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Easy To Follow Guide To Fix Firefox Keeps Crashing In Windows 10

Although the Firefox software is one amongst the best browsers for Windows, that doesn’t mean it runs precisely without a hassle. Firefox keeps crashing and shuts down unexpectedly. In that case, you might encounter a pop-up message stating: “Firefox had an issue and crashed.” The issue is observed in the Windows 10 devices. However, you can still open the Firefox browser further by tapping on the button of Firefox Reboot.

Several technical instances can trigger the sudden breakdown of the Firefox application. An obsolete version of the browser, faulty add-ons, malicious files, hardware faults, etc., could be some of the error factors. But, there are some potential solutions which can help you to get rid of the Firefox crashing issue.

Reasons Behind The Firefox Crashing Issue In Windows 10

Causes that can be set responsible for the occurrence of the Firefox crash in the Windows 10 are :

  • Presence of unnecessary program files in the system
  • In case the Windows version you are using is not updated
  • A malware attack in Windows 10 registry files can also trigger this problem
  • Outdated Flash plug-in software application

Keeping track of all the factors relating to this error may help you have a better understanding of the solutions present in the following segment.

Efficient Fix For Frequent Firefox Crash In Windows 10

Have a thorough look at the ultimate set of solutions given below. Check which one works out to be perfect with your device.

Update Firefox Browser Application

Mozilla generally displays a few issues in almost each of its browser versions. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your Windows system supports the recent release of the Firefox application.

To update the browser successfully on your PC:

Tap on the Open Menu at the top-right section of the browser. Then click on the Open Help Menu given as the “?” sign and choose the section saying About Firefox to unlock the prompt present below.

The About Mozilla Firefox prompt analyses the available download updates. So, to update the Firefox application, press the option of Restart Firefox For Update in case the updates are ready to process.

Inspect Available Updates For Windows 10

To ensure the smooth running of the system, it is necessary to update the Windows in a regular interval. It usually provides updates for the security programs. Moreover, it also helps to remove the errors associated with those software programs. So, this is how to verify if your device system is updated to its recent release or not.

Simply, click on the Cortana button from the taskbar. Then type the quoted text “Windows Update” in the Windows search bar.

Visit Check For Updates to directly go to the bottom of the Update section. Next, press the button for checking the recent updates. The Windows will automatically download and install all the available updates.

Flash Plug-In Update

Firefox application mainly supports the Flash plug-in platform. The browser developers generally avoid the use of the Flash plug-in because of the possibility of the sudden browser crash. An outdated or old Flash plug-in version can as well freeze the functioning of the application.

However, updating the Flash player(if it needs) can ensure the smooth processing of the Firefox browser. You can update the Flash plug-in by the instruction as follows:

First, open the Flash plug-in page of the Firefox browser. Then check if the plug-in program is out of date or not. If so, then the page will recommend you to update the Flash program.

Visit the Firefox Flash page. Then uncheck the additional checkbox offers on that page in case they are unnecessary.

Next, tap on the Install Now option to keep the recent release of the Flash plug-in software in your device. After that, exit the Firefox application and go to the folder that involves the Flash plug-in. Then try installing the Flash update. Finally, check if  Firefox still keeps crashing on the Windows 10 device.

If this does not help, then move to the next solution.

Use Safe Mode To Run Firefox

There is an option for the Firefox application which you can use for the browser scan. Simply, opt for the Safe Mode tab and troubleshoot the software to disable the add-ons and hardware acceleration. The Safe Mode tool also recovers the default theme of the Firefox browser.

It is how can you enable the Safe Mode option on your Windows system:

Go to Open Menu key just at the top-right portion of the browser. Tap on Open Help Menu icon and click on the section saying Reboot With Disable Add-Ons from the menu.

Next, a window will be prompted instructing you to restart the browser by disabling the add-ons. Just click on the Restart option from the menu and confirm the action.

Finally, the Firefox Safe Mode prompt will open up. It consists of an option of Start Using Safe Mode. Just click on that option and hence, launch the browser in the Safe Mode.

Well, these fixes are sufficient enough to provide you with the top-notch resolutions to fix the Firefox crashing issue.

Web browsers can, just like any other piece of software technology, give you issues. The error code messages are among the most common.

But the fact of the matter is that with the instructional guides that we have put up on our websites ErrorCode0x. You’ll be able to fix them all by yourself.