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An Ultimate Guide On "How To Fix HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working"

Is your HP laptop keyboard not working? We are here to provide reliable solutions to troubleshoot the issues with your HP laptop keyboard.

Windows 10 is an amazing Operating System with several useful features. But some users are facing serious issues while using Windows 10. Users have reported that their laptop keyboard is not working and this is a major problem. It is really painful that you have started working on some important projects on your HP laptop and all of a sudden you find that your keyboard stops working.

If you suddenly find that some keys not working on HP laptop, you might feel exhausted as it will hamper your work. You can for sure connect an external keyboard but that is not a long-term solution. Here, we have provided some effective solutions to get rid of this error quickly.

Likely Reasons Behind HP Laptop Keyboard Some Keys Not Working:

A synaptic driver is installed– If your Windows version does not support this driver. So, until it is uninstalled, you will not be able to work

Using older driver versions– If your keyboard drivers are old or outdated, there is more chance that it will not work on your Windows software.

Windows version is older– As Microsoft keeps releasing newer versions, in case, you are using an older version, your keyboard’s driver will be having compatibility issues with your Windows and you will be getting the error message HP laptop keyboard not working in Windows 10.

Damaged keys – The keys may not work sometimes because of damages being inflicted on them. It may happen in case of some keys which has gone out of work.

Apart from these likely reasons, any configuration error or mistake in the setup process might also cause of this keyboard not working issue. So, you need to solve each and every reason in an instant.

What To Do If HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working?

There are several ways to fix HP laptop keyboard not working issue. However, we have provided some tried and tested methods that shall help you to solve this keyboard related problems.

Procedure Type 1: Perform A Clean Boot

Perform A Clean BootRebooting is one of the best ways to resolve this kind of keyboard related issues. At times, you find that your system lagging or freezing, and you stuck with the keyboard not, working issues. In such time, rebooting is the best way to fix the issue. This process can clear up the internal buds and refresh your system as well.

Procedure Type 2: Reinstall Keyboard Driver

Reinstall Keyboard DriverIn order to fix this kind of HP keyboard related problems, you need to reinstall the keyboard driver. To do so, you need to go to the Start icon first. After this, open the Control Panel and select the Device Manager. Then, you will enter the Device Manager window, where you need to expand the Keyboard category. Now, simply right-click on the keyboard option and you will see the Uninstall button. Once you find the Uninstall button, simply select the Uninstall button. Now, you will be asked to confirm, just hit the Ok to finish the uninstallation process. Once you have done, select the Restart button. After restarting the drivers will install automatically.

Procedure Type 3: Update Keyboard Driver

Update Keyboard DriverIf reinstalling the keyboard driver is not enough to resolve the HP laptop keyboard not working error then you can update the keyboard driver. In that case, press and hold the Windows logo key + R simultaneously to open the Win+X. Now, open the Control Panel and then you will find your laptop’s keyboard under the Keyboards. Once, you find it, just right-click on it and press the Update Drivers button. Now, you will be asked to confirm the update. Press Ok to confirm and wait for about 5 minutes to finish the process.

Procedure Type 4: Scan Your System

Scan Your SystemIf you are still stuck with the same issue, then virus or malware infection can be the culprits. At such times, you need to perform a scan. To do that, you need to enter your PC in Safe Mode and then disconnect your PC from the internet.

Note- If you’re ready to clean your PC, do not use the internet. Now, remove or delete all the temporary files and folders and then run a scan. It will detect if there are any malware or virus infection.

Procedure Type 5: Reset Keyboard Settings

Reset Keyboard SettingsIn order to fix the keyboard not working issue, you can reset the keyboard settings. To do so, go to the Start icon first. Then, select the Settings option. After that, you will see the Time & Language button, simply click on that. After this process, you need to select the Region & Language button on the left side of the pane. Now, you need to make sure that the language is to set to English (United States). If you notice that the language is not set to the English (United States) then press the Options button and be sure that the keyboards are selected as the US.

Procedure Type 6: Perform A Hard Reset

Perform A Hard ResetIf none of the methods works then you need to perform a hard reset in order to fix the HP laptop keyboard some keys not working issue. To do that, simply follow the below instructions:

Step 1: At first, turn off your system and disconnect all the unnecessary external devices and even remove your system from any port replicator.

Step 2: Now, you need to unplug the AC adapter and even remove the battery.

Step 3: From the capacitors that protect the memory, you need to press and hold the Power button for about 30 seconds to drain any residual electrical charge.

Step 4: After this process, insert the AC adapter and battery back into your laptop. But, remember, do not connect any external devices yet.

Step 5: Now, you need to turn on your system by pressing the Prower button for about 15 seconds.

If you notice that the Startup menu opens, then use the arrow to choose the Start Windows Normally. Finally, hit the Enter to reset it.

Going through this article you will find it extremely useful and easy for the methods we carefully sorted out for you. If you like this article and want us to keep posting such posts on such relevant issues, you simply need to comment. You can also follow us by subscribing us.