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Fix iPhone 7 Stuck In Recovery Mode: Ultimate Guide

Sometimes, users face iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode error, this usually occurs when you are trying to access any corrupted file or app which is conflicting with the iOS. Basically, you can use the recovery mode whenever you want to restore the apps and the data stored on your iPhone 7. But, when you get stuck in the recovery mode, you will only see the Apple logo, without displaying the progress bar. In such cases, you need to take your iPhone out of this recovery mode with the help of some most effective steps. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned some easy fixes which can help you to resolve it on your own. Hence, read the article thoroughly and apply them accordingly.

Probable Reasons for iPhone 7 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode

Basically, you can face this problem when there is a glitch in the operating system. This prevents you from getting out from the recovery mode. On the other hand, the problem may occur when the previous system restores process was not successfully finished. Even, updating the operating system, without following the proper setup can lead you to this error. Presence of bugs in the system can also lead to this iPhone stuck in recovery mode error.

So, if you are encountering this error, then this article will help you to fix it. Hence, read the steps carefully and resolve the problem.

How to get iPhone 7 Out of Recovery Mode? Easy Fix

Are you getting annoyed with the iPhone 7 plus stuck in recovery mode error? Then, you have arrived in the right place. Here are some easy and smart techniques that will effectively remove from the situation. Therefore, please follow the instructions that are given in the next section.

Usually, you will be able to take the phone out of the recovery mode after restoring or updating the system, by turning off the iPhone with a USB cable. And, then hold the power button on of device to restore the iPhone.However, you can also try to force restart the iPhone in order to return it to its normal working condition.

Fix 1: Hard Restart iPhone 7

Hard Restart iPhone 7

In order to make your iPhone work without any glitch, restarting the iPhone is the best option. To do so:

Step 1

At first, hold the Power button of the phone and wait for a slider to appear on the screen.

Step 2

Later, drag the slider to turn Off the iPhone.

Step 3

To proceed further, choose and press the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone’s screen, to turn On the phone.

If the iPhone 7 is still stuck in the recovery mode, even after completing the above step, then you should try the next fix.

Fix 2: Put iPhone in DFU Mode

Put iPhone in DFU Mode

The most reliable solution is to perform Device Firmware Update or DFU. This is often regarded as the best fix to eradicate any risky errors on any Apple device.

Here are the steps to set your iPhone 7 into DFU mode.

Step 1

At first, connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2

Open your iTunes account, on the system with the help of the USB cable port.

Step 3

After that, press and hold the Power button and hit the Volume Down buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds.

Step 4

Next, the iPhone will turn back which means that the iPhone will successfully enter into DFU mode.

After that successfully entered into the DFU mode and restore the iPhone, with the help of the iTunes.

Fix 3: Restore iPhone through Another iPhone

Restore iPhone through Another iPhone

You can access iTunes and back up all the data of your iPhone and after that, you will be able to perform an iOS restore or update. After resetting the phone, follow these steps below.

  1. Firstly, open your iTunes account on a computer.
  2. After that, plug the iPhone to the system with the help of the USB cable.
  3. Then, choose the ‘iPhone’ when it shows up in the iTunes application.
  4. After that, select ‘Backup Now’ option to backup all the data that are stored in the system.
  5. Next, click ‘Restore Backup’ option, to restore the previous iOS file and data.
  6. Further, you need to locate the backup file that you want to use.
  7. At last, click the Restore option and wait for a while to finish the process.

Keep the device connected to the system until the process gets complete. You can disconnect it the sync of the data gets complete.

From the above context, you can get a thorough idea about the error iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode. Moreover, we have briefly discussed the way to sort it out. In case you face any trouble while doing the steps you can post your doubts in the comment section below.