field. Click on it and change the IP address to register a new network.

At last, refresh all the Network settings and check whether the error still occurs or not.

This article covers the basic idea of how can you overcome the Linksys authentication error. As this error causes some problem in the Linksys router, it could be a daunting task to remove it. Hopefully, this article will help you to solve this error. If you fail to fix this error., you can contact the technical support team to get appropriate solutions for this.