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Headphones Not Working | Effective Causes And Fixes

One of the major problems which are making the audiophiles and the general music listeners get cornered with an immense worry is when their headphones do not work. Besides that, this particular issue with their headphones is also tearing a hole in their pockets. Moreover, it has been one of the common problems for years. Moreover, problems with headphone are not uncommon and it can crop up any time irrespective of the Operating System. It often becomes frustrating for most of the users who are music lovers. Additionally, the error is much common in Windows 10. However, the users of Windows 10 no need to trouble themselves anymore. The following article is going to bring the solutions for headphones not working.

Without any delay, follow the below steps that will resolve the issue of headphone completely. Go through this article thoroughly to know more about the issue and learn some brilliant fixes to resolve the error quickly.

Some Common Issues Behind Headphones Not Working

As discussed earlier, you may encounter several problems when there is any fault in your headphone. Also, you may see that there are several issues that come up while you have the Windows 10 installed. Some of the issues that you face are listed below as:-

  • Headphone Jack not Working Windows 10.
  • Audio wires are not connected properly or
  • No upgrade done..
  • Dive Manager not Uninstalled.
  • Audio Software not installed properly.
  • The generic audio driver given by windows 10 not tried.

These are some of the basic problems listed above in order to eradicate your worries completely. Follow the steps below as these steps are definitely going to work for you.

Headphone Jack Not Working Windows 10|Instant Hacks

Below are 5 easy hacks that will help you to resolve the issue completely. Analyze the methods and resolve in no time.

METHOD 1: Let Windows Automatically Update Your Audio/Sound Drivers

Let Windows Automatically Update Your Audio/Sound DriversTo let Windows automatically update the Audio/Sound drivers: Find the sound option on the Windows screen and right-click it. Now, get intact with the Playback tab and open it. You will find the option of Speakers/Headphones, click it and open the Properties. An option will come up saying Controller Information, open it. Inside it, you can change the settings but before changing, get the Administration permission and carry on the process.

Now, navigate in the driver tab and click the Update Driver option so that you do not encounter any further problem. Wait for a while until the downloading is complete. Well, hope everything is set now, try and operate your headphone again. If the problem exists then move on to the next process.

METHOD 2: Manually Update Your Sound/Audio Drivers

Manually Update Your Sound/Audio DriversFor performing the same function manually, go to My Computer and right click it. After which, you need get in Properties. Select the Device Manager that is present in the left pane of the properties. Right-click the high definition audio device that is under the sound, game and video controller and select the properties option. Click the ‘Update Driver’ by entering inside the high definition audio device properties. Now, choose and peruse the driver software. Pick an appropriate device driver from the list as per your choice. A warning will appear, neglect it by clicking on the yes button. Hope the process works, if not then go ahead with method 3.

METHOD 3: Disable Front Panel Jack Detection

Disable Front Panel Jack DetectionIf by any chance you install the Realtek software, then disable it by opening the Realtek HD Audio Manager. In the right-hand side of the connector settings, you will get an option that says ‘Disable front panel jack detection.’

Method 4: Setting Headphones As A Default Playback Device

Setting Headphones As A Default Playback DeviceMany times the headphones do not work if it is not set as a default playback device. This trick is much unusual, but it proves to make wonders in resolving Headphones not working. For performing the process, following the steps would be beneficial:

  • Open the computer or laptop and click the Start button and directly enter inside the Control Panel. Get the option with alternative Hardware and Sound, click it and then go for the sound.
  • Enable the option with Show Disabled Device by right-clicking the Playback tab. Now, you will find that a list of headphones appears. Select the required headphone device settings as per your requirement. Last but not the least, set the whole process as default and click on apply for all the changes.

Method 5: Restore Your PC System

Restore Your PC SystemThis method will definitely work if the above methods do not work or have some complications when you were following them with the No Sound issues of your headphone while working on Windows 10. Moreover, this micro-step can change your problem and provide you with the desired results. Moreover, there are multiple solutions available for this problem.

To perform the method type the keyword restore point on the search bar. Or else, you can simply opt to restore in any black space. Now, click the option that says ‘Create A  Restore Point’. After this simply enter inside the System Protection tab and click on the restore system option. Prefer the Restore points that are created. Then proceed with the other steps accordingly. Once the installation gets completed, experience music and sound from your headphone again as earlier.

Apply the methods mentioned in this article to fix any issues effectively. Moreover, this article is a useful guide even if you are not a technical expert. It is the easiest way to resolve headphones not working effortlessly. It also minimizes the chances of risk in restoring your headphone drivers back to in its original position. Finally, leave a comment after reading this article and give us your feedback regarding this article.