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Amazing Ways To Fix Firefox Connection Is Not Secure Problem

In this world of technology, the internet has become one of the most important aspect of our daily life. To do anything on the internet you need a web browser. There are various web browsers but among them, Mozilla Firefox is known as the most reliable web browser. Many people prefer to use this web browser for its advanced facilities and user-friendly interface. Despite it is a product of Mozilla, there are some technical glitches you may often face. While you are accessing Firefox, you may often face Firefox connection is not secure message.

This connection is not a secure problem is most common among Firefox users. There are several reasons for which you usually encounter this kind of problem in your system. If the date and time change due to some reasons, then you may face this kind of problem in your device.

Many times it is also seen that antivirus and Windows firewall applications creating the problem. Otherwise, there are many other reasons for which you may encounter this problem with your device.

Unlike any other Firefox user, this ‘Firefox connection is not secure’  is not a vital problem. You can fix the issue if you have some technical knowledge in this domain. In any case, if you are not a tech savvy person. Then you can avail some effective solutions from this article. This article will surely help you to eliminate the problem with ease.

Firefox Connection Is Not Secure: Some Easy Troubleshooting Ways

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most important applications for many people. If there is any problem, then you may face multiple issues, while accessing your device. That’s why it is very important to fix the issue as soon as possible. Here we have gathered some important solutions to fix the connection is not secure problem.

Solution 1: Change Date And Time

Change Date And TimeSometimes you may face this kind of problem if the date and time of your system changed due to some reason. This correct date and time settings are very important to access any system correctly. It may throw several exceptions while checking the security and certificates to connect to any network. So, keep the date and time settings correct. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below.

At first, press the Windows key and R button to open the Run dialogue box. Then type Control Panel in the search box and hit the Enter button. After that, a new tab will open and from there select the Date and Time option.

Now, the clock setting will open and from there you can set the correct time and date. After that, click on ‘Apply’ option and then click the OK option. Now, you will not face the problem again in your system.

Solution 2: Disable Antivirus Applications

Disable Antivirus ApplicationsAntivirus applications are generally used to identify and delete malware and virus from the system. These are very essential to protect our system. But these applications may also create certain complications. That’s why it is better to disable the antivirus application while working on Firefox to avoid this problem. After that, you can enable it again.

To do that, open the antivirus application and after that click on the Menu option. Next, you can see a Disable option, click on it. Now, you will not face this kind of problem.

Solution 3: Disable Add-ons And Extensions

Disable Add-ons And ExtensionsIn the Firefox web browser, we always use different add-ons and extensions to improve the browsing experience. This add-ons and extensions are very helpful to access the browser. But sometimes these add-ons and extension may display Firefox connection is not secure error in Firefox.

So, you can try to fix the problem by disabling the add-ons and extensions. To do that, open the Firefox browser and click on the Menu option. From there select the Add-ons and Extension option. Under that, you can see all the installed add-ons and extensions. Right-click on them and select the ‘Disable’ option. After that, restart the Firefox web browser and use it smoothly.

Solution 4: Clear Junk Files And Caches

Clear Junk Files And CachesWhenever you search something in Firefox web browser, some data get stored into the memory of the browser. This date is known as Caches and Cookies. Multiple data and information also get stored in the memory which are termed as junk files. These caches and cookies help to access an old website again. But sometimes these caches and cookies also create this kind of problem in the browser. That’s why it is better to clear them from the memory.

To do that, open the Firefox browser and click on the Menu option. After that, select the ‘Clear History and All’ option. Then tick the “Delete all Files” option and click on the Ok option. After that process done, restart your system and access the Firefox browser smoothly.

Solution 5: Turn Off Proxy Settings

Turn Off Proxy SettingsIf you are using a proxy website without knowing that fact then it may lead you to this problem. So, turning off these proxy settings may help you to fix the problem. So, follow steps mentioned below.

At first, open the Firefox browser and click on the Menu icon. From there select the General option and under that navigate to the Network Proxy option and click on it. Then select the “Auto-detect proxy settings for this network” and then click on OK. After doing this, restart the Mozilla Firefox application and check whether the problem is resolved.

Wrapping Up

We hope that, after going through the procedures mentioned above, you will able to fix the Firefox connection is not secure issue. In future, if you encounter the error again then revisit the website for additional information and knowledge.