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Fix Internet Explorer Not Opening With Amazing Hacks

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest Internet browsers which is available in the market.. But most of the users often face technical issues with time. But sometimes it becomes necessary to use it even if you have like Firefox or Chrome installed in your system.

Internet Explorer is not free from the technical glitches and shortcomings. One of the common problems is that Internet Explorer does not open any link. Or it does not open when you try to launch this through the application of this browser. Then the Windows show you the error notification ‘Internet Explorer not opening.’ This error notification has been occurring for a couple of years and luckily there are a couple of solutions to fix this error. In this article we are going to provide some amazing hacks, which can help you to fix the error notification. You are advised to stick to the mentioned methods. Start with the first method and work your way down accordingly. Let’s start.

Do You Know The Reasons Behind This Error Notification?

When your Internet Explorer fails to open, then you need to fix it anyhow. But at first, know the causes behind this error. It might help you to resolve the error in a proper way. This error message can happen due to the below reasons:

  • Registry keys become corrupted or being changed.
  • If you install any browser previously, then it might be the reason behind this error message.
  • When the add-in interfering with the software of the computer then you can face this error notification.
  • If the setting of the Internet Explorer is corrupted, then this may cause Windows to reconstruct the default browser of the system.
  • When you install any new software, then the settings of the system must be changed. Then you can face the problem to open the links from the Internet Explorer.

Useful Tips Before Going To the Fixes

The Internet Browser you are using to browse everything, to watch online videos, visit the social media, then it stores all the personal data like caches files and images, bookmarks, history, passwords, accounts and so on. It is not necessary to remove all the essential data while going through the below solutions, especially system restore, browser reset to fix the issue of Internet Explorer does not open. So you need to copy all the temporary Internet Explorer files to keep them safe.

Easy Tips And Tricks To Fix The Internet Explorer Not Opening

Follow the below methods to resolve the error notification Internet Explorer not launching.

Method 1: Reset The Internet Explorer

Before going to troubleshoot the system you need to reset the Internet Explorer with the help of the Internet Settings. This is the best solution stated by Microsoft. It’s possible that the settings of the Internet Explorer is not configured properly. Sometimes it happens that due to bad configuration of the setting the Internet Explorer not opening. To reset the browser perform the below steps:

  • Press the Windows key and R both at the same time to open the run box. Type ‘inetcpl.cpl’ on the box and hit the Enter key from the keyboard or click on the OK option to run the command.
  • As a result, it will launch the Internet options. Go to the Advanced tab. Now hit on the Reset option which you will see at the lower side of the display.
  • When you will see the new Window, then you need to tick the ‘Delete personal setting’ option. After that click on the ‘Reset’ option.

These steps will reset the Internet Explorer of your Computer. All the add-ons will be disabled after performing the above steps. The home page will reset as well.

  • After that, you have to restart the system to check if it can solve the problem.

You can reset the Internet Explorer using two options. Without resetting the personal information you can reset the setting of the Internet Explorer or you can reset this using another way. You need to try both the ways.

Method 2: Use The System File Checker

If there are any bad configuration present on the system, then it might be the reason behind the error notification. When you face this error then the system becomes unable to execute the operation which is processing. So you need to run the system file checker scan to check the integrity violations. If it will find any integrity violation then you need to run the DISM command to resolve the error notification.

SFC is the utility of the system which can help you to restore and scan the corrupted files from the system. It is secured with the Windows resource protection to help you to secure the registry files, critical system files and the folders. Now follow the steps below:

Step 1:

To open the run application you have to hit the Windows key and R simultaneously. Type ‘taskmgr’ in the command box and press the Enter key from the keyboard or click on the OK option to open the Task Manager.

Here we have provided an alternative way to launch the Task Manager. Move the cursor to the lower side of the screen and right-click on the taskbar. Now click on the Task Manager in order to open it without any problem.

Step 2:

Now go to the File tab at the upper right corner of the screen and choose the ‘Run new task’ option from the list.

Step 3:

After that, you have to type ‘powershell’ in the command box and click on the OK option to run this. Now tick the ‘Create this task with administrative privileges’ option.

Step 4:

When you enter the PowerShell window then type ‘sfc/scannow’ and press the Enter key from the keyboard to run the command. This will start to scan the system, so you need to keep patience.

Step 5:

After the scanning if you encounter that Windows states an error and it is unable to fix this then you have to execute the command by going to the next step. Or you need to restart the system and try to launch the Internet Explorer again.

Step 6:

Now run the command in the PowerShell window – ‘DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.’ Press the Enter key from the keyboard to run it. It will start to download the corrupted files with the help of the Windows update servers. This can take some time for the Internet connection. Keep patience. After that, simply restart the system.

Method 3: Uninstall The Antivirus Programs

The antivirus programs always monitor the activity of the system. It also interfere with the activity of the Internet browsing. Sometimes the browser may crash due to the conflicts of the antivirus. So you have to disable the antivirus. Malwarebytes and McAfee are the specific antiviruses which are the main cause of the error notification. When you disable the antivirus then you have to restart the computer and see if it can fix the error. If you see that it did not fix the problem then you need to enable the antivirus again.

Method 4: Create A New Profile

When all the mentioned methods don’t help you then it may happen, that there are some problems with your current user profile. This problem is often faced by most of the users. This is a common issue that the module of the user account gets damaged or the user accounts get corrupted. Then some of the function of user account stop to work.

Then you have to create a new account. Before creating this you need to transfer all the data. Before transferring the data you have to confirm that Internet Explorer is working properly with the newly created user account. If yes, then you have to transfer the data and delete the old user account. We recommend you to back up all the data before performing this method.

Method 5: Reset The Setting Of The Network

Try to reset the network setting to force the browser to run with the new configuration. The faulty network setting which is saved on your computer might be the cause of the problem. Make sure that if you are using an original administrator account to perform this method. To reset the network setting follow the below mentioned steps:

  • To open the search bar of the Start menu you have to press the Windows key and S both at the same time. Or shift the cursor to the left bottom corner of the display and hit on the Start menu. Now type ‘cmd’ on the command box. As a result, the start menu will show you the cmd option. Right-click on it and click on the ‘Run as administrator’ option to run this with the administrator privilege.
  • When you enter in the Command Prompt window then run the below commands: ipconfig /flushdns, nbtstat -R, nbtstat -RR, netsh int reset all, netsh int ip reset, netsh winsock reset. Now hit the Enter key from the keyboard to run the command.
  • After using these commands, restart the system to check if it can solve the error notification.

On The Whole

For some specific browsing, you need to fix the Internet Browser. When you are facing this error message for the first time, then it’s quite a difficult task for you to resolve this error without any help. But nothing to get worried. In the above guideline, we have provided some easiest fixes which can help you to resolve the error message Internet Explorer not opening. We hope, after going through the article you can easily use the Internet Explorer.