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Laptop Speakers Crackling? Fix It Easily With Some Effective Tactics

In this fast pacing world of digitalization and technological advancement, computers and laptops are commonplace. Since our lives, in the present times, resolves around technologies, you will hardly come across anybody without laptops today. In fact, in the present time, laptops have become more popular than desktops.

After mobile which incorporates seamless features, laptops are undoubtedly one of the most widely used devices. It is definitely smarter and all the more revolutionary. However, like all technological devices, laptops too are not entirely free from glitches. When talking of issues, one of the most prominent issues is the problem of laptop speakers crackling.

In fact, the problems of crackling and popping of the laptop speakers top the list of the most frequently reported laptop issues. The biggest concern is that such an issue can trigger due to a lot of factors. Therefore, you can attribute many reasons due to which the problem might creep up.

Nonetheless, all problems have solutions and the problem of laptop speakers crackling is no exception. Like all other problems, this too can be sorted out by means of some simple fixes. In case, you wonder how to fix crackling speakers, here you are. This article is just for you. Here we shall provide you with not only the proven fixes to the problem, but also discuss the potential causes behind such a  problem. Therefore, drive your worries out and keep reading our article thoroughly.

Potential Causes Behind “Why Are My Laptop Speakers Crackling?”

If you are a tech-savvy person, obviously your laptop is very precious to you. And if so, then such an unexpected problem with your laptop speakers is certain to raise your concern. There is no denying to the fact that the problem of laptop speakers crackling is quite depressing for the users and especially when you want to make the best use of it.

At the face of such problems, the only thing that we keep brooding about is  “why is my laptop speakers crackling? Now, the answer to this is not one but many. That is, there are multiple causes behind such issues. When talking about the causes, the fundamental reason behind the problem is defective or faulty drivers. However, this is not the only cause.

The laptop speakers also crack if there is something wrong with the audio settings. Besides, the issue might trigger if any hardware device intervenes with the audio settings of your laptop. On this note, it is important for you to know that the problem of laptop speakers crackling normally occurs after you have updated your laptop device.

Nonetheless, the problem under discussion is not without solutions. Rather, the fixes for the issue are simple and user-friendly. So, if you are worried about how to fix crackling sound on a laptop, just relax and follow the guidelines we offer in the next section of the article.

How To Fix Crackling Speakers?- A Thorough Guide

In this section, we are going to offer you a thorough guideline about the measures to undertake in order to combat the problem of laptop speakers crackling. We understand that such problems are utterly frustrating for users.

However, the guidelines we offer for solving the problem will be undoubtedly the best for you. Therefore, keep reading. Before we move on with the feasible solutions, here’s a special note for you to consider. Prior to undertaking any measure against the problem in question, you need to ensure that your hardware is not faulty or damaged and is functioning perfectly. Proceed with the solutions, if only your hardware is perfectly functional.

After checking your hardware, go through the solutions that follow:

Method1: Examine Your Audio Format Thoroughly

With Windows, you have the option to regulate the sound quality as per the capacity of your speakers. Therefore, you can set the sound of your DVD or CD as per your convenience with varying frequencies. As per the frequencies, it ranges between  192000 Hz, which is the maximum to 44100 Hz, the lowest.

As per the feedbacks of the users, you can easily troubleshoot the crackling problems on laptops by means of bringing about a change in the sound format. To execute the process,  obey the instructions mentioned hereunder.

To begin with, press the Windows Key as well as R  together from your keyboard in order to launch the Run command. Once done, write Control Panel” in the search dialog box to run the application. The moment you are launched into the Control Panel, you will have to type “Sound”  in the search bar.

You will find the Search dialog box in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. After this, you must activate the sound options and then revert back to the search result again.

Now, the moment you access the sound options, you must press on the audio device which is connected to your system. Following this, right-click on it and choose Properties icon. Thereafter, choose the Advanced Tab located at the top of your screen. Once you have selected, you shall find a Default Format section.

Once located, press on it and a drop-down menu will pop up instantly. Thereafter, choose the CD quality, which accounts to be the first option and click on the Save button to confirm the necessary changes. That’s it, now reboot your laptop and see whether the problem sorted. If not, move on to the next solution.

Method 2: Deactivate the Audio Enhancements as well as the Exclusive Mode

There are many sound drivers that make use of enhancements in order to enhance their sound. However, in case, your CPU gets to these enchantment properties or if the properties do not prove compatible for your system, then you can expect laptop speakers crackling problems to occur.

In such cases, the only remedial solution for us is to deactivate the audio enhancements. For this, follow the instructions given below:

  • First and foremost thing for you is to launch the Run Command. In order to do so, you must press on the Windows key as well as the R button simultaneously. Following this, type Control Panel in the search dialog box in order to launch the application.
  • The moment you reach out to the Control Panel, locate the Search menu bar situated on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then, activate the sound options and revert back to the search result. After you have enabled all the sound options, press on the audio device connected to your system. Thereafter, right-click on the device and choose the icon for Properties.
  • On completion of the steps cited above, you need to move to the Enhancement Tab and deactivate all the enhancements that you enabled. You can simply click on the option entitled “Disable all enhancements.”

Following this, you need to head over to the Advanced Tab and simply disable the Exclusive mode. Then, click on the Save button and move out. After you finish, you can check whether the problem with your speaker is sorted or not. If not, don’t worry. We have still better solutions for you. So without wasting any further time, move on to the next alternative.

Besides these, there are also some additional methodologies that you may follow to sort your problem.

Method 3: Examine Your DPC Latency

Are your laptop’s speakers crackling still? Nevermind, the solution that we offer you now is sure to sort your glitch. Since the problem often triggers due to DPC latency, one of the easiest fixes against the issue is to examine your DPC Latency settings thoroughly.

“Deferred Procedure Call” or DPC  is an exclusive part of your Windows which handles your hardware driver. The problem of crackling speakers generates when these drivers take a prolonged time in the execution of the operational function. Because in such cases, it intervenes with your sound drivers and disrupts their smooth operation leading to such crackling or buzzing problems.

Therefore, if you are to fix any issue with your DPC Latency or for that matter, verify your DPC thoroughly, then you must download the  DPC Latency Checker Tool on your system and launch the tool. The tool features an indicator for you to examine your DPC Latency. If you see the latency indicator turning either yellow or green, then you are all set and there is nothing wrong with your latency.

On the contrary, the indicator turning red implies that your driver is not functioning properly. Accordingly, you will have to undertake appropriate measures to fix the issue by means of either enabling or deactivating each of the drivers. However, if this too fails to produce the desired result, then you can try out the final solution that we offer.  

Method 4: Deactivate the Third Party Programs

If ever you wonder why are my laptop speakers crackling, then one of the potential causes behind the problem is some of the third-party applications.

Therefore, one of the easiest fixes against the problem of laptop speakers crackling is to deactivate the third-party applications that are causing the issue to creep up. Some of the third-party applications disrupt the smooth functioning of the sound drivers. This generally happens because the sound drivers are required to go through these third-party programs prior to outputting sound to the speakers, thereby giving way to laptop speakers crackling problems.

With so many feasible workarounds at your disposal, solving the problem of laptop speakers crackling should not be a problem to you any further.

Wrapping Up  

However, before we part with you, we recommend you to follow the solutions we offer you in case you face the problem of laptop speakers crackling. The guidelines we offered are proven and therefore will surely serve your purpose most effectively.