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A Rapid Solution To Fix iTunes Error 42110

Apple iTunes is a software application for loading, managing and playing the audio and video files in the Apple devices. As it is the most popular jukebox and is extremely formidable just like the likes of Windows Media Player, it always demands to be up and running within the Apple community. Therefore, if there are intrusions of any errors in it, it becomes a nightmare for the users of Apple devices. The iTunes Error 42110 is such a dreaded error which culls for the soonest fix. This error may occur during transfer the iTunes library from one device to another you can receive this error message that is “An unknown error occured (-42110)” in the iTunes Window.  Many users have come across this error after launching iTunes in their system. So, here we will discuss the solution of how you can fix the error 42110 on iTunes. Just continue moving on if you want to get rid of this error ro just to know about it for future reference.

Causes of the iTunes Error 42110

  • This error occurs if you have a large number of iTunes software in your device.
  • A Firewall blocking iTunes software may cause this error  
  • If you have recently installed any new drivers, it can be another reason for this error.
  • Another reason for this error is if you have any problem with the authorization of the account.
  • If there occurs any issue in the iTunes store, it may result to this problem.
  • SC Info folder stores every information about the iTunes software. If this folder is corrupted, then you face this problem.
  • If you do not use the latest version of the iTunes software even then you may face this problem.

You may face this error message also while you are going to purchase any music files from the iTunes music store. But, cheer up! You can overcome this problem manually by just following the steps below.

Solution to Fix iTunes error 42110

Here we are discussing “how can you fix the iTunes Error 42110 in the fastest way?” Below we provide some steps to fix this problem:

Remove the SC Folder from the Mac OS

Remove the SC Folder from the Mac OSTo remove the SC folder from the Mac OS :

  • Turn off all the open tabs and iTunes from your computer.
  • Then, from the menu bar choose the option GO folder
  • In the open window, type /Users/Shared/SC Info then click on the GO option, or you can also apply the correct permission(authorization) to the folder.
  • If the finder isn’t appearing on the top of your screen, then you can choose the option View as Columns option.
  • Then, find the SC info folder and after that, click and hold it and drag into the trace file.
  • After that, restart your computer
  • Then, open the iTunes software
  • Lastly, Authorize your device again and enter the Apple id and password.

By following the above steps you can remove the SC folder from the Mac OS.

Remove the SC Folder from Windows

To remove the SC folder from the Mac OS :

  • Turn off all the open tabs and iTunes from your computer.
  • After that, click on the control(Ctrl) and escape(Esc) key at the same time from the keyboard. Or you can only press the Window key from the keyboard
  • Then, click on the search icon and type %ProgramData%  and press enter
  • It will show the hidden files.
  • After that, open the Apple iTunes folder
  • Find the SC info folder and choose the Delete from the pop-up menu
  • After that, restart your computer and open the iTunes software again.
  • Authorize your device again and enter the Apple id and password.

By following the above steps, you can easily remove the SC folder from Windows.

A General Way to Fix iTunes Error 42110

To use this step at first make sure that you have the proper and high-speed internet connection.

  • At first, remove the SC folder, which is the main cause of the error
  • Check that the iTunes software is automatically updated or not. If not, then update this software automatically.
  • After that, check the account authorization   
  • Then, scan and repair the corrupted information to solve this error

If you do not have the Apple id and password, you can create a new account by going to the iTunes store and clicking on the account and after that, click on the Create a new Account.

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista, at first, make sure that you are not select Block all incoming connection option. They can go to the Control Panel and click on the security and system. And the XP user can select the Allow a program or Windows firewall.  


In the above article, we will discuss the uses, causes as well as the solutions of iTunes Error 42110. iTunes navigates the media files and apps that you store in your iPhone. Hopefully, this article will help you to solve this error. If you are not able to fix this error. Or, if your device fails to load the music files or the other media. You can contact our technical support team or you can leave your queries in the comments section below.