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Troubleshoot Google Chrome Error Code 0x80004002 With Brilliant Hacks

Google Chrome error code 0x80004002 can pop up on your screen while using Google Chrome on your system. You can get the error when you are trying to update your Google chrome. Though this is the most used Search Engine, it is not free from occasional errors.

However, if you have trouble with this annoying error code, then try to follow this article and apply the solution which mentioned in the section below correctly.

Probable Reasons for Google Chrome Error Code 0x80004002

Due to several reasons, you can encounter this frustrating error code 0x80004002. For instances-

  • Due to this problem, Google Chrome might get damaged.
  • Issue related to the installed antivirus.
  • A bad network also responsible for the error code.

Not only that, but many other reasons also responsible for the Google Chrome error code 0x80004002. Whatever may be the reason, you can always refer to the solutions in the section below. But, before going to the part of the solution, you need to know the symptoms of the error code 0x80004002.

Symptoms of this Error Code 0x80004002

There are certain symptoms that indicate the error code 0x80004002 with your Google Chrome. You will see an error message on your screen when you try to open the Google Chrome. Follow the below section:

  • Download failed.
  • Checking for an update and it fails to start the Google chrome.
  • Disabled the update by the administrator.
  • You can not update your operating system because of some version of windows does not support Google Chrome.

Simple Procedure to Fix the Google Chrome Error Code 0x80004002

There are a number of ways to resolve the error code 0x80004002. Try to apply the fixes in order to get rid of the problem. Just follow the instructions and resolve the issue in no time:

Procedure # 1: Check the Internet Connection

To fix the error code first you have to check your network connection. A slow network can cause this annoying error. It is better to connect with a stable network when you try to update your Google Chrome. However, you can test your network speed by opening the Task Manager option. After that, navigate to the Networking option and check your network speed.

Procedure # 2: Disable The Antivirus

Disable The AntivirusMost of the time a third-party antivirus block the Google Chrome to get the latest update. Then, you should try to update the Google Chrome after disabling the antivirus. To turn off the third-party antivirus, first, you need to open the antivirus. In the antivirus, you will get an option called Temporary Disable. Click on that. After that update the Google Chrome and check whether the problem still there or not.

After performing the above method, if you still get the same error code, then you need to try another method to resolve the error code. Before proceeding to the next step, you need to enable the antivirus.

Procedure # 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Google Chrome

Uninstall and Reinstall Google ChromeOne of the most effective solutions is to uninstall Google Chrome. To uninstall it first, go to the Control Panel option. Then select the Programs and features option. Then search for the application which one you want to uninstall. Select the Google chrome and uninstall the program.

After completing the uninstallation process, open your default browser and search for the Google Chrome and download it. After successfully download the Google Chrome install it with the latest version on your system.

These are the procedures in order to solve the Google Chrome error code 0x80004002 on your system. Hope, after following these procedures as mentioned in the above section, and applying them accordingly, you can surely get rid of the error code by yourself. If you face any problem while applying, you must post your queries in the below section. You will update you with the minimum possible time.