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Resolve Chrome Out Of Memory With A Click

Google Chrome is popularly known as the Chrome browser. This is one of the most used browsers preferred by users around the world. However, the Chrome users also come up with certain uncertainties with regular usage. If you are the one, who is stuck with the “Chrome out of memory” issue while browsing a website, then continue with this article. This article serves you with the best possible methods for solving Google Chrome ran out of memory issue.

The error window will be displayed with this below message
“Aw Snap Google Chrome ran out of memory”

Causes Of Chrome Out Of Memory

There is not a specific reason behind this problem. But many experts have concluded that these can be the possible causes, which stops you to open a single or all the websites on your Chrome browser.

  • Presence of a huge number of the cache fIles
  • Extensions and Add-ons restrictions
  • Firewall or Antivirus issue
  • Outdated version of the Chrome browser

Google Chrome user profile can also be the other reason which is responsible for this error. But whatever be the case, you need to resolve this quicker, to get the normal usage of your Chrome browser.

Methods To Resolve “Chrome Out Of Memory” Glitch

All these are the useful methods to fix Google Chrome ran out of memory error. If you are facing this error then, before applying the methods, at first, try some of the troubleshooting steps which is explained in this below section. Hope, by applying these troubleshoots you can get this problem fixed in an instant. If not then go for the solving methods as explained.


  1. Multiple opening tabs can be responsible for this “Google Chrome ran out of memory” error. If this is the case, then try to reload the problem generating tab after closing all the others tabs. By closing all other tabs, Chrome memory gets free and you may be able to load the page.
  2. The other way is, close the Chrome browser and restart your internet and the computer device. This is the most effective way of releasing the memory of the Chrome browser. On doing this, now, restart the Chrome browser and load the page to see if the problem gets resolved.

If all these troubleshooting steps does not result in solving this error, then proceed with the methods mentioned below to solve Chrome out of memory causing problems.

Method 1: Clear The Chrome Cache Files

Deleting the cache files of the Chrome browser can be the best option to free the memory space. By doing this, you will be able to use your Chrome browser normally as before. Moreover, the process of clearing the cache files are detailed below.

> At first, open the Chrome browser with a single click.

> After that press and hold the Ctrl key and without letting it, press both the Shift and the Delete key at the same time. On doing this, the “Clear browsing data” window will pop-up.

> Now, check (✓) the box beside the “Cached images and files” section.

> Next, drop down the menu list besides the “Time range” section and select your choice. The choice range should be the period from which you are facing this problem. The choice options are as follows- a)Last hour, b)Last 24 Hours, c) Last 7 days, d) Last 4 weeks, e) All time.

If you are facing “Chrome out of memory” issue within last 7 days range, then you need to select on “Last 7 days” from the available options under the Clear browsing data window and the Time range section.

> After performing these above-said tasks, now, hit on “Clear browsing data”.

These are the steps to clear the cache files from the Chrome browser and as well as very useful in solving this issue. On doing this process, if you are further facing this error message then, go to the next method.

Method 2: Disable Extensions

An unsupportable extension can also be a key reason for this problem. To detect the culprit extension, you need to disable all and then turn one by one to identify the problem creating extension file. The process to do this are as follows.

At first, open the Chrome browser and then navigate to the Extensions window. For doing this, place this below line without using quotation at the search bar of the browser. Next, hit on the Enter button to execute.


Now, as the Extensions window opens, uncheck the “Enable” boxes, beside every added Chrome extension. After that, try to load the page, during which you are getting this error. Now if you are able to load the page then, this means that an extension file is the only reason for this error. To identify the file, you need to check the Enable box back. But this time do it, one by one before performing the page loading task with a single.

After identifying the problem creating extension file, it is better to remove it from the system, unless it is also very important for you. If the extension is important then keep it in disabled condition and turn it on when necessary.

Method 3: Create A New Profile

Further, the information stored in Google Chrome can also be a reason for this uncertain issue. In this case, if you rename the default folder of the Chrome browser, then there is a chance that this problem will get resolved. The process for doing this is as follows.

At first, press and hold the Windows button and without letting it, again tap the letter R. On doing this, the Run command box will open, you will find it at the left below-corner of your screen. After that, clear the present command, if any, using the Backspace key. Then, on this Run command bar, place this” “ below command without using quotation and then press on the Enter key to execute.

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\”

Now, scroll down this opening window to search the “Default” folder. Now, right click on this “Default” folder and select on the Rename option. Next, you can change the name into “Old Default”. After changing the folder name press on the Enter button. That’s all and now check if the problem gets solved.

Method 4: Utilize Task Manager

If all these the above explaining methods fail to solve “Chrome out of memory” glitch. Then, this will be your last and final solution by which you can resolve it. The steps of this method are as follows.

To do this, at first, press and hold the Ctrl key and without letting it, press both the Alt and  Delete keys at the same time. On doing this, the Task Manager window will appear. Now, search for the Chrome browser among the list of the Task Manager window and hit on it. Then, click on the End process, which will be displayed at the below section of this window. Now, close all the opening windows and it is better to refresh your system. Hope this process is familiar to you. Right-click on a blank space of the desktop screen and then select on Refresh. To run this several times, keep pressing the “F5” function key.

After completion of this above explaining process, then reopen your Chrome browser. Hope, this time, you will not get any further problem of using it.

All these are the processes for solving Chrome out of memory issue. Hope, by studying this article, you can perform these tasks without any problem.