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Lenovo Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi | Try Simple Hacks To Resolve Wireless Problems

Lenovo laptops are known for their quality of service and the technical features to its customers. However, at certain times, users can experience the problem of disconnectivity from wireless network quite often. So, there can be multiple reasons why Lenovo laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi and it can include both software and hardware issues.

However, you can try out some methods to fix this wireless error on your Lenovo device. In this article, you can go through a few troubleshooting steps to make the WiFi stable on your laptop. But, before checking out the solutions, make sure that your device is able to detect the wireless signal initially. Otherwise, it might require you to look for methods that are exclusive for resolving hardware error responsible for WiFi disconnection. So, let’s start with the basic possible causes of this wireless problem in Lenovo laptops.

Common Causes Due to Which Lenovo Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

It can be quite annoying when the WiFi suddenly disconnects in the middle of an important task on your Lenovo device. However, there are a few common factors that many customers have noticed which can cause this internet error. So, before discussing the solutions to troubleshoot this wireless issue on Lenovo laptops, let’s have a look at its underlying reasons.

  • In case the BIOS version on your Lenovo laptop is not up to the date, it can produce this error anytime. Also, you need to check the version of the WiFi driver on your system which can cause this problem if not updated periodically.
  • A defective cable or physical damage in any of the networking devices, such as PC, router, modem, etc. can disable the wireless. This is why you must ensure that your Lenovo laptop is properly connected to the router. Don’t forget to check the network adapter for the device as well.
  • Sometimes, the signal strength from the WiFi can be so weak that it automatically disconnects the internet on your laptop. Hence, if your device can’t receive the proper connectivity from the nearby wireless network, it can generate this error.
  • While working with a WiFi-enabled device, selecting the wrong frequency band can result in dropping the signal.

Solutions to Fix WiFi Disconnection Issue on your Lenovo Laptop

If the Lenovo laptop disconnecting from WiFi continuously, then it’s a clear indication that there is some networking problem. However, before starting the troubleshooting try two easy hack first.


  1. Open the Start menu on your Lenovo laptop. Then, search for Control Panel and click on the option for ‘Hardware and Sound’. After this, hit the tab for ‘Power Options’ and choose ‘Edit Plan Settings’. Finally, select the hyperlink for ‘Change Advanced Power Setting’ and select ‘High Performance’.
  2. For those who don’t want to choose the ‘High Performance’ option on their Lenovo laptops, you can try an alternative way. Open the tab for ‘Power Options’ and hit the link for ‘Change settings that are unavailable currently’. After this, double-click on ‘Wireless Adapter Settings’ and hit the button for ‘Power Saving Mode’. Also, choose the maximum performance option for both ‘plugged in’ and ‘on battery’ features on the Lenovo laptop.

Now, to resolve Lenovo laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi Windows 10, apply the following advanced steps.

Solution 1: TCP/IP Stack Reset and Auto Tuning

TCP/IP Stack Reset and Auto TuningFor trying this method, open the Windows Start menu and find the Command Prompt. Make sure to run it as administrator and write ‘NETSH INT IP RESET C:\RESTLOG.TXT’ on the command window. After hitting the Enter button, write ‘NETSH INT TCP SET HEURISTICS DISABLED’ in the next line.

Similarly, type ‘NETSH INT TCP SET GLOBAL AUTOTUNINGLEVEL=DISABLED’ and ‘NETSH INT TCP SET GLOBAL RSS=ENABLED’ in the next two lines and press ‘Enter’ key after each command. Reboot your Lenovo laptop and launch the WiFi icon to see if it’s giving a stable connection.

Solution 2: Change the WiFi Power Configuration

Change the WiFi Power ConfigurationIn case the previous solution doesn’t work, you can change the power option for your wireless network. So, to try this, click on Windows Start and search for the option saying ‘Network and Sharing Center’. Then, select WiFi network available nearby your Lenovo laptop and it will display its connection status window.

Thereafter, click on the ‘Properties’ tab at the bottom-left of the window and hit the ‘Configure’ button. Then, search for the ‘Power Management’ feature from the list of items and untick the box that enables the computer to switch off for saving power. After unchecking this option, save the changes by clicking on the ‘OK’ button. If your Lenovo laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi even after applying this fix, it can indicate issues with the WiFi driver.

Solution 3: Remove Corrupted Driver and Reinstall

Remove Corrupted Driver and ReinstallSometimes, reinstalling the Network Adapters on Lenovo laptops can troubleshoot the connectivity error. Hence, click on the Windows Start menu and find ‘Device Manager’. Below this, you need to navigate to the option of Network Adapters and view the details by expanding the menu.

Find the appropriate WiFi adapter, right-click on it and choose the ‘Uninstall’ tab. After removing the existing driver, right-click on the ‘Network Adapters’ and select the option ‘Scan for hardware changes’. Thereafter, allow Windows to search for the suitable drivers for your wireless network and install them on your laptop.

Once you restart your device, hopefully, it will resolve the problem of Lenovo laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi Windows 10.

Solution 4: Uninstall ThinkVantage Access Connections

Uninstall ThinkVantage Access ConnectionsMany users have found this solution helpful to resolve the issue whenever Lenovo laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi. For applying it, click on ‘Start’ and navigate to Programs tab in the Control Panel window. Locate the program for ‘ThinkVantage Access Connections’, which is a popular application from Lenovo developers. Thereafter, right-click on its icon and choose the option of ‘Uninstall’. Finally, reboot your system and wait for the Windows OS to take effect with the uninstallation of this program.

Solution 5: Turn off Remote Differential Compression

Turn off Remote Differential CompressionYou can also disable the Windows feature of Remote Differential Compression to fix this WiFi connection error. Hence, you need to open the Control Panel and click on ‘Programs and Features’. Then, select the tab for ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ and remove the tick from the box for Remote Differential Compression. Finally, hit the ‘OK’ button to save these changes and try to launch the WiFi on your Lenovo laptop.

If you still can’t troubleshoot the error, click on the ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’ present on your Windows Taskbar. Then, change the Adapter Settings. To do so, select the ‘Properties’ option and click on ‘Configure’ button below the ‘Networking’ section. Under the ‘Advanced’ tab, choose ‘802.11n Mode’ and modify its value as ‘Disable’. Click on the ‘OK’ button and check if the wireless signal is stable on your Lenovo device. In case, you can’t troubleshoot this error and the Lenovo laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi, you can consult any networking professional to avail technical solution.