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Reliable Guide To Eradicate iCloud Backup Error At The Earliest

Apple gadgets secure the contents of the users through a regular default backup process. Every Apple device comes along with an iCloud feature which is configured to back up all your messages automatically. However, despite its enhanced features, you might note that while trying to check the iCloud Backup settings, you get a vague message stating that the backup process failed. This is a kind of iCloud backup error, which iPhone users report to face from time to time. It is indeed an annoying situation as it hinders the regular backup process. This is where this article proves to be beneficial, go through this piece of information to get rid of this distressing situation with simple troubleshooting tricks.

Fundamental Issues Prompting iCloud Backup Error

If you are wondering why this error occurs, then it is indeed a difficult situation to locate the root cause. Here we have listed a few probable reasons that can prompt this situation, have a look:

  • The poor network connection can be the reason or insufficient bandwidth, behind the backup failure.
  • If there is a network timeout, then it can stop the backup process leading to the real-time iCloud backup error.
  • Often lack of required amount of space on your phone can lead to this problem.
  • A damaged USB cable or corrupt local backup file can also generate this iCloud backup error.
  • While trying to restore the previous back up files, if you make any unwanted mistake, then in future while attempting to carry out the backup process it can report technical breaches.
  • Lastly, if your previous backup files are infected with malicious software or are corrupted, then there is a possibility that the recent backup process may fail too.

You must look out for the signs highlighted above, to prevent going through the same hassle in future.

How To Resolve iCloud Backup Error: Essential Hacks

If you have recently encountered this error message on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch then follow the quick hacks mentioned below to resolve the issue. At first, note whether your phone is satisfying the required criteria for iCloud backup. Your phone must be locked to ensure you are not using any applications, that can hinder the process. Secondly, it should be connected to a power source, and the third condition is that there should be a wi-fi network in range.

Method 1: Reboot The iOS Device

Before proceeding to the more complicated pathway, you must render the most reliable troubleshooting method. Use the trick of forcing rebooting to get rid of minor technical glitches. Then, try to back up the messages once again and verify if the iCloud backup error message reappears. Follow the steps to reboot the phone:

  • Hold down the Home button as well as the Power button simultaneously.
  • Wait for a few seconds, until the Apple logo appears, which signifies that the reboot was successful.
  • Now, join the phone to a stable and secure WiFi network connectivity. Navigate to the Settings menu and tap on the iCloud option.
  • Subsequently, click on the Backup option and when prompted tap on ‘Back Up Now’ button.

Method 2: Eliminate Previous Backups And Reset Network

If you want to carry out this process, you must have a back of all your critical and necessary files, to prevent losing them. The steps mentioned below will be able to guide you through:

  • Connect your Apple device to your computer which has access to iTunes. At first, create a local backup to that computer.
  • As soon as the iTunes back up gets over, navigate to your iOS device and open the Settings application. Locate the option iCloud, followed by the Storage tab.
  • Then click on the Manage Storage option and note the location for the old iCloud backup. Mark all the associated files and hit the Delete button on iCloud.
  • Now, you have to clear the network settings, by launching the iOS Settings on your phone. Click on the Reset button and when prompted tap on the Reset Network Settings option. This will remove all the potential Wi-Fi connections, and you have to rejoin them again.
  • Locate a network which has sufficient bandwidth and connects it with your device.
  • Finally, return to the settings option once again and tap on the label designated as iCloud. Go to the Backup section and choose the ‘Back Up Now’ option.

This will help to revive the proper function of the iCloud.

Method 3: Free Up iCloud Storage Space

To make space from iOS apps, go to Settings option, and type in your name. Then, tap on the iCloud option and select either Manage Storage or iCloud Storage option. This will show you all the applications that are taking up the iCloud storage space. The applications which include individual files will get listed under the app’s storage. Just swipe to the left of any particular folder to get the access to the Delete option. You can alternatively choose the option ‘Delete Documents & Data’ which will eliminate all of that app’s data.

Method 4: Sign Out And Back Into iCloud Account

Again open the Settings app and scroll down to ‘Accounts & Passwords’ option.

  • Tap on it and Scroll to the bottom of the screen. You will get a Sign Out button, just tap on it. You need to confirm your action twice when directed. As soon as you sign out of your account, you will be automatically prompted to the iCloud sign-in page.
  • Type in your iCloud username and password, in the blank fields and follow the on-screen prompts. As soon as you are able to sign in, try to back up the messages once again.
  • In order to free up more space, you can also remove apps from iCloud backups. Go to the settings menu and type in your name.
  • Then, navigate through iCloud, Manage Storage and finally click on the Backup option. You will be prompted to type in the name of your device, hit the Enter button when done.
  • Alongside this you can also tap on ‘Choose data to back up,’ this will allow you to choose the applications which can save the backup files into iCloud.

Method 5: Update The Latest iOS

Getting the latest version of the iOS can be a way to solve iCloud backup not working along with other iOS related issues. At first, back up your files on iCloud and go to the settings menu. Tap on the General option and select the Software Update button. When prompted type in your Apple ID as well as the password. Tick the box beside the ‘ Agree on Terms & Conditions’ label and click on the Agree button. You need to confirm your action twice and wait until the download begins automatically. After the installation process, verify whether you are able to back up the messages.

Method 6: Reset All Settings

In case you are still going through this annoying situation, you the last resort is to reset your iPhone’s settings. This method will not wipe any content from your phone but will only alter the system settings to its default content. Thus eliminating any settings which were previously interfering with your iCloud backups process. To continue, open the settings app on your phone and tap on the General option. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select the Reset button. When prompted choose ‘Reset All Settings’ and confirm to proceed. You will note that the phone reboots automatically, in order to determine the recent changes. Now, try to back up the messages once again.


The methods mentioned above are enough to help you resolve the problem. Try to keep your phone free from unwanted applications and scan periodically to eliminate the risk of malicious software. Additionally, you must note that whenever you are trying to back up the messages on iCloud, you must have decent network connectivity. However, this DIY route may sound complicated if you are not from a technical domain, then you must seek reliable guidance.