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iPhone Voicemail Error: Apply These Solutions To Fix Voice Messages

When it comes to an iPhone voicemail error, nobody except a tech-savvy person can know what’s causing the issue. If you are not one and experiencing this problem, this article will help you out. There can be several reasons including both hardware and software issues if your voicemail is not working at all. Some iPhone users can face this voicemail error on iOS 11/12. However, you must be aware of the ways to identify this error in order to fix the voicemail issue on iPhones.  

So, if you are annoyed with this iPhone error that doesn’t allow you to send or receive voicemails on your gadget, check this article. Here, you can go through a few troubleshooting fixes that can resolve the error and make your voicemail feature work again.

Problems Associated With iPhone Voicemail Error And Corresponding Solutions

If an iPhone voicemail error occurs all of a sudden, it can be quite frustrating and leads to several problems. Let’s take a look at a few of the primary voicemail related issues that iPhone users keep facing, which needs technical solutions.

List Of Voicemail Error On Your iPhone

This error can block your access to view any of the voice messages and you won’t be able to set up voicemails even after updating your iPhone.

It can further lead to not generating any notifications or alerts regarding the incoming voice messages. Some users can even experience the issue, where they can’t record any messages and send them to others.

You may even face situations when the voicemail feature is not even available on your iPhone. Otherwise, you can also see multiple or duplicate copies of the same voicemail in your device.

The error can occur for any malware infections in your iPhone. So, if you don’t resolve this problem, your gadget may not allow you to delete certain voice messages due to viruses.

There can be customers who may receive a voice message but can’t hear them at all due to this error.

The voicemail problem can be very severe in iPhones and needs proper steps to resolve them. Otherwise, you may end up having no option to send/receive a voicemail. Hence, check out these few troubleshooting methods to resolve iPhone voicemail problem.

Methods To Fix iPhone Voicemail Error

Apply these following methods based on the type of voicemail error on your iPhone.

Solution 1: Restart iPhone

This method is for those users who are experiencing voicemail issues due to a system error, especially after updating or upgrading their iOS. So, restart your gadget first by pressing and holding down the Wake or Sleep button. Keep doing this unless you see the red slider on your iPhone’s screen.

Next, you need to move the slider switch to set it to power off position. Wait until 40-50 seconds and start your iPhone by pressing and holding the same Sleep/Wake switch.

As the logo of Apple appears on your display, try to record or send a voicemail to check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Reset iPhone Network Settings

If the above solution doesn’t work and you are still getting the voicemail error try again later iPhone notification, apply this fix. So, reset the network settings on your iPhone, if the issue is regarding incorrect settings of WiFi options.

Note: As this solution will delete previously set WiFi passwords and iPhone settings, make a note of it before applying this fix.

Hence, open the ‘Settings’ on your iPhone and click on ‘General’. Then click on the tab of ‘Reset’. Under this, choose ‘Reset Network Settings’ and type in the password to confirm the resetting action. As your iPhone reboots, open the voicemail app to see if it is working.

Solution 3: By Means Of Carrier Update On iPhones

If you are getting this voicemail problem due to inappropriate carrier settings, then check this solution. Here, first click on the ‘Settings’ tab and open the ‘General’ option as discussed above.

Then, check the list of features under the ‘About’ section and locate ‘Carrier’. Always make sure to select the appropriate carrier option and update it, if necessary.

So, as you click on the iPhone’s carrier settings, it will display a dialog box. In this pop-up, you have to choose between ‘Not Now’ and ‘Update’ options. To resolve this voicemail problem, it is recommended that you hit the ‘Update’ button.

After updating the carrier settings on your gadget, click on the voicemail icon and see if it works fine.

Solution 4: Switch On/Off Flight Mode & WiFi

Another great way to troubleshoot voicemail error on iPhone is by turning on/off its Airplane mode. So, if there is a critical network issue, you can apply the solutions 2, 3 or this one to resolve iPhone voice message problems.

For this method, click on ‘Settings’ and then look for Flight Mode option. If it is enabled, then switch it off and vice versa. Then wait for about 20-30 seconds and try to open the voicemail app on iPhone.

If the voice message error still persists, apply this method on WiFi settings on your iPhone. Hence, go to ‘Settings’ and locate the WiFi icon. If it is turned on already, tap on it to disable the wireless feature and vice versa.

Solution 5: Reset iPhone Time Zone And Voicemail Password

To apply this solution, follow the above fixes and go to ‘General’ tab under iPhone ‘Settings’. Then select ‘Date & Time’ option and set it to ‘Automatic’.

If you are unable to send or receive voicemails after upgrading to iOS 11 or 12, try to reset the voice message password. Hence, you can reset it from your iPhone or via a third-party app.

Solution 6: Apply Recent iOS Update

If none of the above solutions works for you to fix iPhone voicemail error, update your iOS. It may resolve any unresolved bugs, viruses or malware in your iPhone causing this voicemail error.
To apply this fix, click on ‘General’ option under iPhone’s ‘Settings’. Then go to ‘Software Update’ and look for a newer version of iOS updates. If you can find one, simply click on the ‘Download and Install’ button.
Hope you could fix this iPhone voice message issue by applying these above solutions. Otherwise, downgrade your iOS to an older version to send/receive voicemails.