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Things To Do When Firefox Certain Web Pages Won’t Open

Firefox has always been considered one of the most user-friendly web browsers with multiple features. Despite that, there are certain glitches that Firefox users often come across. Many of you must be having the same complaint that Firefox certain web pages won’t open. Well, there can be multiple reasons behind this trouble and resolving them all requires a proper technical guidance.

This article gives you brief details about Firefox not loading pages. You will get to know some of the influencing factors behind the issue and effective fixes for that. So, let’s move forward and get to know a bit more details on this error and remove the problem with effective guidance.

Factors Influencing Firefox Loading Issue

Take a look at some of the basic reasons behind why Firefox won’t load certain web pages:

  • Wrong connection settings in Firefox itself.
  • Some internet security software often blocks Firefox.
  • Firefox using DNS Prefetching to speed up the loading process.
  • IPv6 is generally supported by Firefox and that can create this trouble.

Methods To Try When Firefox Doesn’t Load Web Pages

It can be pretty annoying when Firefox can’t load websites but other browsers can. Following are some effective solutions that you can try out to fix the Firefox loading issue. You can apply them as per your preference and fix the problem on your own.

Check Connection Settings

In case you are having this trouble with Firefox and are coming across an error message related to the Proxy server, you can follow the given steps to remove that:

  • Choose the button and go to Options.
  • Navigate to the Network Proxy section in the General section.
  • Select Settings from the Network Proxy section.
  • In case you are not connected through a proxy, choose No Proxy.
  • Exit from the Connection Settings.
  • Exit from the about:preferences page as well and the recent changes will be saved automatically.

Clear Browser Cache And Cookies

Firefox often fails to load some of the websites due to excessive browser cache and cookies. In that case, you can try out the steps discussed below to clear them:

  • Choose the  button and open History. Choose Clear Recent History.
  • Click Everything from the Time Range to clear drop-down menu.
  • Choose the arrow beside Details and a list of items will appear on the screen.
  • Tick on both Cache and Cookies options and select Clear Now.

Refresh Firefox

This is another easy yet effective method that can resolve the Firefox issue. Go through the instructions and check if it is working out.

  • Select the button Refresh Firefox as soon as you see the page on your browser.
  • Again, click on Refresh Firefox from the confirmation window that pops up.
  • Once the operation is finished, Firefox will close and refresh itself.
  • Finally, choose Finish and let the Firefox open.

Disable DNS Prefetching

You should disable DNS Prefetching in order to get rid of the Firefox loading error. In order to do that,

  • Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
  • A warning page will appear where you have to click on “I accept the risk to continue to the about:config page” option.
  • Right-click on the Preferences list; click on New and then choose Boolean.
  • Type network.dns.disablePrefetch in the Enter the preference name field and click on OK.
  • Click on true when prompted to set the value and again select OK.

Check For Malware

Sometimes, the presence of malware can also be another cause behind the Firefox issue. Because there is a type of malware available named as target Firefox that prevents Firefox to load several web pages. In that case, you need to check for malware in your PC.

Therefore, if you have installed any of the anti-malware applications on your PC, you should upgrade it to its latest version for better malware scanning. And if you don’t have any malware protection software installed, immediately install one and run it to scan your device thoroughly.

Hopefully, after the following the methods mentioned above, you will be able to remove the loading trouble from your Firefox browser and get a better access to all your important web pages.