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Fix HP Printer Error Code 30: Best Solutions Without Any Trouble

Hewlett Packard or HP is one of the most renowned brands for PCs and laptops and printers at a low-cost. Many users have been using HP printers because of its additional features and promising service. Often, HP printers stop and show the error messages, such as HP printer error code 30. There may be many reasons for HP printer activation error.

Well, HP printer error code 30 mostly occurs in Windows 10. You may face this issue whenever you are trying to print any document. However, there are so many common reasons behind this frustrating error code. Reasons mentioned below:

  • If your HP printer is not appropriately activated then an error code 30 can occur. In other words, this problem comes up when you don’t allow your account to run a program.
  • Sometimes, this error may occur if the faulty connections.
  • Moreover, if your printer’s driver is outdated or incompatible with your system then also this error can pop up.
  • If you do not install the latest available updates for the OS, then this problem can start as well.
  • Furthermore, this issue can come up if your printer is not able to read the toner cartridge chip. On the other hand, printer cable or hardware can also result in HP printer error code 30.

How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 30? Get Appropriate Solutions

You can follow the steps that are mentioned below, it will guide you in troubleshooting the issue in no time.

Method 1: Give Your Account Full Control To Run The Program

First, go to Properties and select the Security. Now, edit your account details and give Full Control. Then, restart the device and check whether the problem is resolved.

Method 2: Update Printer Driver

Just search for the suitable and current driver for your printer. Check whether the driver is compatible with the OS you are using or not. If everything is okay then install it.

Method 3: Upgrade Operating System

If you update the Windows, then you can save your printer from unwanted errors. Follow the procedure, and you can see that the OS you are using will automatically check for the available updates.

If you find any available updates, then install it. Upgrade your Windows Operating System to get rid of HP printer error code 30 issue.

Method 4: Reset Your HP printer

To Reset your printer disconnect all the power links. Then, turn on your printer and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. After that, turn off your printer and connect it again. When done, restart your printer and check whether this process has removed the HP printer error code 30 or not.

Method 5: Reset Browser Manually

Though the procedures vary from one version to another, we are providing you the general steps.

First, you have to press the Windows and R button together. Then, write inetcpl. Cpl command in the Run window to access the properties of your browser. Now, visit Advanced menu and hit the Reset option to reset your browser. So, manual reset can also resolve  HP printer error code 30 issue.

Method 6: Set Your Printer As Default Mode

Often, in some situations, users may get HP printer error code 30, if they are not fixed their printer as default. However, you can change your printer to default mode by following the simple steps:

  • First, go to the Settings application and open it and access Devices.
  • After visiting the devices section visit the Printers & scanners part, which is at the right side of the display.
  • Then from the left side of the window, you have to select the printer and after that hit the Manage option.
  • Finally, click on the Set as default button option. Your default printer will be set and the problem will not appear in future.

Method 7: Run HP Printer Troubleshooter

Nowadays, most users report that encountering HP printer error code 30. This issue can appear because of various bugs present in your system. So, if you’re are also encountering this error, then you may be able to resolve it simply by running your HP printer troubleshooter.

Windows has many troubleshooting options, and you can use these troubleshooters to fix common printer problems. In order to run the built-in troubleshooter you can follow the steps written below:

  • Go to the Settings and visit the ‘Update & Security’ option.
  • Then select the Troubleshoot and choose the printer which you are currently using.
  • After that, click on the Run option for troubleshooting.

Follow the instructions written below to complete the process of troubleshooting.

After the troubleshooter is finished, check if the issue still exists or not.

Method 8: Alter Security Permissions

Often, HP printer error code 30 can appear because of your system security permissions. You may forget to give permission to some security applications, which may cause the error. Whatever may be the situation, you can resolve this issue by altering the security permissions of your system.

  • First, find out the faulty application that is generating the error message.
  • Then, right-click on that particular application and go to the properties from the menu.
  • After that, go to the Security tab and from the list select your account and hit on the edit option.
  • Then, choose the user account of the user and verify the Full control option in the Allow column and finally click on the Apply option and OK.

After performing the mentioned process, you will have full control over the particular application. We can assure you that if you do the following then you can easily able to resolve the problem with your HP printer.