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HP Printer Won’t Turn On | Know How To Fix This And Make Your Printing Machine Work Again

Often, HP users come across this common issue, where they find that their printers are not responding properly. According to a majority of the customers, sometimes the problem can get worse and the HP printer won’t turn on at all. Printers can show this error due to several reasons and it can include technical defects in both software and hardware. It can also happen if the power cords or adapter is faulty and stopping the printer from starting. As per the printer technicians, using an outdated driver can be the main reason behind this printer error. Fortunately, you can still try out some methods, which can resolve printer issues and turn it back on.

In this article, you will get a few troubleshooting solutions for turning your HP printer on. However, before you check out the fixes, you need to be aware of the causes that can prevent HP printing machines to switch on. Hence, you can check out the possible reasons that can stop your HP printer from switching on or functioning perfectly.

Possible Reasons Why Your HP Printer Won’t Turn On

If there are critical issues in your device, your HP printer won’t turn on without trying some technical solutions. But, first, you should know why this issue is occuring in your printing machine. So, let’s take a look at a few common problems that can trigger this error and make your HP printer unresponsive.

Often, users can forget to check if their printer is connected to a proper power outlet. Sometimes, the issue can be with the supply unit or connecting cables, which can lead to this error.

If the external AC adapter or the printer’s built-in adapter is damaged somehow, it can make the device stop. Also, if you are utilizing multiple devices to take printout from a single device, you can experience this problem.

In case the USB port to which you are connecting your printer to the PC is defective, it can prevent print jobs. This will require advanced testing from a technician in order to resolve the printing problem caused due to any hardware issue.

Apply These Fixes When HP Printer Won’t Turn On:

Your HP printer won’t turn on by itself unless you apply some effective methods to restore its normal functioning. Hence, you can try the following solutions whenever you observe your HP printer isn’t working anymore.

Solution 1- Try Some Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Before proceeding to technical fixes, you can apply some of the general steps to resolve printer problem. Hence, to find out what has stopped your HP printer to function normally, you need to check the connection options. So, first, ensure that your printer is connected to the accurate port on your PC.

In case, you are connecting the HP printer over a wireless network, confirm it is the same connection used by the computer. Also, double-check the cables (Ethernet and USB) along with the supply unit to ensure the printer is receiving enough power.

One of the best ways to fix the printer’s not working issue is to restart the device after completely turning it off. Hence, switch off your HP printer and disconnect all the power cables and networking plugs. You should leave your devices idle for a couple of minutes, say 5-10 minutes, and replug the cables and power cord. After checking the connections properly, press the power button on your printer and try to test print any document. If you observe HP printer won’t turn on even after trying these basic steps, apply the other solutions discussed in this article.

Solution 2- Make your HP Printer Default Device

Many times, if you are working with multiple printing machines, your system can get confused regarding the default printer. Your PC normally assigns the print jobs to the machine, which is set as the default printer. This is why you need to mention or include your HP printer as the default option for proper functioning.

So, to select your HP printing device as the default printer, open the Run dialog box on Windows. For doing this, hit both the Windows logo button and R key altogether. As the dialog box appears, write ‘Control’ in the provided space and press the ‘Enter’ key.

As soon as you see the Control Panel window, navigate to the feature of ‘Devices and Printers’. Then, open the section of ‘Printers’ and find the icon for your HP printer, which is connected to the computer.

On seeing your printing machine, right-click on it and choose the option of ‘Set as default printer’. In case, you receive any message prompt requesting your confirmation to set this action, click on ‘Yes’. Once, you successfully select your HP printer as the default machine for print jobs, it may start working properly.

Solution 3- Remove Tasks from Print Job or Queue

Sometimes, when the printer gets stuck with multiple printing tasks in its queue, it can make the device unresponsive. Also, there can be print jobs failure in the queue section, which can prevent the device to print anything. So, to troubleshoot this error in your HP printer, you can clear all the print jobs from its print queue.

For applying this method, open the ‘Control Panel’ window and click on the link for ‘Devices and Printers’. You can follow the steps in solution 2 and locate your HP printer on your computer.

Right-click on the printer, which you can see along with a green tick symbol beside it. This shows the default printing machine on your system and you can view what’s printing on it. Then, hit the ‘Printer’ tab and click on the option of ‘Open As Administrator’.

Once again open the ‘Printer’ menu and choose ‘Cancel All Documents’ from the list of items. You will see a dialog box that will ask you whether you want to cancel all documents for your HP printer. So, click on the tab of ‘Yes’ and it will delete all the tasks from your printer’s queue. Hopefully, now you will be able to operate your HP printer normally or try the remaining fixes.

Solution 4- Verify the Status of your HP Printing Machine

So, if you have applied most of the solutions in this article, but your HP PhotoSmart printer won’t turn on, it can be a hardware error. Hence, you need to check whether your printer is having issues like no ink, lack of pages in the tray or paper jam. These are the problems that you can’t fix technically but, can be resolved manually. So, try to replace with a new toner cartridge if your printer has a low ink level. Also, you can add a new bunch of papers in the tray so it can continue the printing jobs. In case, the issue is regarding paper jam or any other technical problem with the printhead, scanner or roller unit, you need to consult a technician to fix them.

Solution 5- Search Latest Printer Drivers and Install

If your HP PhotoSmart printer won’t turn on after trying the above methods, you will have to update the drivers to fix the problems. So, you can visit the official website or HP printers and select drivers for printing and scanning purpose. Also, you may find a few updates that can improve the overall performance of your printer and fix bug issues.

To download drivers with a full feature on Mac, Linux and Windows, open the site with link https://123.hp.com and look for the recent software package and drivers for your HP printer. Here, you can also find the step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing these drivers.

In case, you are specifically looking for drivers for your HP PhotoSmart printer, you can enter your model number and install the corresponding drivers. However, you can upgrade the printer firmware to ensure your device turns on perfectly.

If your HP printer won’t turn on even after applying the solutions discussed in this article, then you need to consult an expert. Hence, you can get in touch with any HP printer technician and ask how to make your device work. For those who are aware of some advanced fixes, you can share your steps in the comment section.