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Best Ways To Resolve When HP Printer Alignment Failed

Printers serve to be an essential device in order to meet both your personal and professional work requirements. When it comes to the best quality printers, HP is the most preferred choice among users for its advanced specifications and multifunction attributes. You can avail uninterrupted service while working with HP printers. There are times when the printer shows the error message HP printer alignment failed. This message comes up the printer is unable to align the pages. In this article, you will know how to resolve this error message on your HP printer.

Common Issues With This Error

A printer that has alignment issues won’t print records precisely. Pictures and content can print at an edge or they may not print by at all. Your printer can move toward becoming misaligned if there is any paper stuck in the printer, print cartridges are dirty or not genuine or using the low quality of toner supplies and not in an appropriate way installation of cartridges. Sometimes this issue may appear if you are using the old version of the printer driver. Furthermore, a printer can move toward becoming misaligned after the printer finishes a print work.

Easy Amazing Methods To Resolve The HP Printer Alignment Failure

Below we will discuss some easy and effective methods to resolve the alignment failure issue on your HP printer. Follow the given methods as mentioned below:

Method 1 – Reset The HP Printer

Turn off your printer and again turn on your printer may resolve the Alignment failure issue on your printer.

  • At first, you have to turn off your HP printer.
  • Wait for sometimes to off the printer properly and then go to the next step.
  • You have to unplug the power cord from the printer
  • Next, you need to plug off the power cord from the outlet.
  • Then, wait for a minimum of 60 seconds.
  • After 60 seconds, you have to again plug in the power cord into the outlet.
  • Again connect the power cord to the printer.
  • Now you have to turn on your printer.

After resetting the printer, check if the problem is fixed or not.

Method 2 – By Using The Genuine HP Ink Cartridges

HP endorse that you use the genuine ink or toner supplies. If you do not use genuine ink or toner, you can face this issue in your HP printer. So, at first, you must use the genuine ink cartridges on your printer. If you want to check the cartridges, you need to go to the HP official webpage. Or if you want to buy or replace any cartridges and other supplies, you can go to the HP store directly.

Method 3 – By Using The Correct Type Of Paper

If the above two methods do not solve this problem, you can try this method to fix this error on your printer. This is a very easier method to fix this issue on your printer. To follow the given below methods:

  • At first, you have to take off all the paper from your printer.
  • Next, you must check the paper be sure it is clean and unused.
  • If any photo, color or unused paper are there, please remove it.
  • Then, click on right arrow and select the ‘Setup’ from your printer.
  • In the Setup box, choose the option Tools, select it.
  • Click on the down arrow and you can see the Align Printer option, select it. Now the printer is ready to print the alignment test pages.
  • After doing this, you have to open the printer lid and put the alignment test page on the scanner to scan this page.
  • Next, you have to close the printer lid and then press on OK. Now your printer will scan the alignment page.

After the scan is completed, you must check whether the problem is resolved or not.

Method 4 – Aligning The Ink Cartridges

There is another method to resolve this issue on your HP printer. Go through the below steps:

  • In the beginning, you have to Power on your printer.
  • You have to load the printer input tray with the A4 size paper.
  • Next, you can see the HP Center application on your computer.
  • In the HP Center application window, click on the Settings and then click on the Print Settings.
  • Then you will click on the printer Toolbox. Now the printer toolbox will display on your computer screen.
  • In this toolbox, click on the ‘Align the Print Cartridges’ and then below you can see the Align option, click on it.

Once you are done, check if the issue prevails.

Method 5 – Update The Printer Driver

Update the printer driver is another method to fix this issue on your printer. When you use the old version of the printer driver then you can face this problem. So, what you need to do at first is to update your printer driver from the official website of HP printer and then check if the problem is resolved.

With these methods, you can easily resolve your printer problem. Stay glued to our website for more updates. If you are a non-tech savvy person, then this article will benefit you in all possible ways to eliminate any printer glitch In case, you have any doubt in applying steps mentioned above, do post your queries. We will keep you updated with effective troubleshooting hacks.