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Error Code 0xc004c003 Windows 10:Simple Hacks In A Minute!

Are you witnessing any error message right after upgrading to Windows 10? If so, don’t worry. This article will help you to resolve the issue. The error code 0x004c003 Windows 10 is a typical issue that arises due to faulty install or activation process. Before discussing the techniques you need to fix the error, lets see the causes of this issue. Users can encounter the error code 0x004c003 due to various reasons. This type of problem can occur because of the failure of the Microsoft activation server. Issues can also arise if the product key is not genuine.

Thus users need to make sure that they always use the original copy of Windows OS. Sometimes the problems can also appear in the hardware then also users will get the error message. Although the hardware problem is a critical issue and users won’t be able to troubleshoot it. But in most cases, the error occurs when users cannot install Windows correctly. Thus these are some underlying problems that can trigger the error code 0xoo4coo3 in Windows 10. Now let us see how to fix the error code 0x004c003 in Windows 10.

Quick Hacks For Troubleshooting Error Code 0x004c003 Windows 10

To resolve the error code from Windows, you need to know specific hacks. There are several techniques to troubleshoot the problem, but users need to be verify the process since it is a major issue. Moreover, you need to be well equipped to overcome this problem. Hence check the list of hacks as given below.

Apply slmgr.vbs Key To Speed Up Updation Process

Most of the users encounter the error code at the time upgrading their OS. Since most users try to upgrade their Windows to the latest version and due to this, the activation server seems busy.. Thus it doesn’t accept the request for a short span of time.

If you are getting the same issue while updating your OS, then try to upgrade the Windows later.

Else you can coerce Windows 10 to activate. To activate Windows 10, open the command prompt by clicking the Start tab. Make sure you open the Command Prompt with the help of the administrator. Because you can get privilege from the administrator as a Windows user. Once you open the Command Prompt, write a command ‘slmgr.rearm’ and hit Enter to execute.  Then reboot your machine after few minutes.

Examine Your Product Key

You can also encounter the issue if you have given the wrong product key to activate. In this situation, you need to check the validity of the product key. Also, try using another key to run the activate the server. If you are unable to find the product key, then take the help of the Command Prompt. In this method at first, hold Windows +X key to launch the Command Prompt. Then type a code, i.e., wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get originalProductkey and choose Enter from the keyboard. After entering this command, the Command Prompt will give the valid product key.

Next, go to Settings option and then try to locate the Update and Security window. After finding the resultant window, you need to navigate to the Activation section and choose the ‘Change the Product key’ option. Hence use this original product key to enable Windows to carry on the update.

Solve The Network Connectivity Issues

To activate Windows 10, you must have a proper internet connection. Thus before you begin the process of activation, make sure that internet connection is working correctly. If you have any connectivity issues, then resolve the problem by resetting the internet connection. You can also take additional measures by restarting your computer to check if that solves the issue.

If the problem still annoys you then leave your PC idle for a couple of minutes. As reports suggest, you can successfully update Windows after resetting your PC for a few days. So try this hack as well if you wish.

Install Previous Version Windows Then Update

Sometimes the error code can also appear in Windows 10  because of the glitch present in the earlier version of the OS. Due to the presence of faulty items in the older version of Windows, it can hamper the activation process. So if you want to eradicate the problem, then you need to install the previous version of Windows. When the upgradation of Windows 10 is complete, then perform a clean install. To do so, a clean install first power on the PC and insert the Windows installation DVD or CD. Then start your system via DVD where you can set this option with the help of BIOS. Hence install your preferred version of Windows OS.

After installing the earlier version of Windows OS you need to activate before updating to Windows 10. If you are looking to update Windows recent version, then download all the updates. In this way, you can see various notification for Windows 10 update.

Suppose if your computer is not showing update notification then install Media Tool from Microsoft. The tool will use the update feature to download Windows 10.Once the activation process is over users will not receive any error prompt such as 0xc004c003.

Upgrade Your System’s BIOS

If you cannot activate Windows 10 in your PC, then there is a problem in the BIOS. So if you want to resolve the issue, then it is better to upgrade your BIOS.

After updating the BIOS, it will provide extra features to the hardware, but it can also resolve the error as well. To update your BIOS you need to read the manual. Hence go through the manual and learn all the instructions to upgrade your BIOS.

You need to be careful while performing this task because BIOS update is a critical process. Hence you need to be cautious throughout the process.   

Fix The Issue By Performing The SFC Scan

At first, launch the Command Prompt with the help of the administrator. After opening the terminal type SFC scan now and hit Enter to terminate the process. You need to be patient as this task can take several minutes to execute. The SFC command will verify the entire system files. It will also eradicate the error files and replace it with an appropriate one. When the SFC scan is over, you need to restart your PC to remove the error code.


These are some useful solution that will help to eradicate the error code 0xc004c003. Most of the hacks are simple and easy to use. But you need to be attentive while fixing this critical issue. Otherwise, it can harm your system. So go through the list and try to resolve the problem step by step.