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Solve Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering Problem Immediately

Lenovo laptop screen flickering problem can result from obsolete BIOS or drivers. In case users using wrong drivers that are not compatible with their device then the display may start to blink as well.

Likewise, if there is a problem in hardware then flickering problems appear leaving the users annoyed. A defective or damaged cable can cause the same problem with your Lenovo laptop. Be sure that, there is no magnet placed near your device as it can create a magnetic field and make the display flicker. This is one of the most common problems it should be fixed at the soonest possible.

Moreover, if your device displays constant horizontal and vertical lines then the stated methods can help you to get rid of the flickering screen problem or if you have to gone through laptop screen replacement.

Easy Hacks to Fix Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering

We have shared some of the effective solutions that you can apply in case you have your Lenovo laptop screen flickering:

Solution 1 – Check the Driver  

When you face this problem, at first you have to check the driver. Sometimes, the outdated drivers can cause this problem. So, first, update the driver. Basically, you can update the driver in two ways such as manually and automatically.

Manually update the Driver

When you choose manually, you just simply go to the Lenovo Official website and you will find the driver and then download it. Next, you need to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process on your device. After completing this check whether the problem is resolved.

Automatically Update the Driver

Automatically Update the DriverWhen you choose the Automatic option to update your driver, then go to the Settings application. In the Settings application, you will need to go to the Update & Security section. When the Update & Security section opens, click on the Check for updates. If the update is available, then click on the Update option. Once the update process completes, restart your system and check if the Lenovo laptop opens properly without any issue. Alternatively, you go to the Update section and turn on the Automatic option. If the Automatic option is on, then your system driver is automatically updated when your system is properly connected to the internet.

Solution 2 – Update the BIOS  

Update the BIOS  For updating BIOS press the Windows button along with the “R” key to launch the Run box. Type “msinfo” and then, press the Enter button or OK. When the System Information window opens, you will find the BIOS folder. Here, check the version.

If you see the version is older, then go to the BIOS official website page and search your model number and then, update it. To complete follow the onscreen instruction carefully. Once the Update completes, install it. It must be resolved by now.

Solution 3 – Switch Boot Mode to UEFI

The term UEFI stands for a unified extensible firmware interface that provides more security and prevents viruses and malware-infected bootloaders. Sometimes the screen flickering issue might get solved by turning on boot mode to UEFI.

The very first thing you have to do is to restart your device by tapping on the Restart button. Once the device starts up you have to press down the Esc/ Del or F12 button into the Boot menu. Once the screen shows the BOOT section you have to click on it and look for UEFI/BIOS BOOT Mode. Here you have to turn on the Legacy mode and click on the Save button the apply the changes you have done. Finally, exit from the page and check if the flickering problem has solved or not.

Solution 4- Update your Display Driver

First of all, start your device in a safe mode. After that, choose the Start button by right-clicking and tap on the Device Manager. Now, extend the Display adapters icon and select the listed adapter by right-clicking on it. Now, choose Uninstall and check the “Delete the driver software for this device” checkbox. Finally, tap on OK and restart your computer.

Once your system turns on automatically press the Windows key and I to launch Settings. Find Update & security and then click on Windows Update. At last tap on Check for updates and let the available updates installed.

Solution 4 – Check Hardware Problems

Interference from outside of the cable can be one of the most responsible reasons for Lenovo laptop screen flickering on startup. Check some basic things to avoid this issue in the future.

  1. Check that there is no magnet around your device. Because due to the magnetic field the screen might start blinking.
  2. Cross-check the USB cables that are connected with your device. Defective or faulty cables can create a flickering problem.

Restart your Lenovo Laptop

Now, the above solutions are enough to fix the  Lenovo laptop screen flickering issue on your Lenovo device. Follow the steps carefully one by one on your system to fix this problem.

Laptops being as critical as they are to our tasks if they falter. It can do a lot of harm to your productivity. So to fix it in the quickest way possible, you’ll have to take the matter in your own hands and fix it yourself.
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