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Error Code 0x8007025d: Quick Fix

If there is any problem while installing the files, resulting in the Windows Update failing to apply updates by using the Media Creation Tool you will get to see the error code 0x8007025d. You can also find that Windows 10 cannot install the required files.

The following are some reasons and due to that Windows 10 cannot install required files 0x8007025d. And these are below:

  • There might be some permission issue and due to that, the error occurs.
  • Sometimes, the registry keys get corrupted and due to that, you might face this issue.
  • System files might get corrupted and because of that, you get this error.
  • Sometimes, through your internet port some Malware Program or Virus get downloaded and due to that, the problem gets occur.
  • There can be some bad section in your RAM and this will be a occur cause for this problem.
  • If you have a faulty Hard Disk, in that case, your faulty Hard Disk might get damage.
  • If the SATA drive fails to recognized during the Windows update you will encounter with this error.

So, if you face this error code 0x8007025d you need to be scared. Following are some easy and simple troubleshooting steps which help you get the problem fixed. And these are below;

Update the BIOS:

Update the BIOS:

This is a very sensitive part of your Operating System. If you face any hardware related issue then this is the best solution to get the problem fixed. You need to follow the below steps:

  • First, you need to open the Run box. Hold down the Windows Key and the Letter R key at the same time. You will find a small run box popped up on your computer screen.
  • Make the white panel is empty. After that type msinfo32 and hit enter button through the keyboard. A System Information window will pop up on your screen.
  • Once the System Information window gets open you need to locate the BIOS version. After that just make a note of manufacture and BIOS version.
  • Pull up your manufacturer’s website. Then, you should type the computer serial number or click on the auto detect option.

Manage HDD or SSD Disk Space and Format it

Manage HDD or SSD Disk Space and Format it

Windows 10 Operating System requires only 20GB to get install. You have to reduce the disk space and to do that click on the extend option. But before that, you need to choose the custom Windows 10. And you also need to ensure that your hard drive is healthy.

You should format the partition in case you are doing the clean install. And this will clear up bad records and sectors. And to do that partition you need to choose a customized Windows 10. Give a click on the format and accept to format.

Download a new Windows 10 ISO Image File:

Sometimes, the image file you have downloaded might be in the current format. It is difficult to get that corrupt file decoded or copied. The file might be missing from the USB derive while you have downloaded through the image creation.

You should download the file once again. At the same time, you have to create your USB installation drive. Then, get the installation done. And to do that you need to visit the Microsoft Page. You will be able to install this by following on-screen instructions and also you have to use the media creation tool in order to create a bootable USB drive.

Change the SATA Operation to AHCI:

Change the SATA Operation to AHCI:

Change the SATA Operation to AHCI in order to fix the error 0x8007025d. And to do that, you need to follow the below steps;

  • Go to the Drive option. And then you need to select the SATA Operation.
  • You need to change the SATA configuration to AHCI.
  • Press the Esc button from the top left corner of the keyboard. After that, you need to choose to save/Exit.
  • Now, you have to shut down your system and then you have to disconnect all USB devices before trying to reinstall.
  • In case the error is not resolved, you need to Change the SATA operation and then, reboot the system.

Run System File Checker and Check CHKDSK:

You can run the system file checker and check Disk. To do that you have to follow the below steps:

Run System File Checker-

Run System File Checker

  • You have to press the Windows key and letter X together and then, go to the Command Prompt. Give a click on that. You will get to see a black window open up on your screen.
  • Now ,you have to type the following commands-
  • Sfc  / scannow
  • Sfc/ scannow  / offbootdir=c: \  /offwindir=c :\windows (Try this, in case the above command fails)
  • You need for a little while to get the above process finish. Once it gets completed you need to restart your system.



After that, you need to go ahead and check CHKDSK. To check this you need to follow the below steps;

  • You have to open Windows explorer first, after that you need to click on the drive which you want to run check disk. Select the option properties.
  • Under the properties window, you need to click on the tool. And just below the tool option, you will get to see an option Error Checking. Click on check button.
  • The check disk will perform the process and after that, you need to reboot your system in order to save the changes.

Run MemTest86+:

Before you start this process you have to ensure that you have access to another PC. Because you have to download them and burn that Memtest86+.

  • You have to connect a USB flash drive to your PC.
  • Now download Windows Memtest86 Auto-installer for USB key and then install that.
  • You should click on the image file and then select the Extract here option.
  • Once you have extracted the file. You have to open the folder and then run the Memtest86+ USB installer.
  • Select your Plugin in USB drive option to burn the Memtest86 software.
  • Once the process gets completed, you should insert the USB to the PC which is giving the error windows 10 cannot install required files.
  • You have to reboot your PC and make sure that boot from the USB flash drive is selected.
  • This will test if there will be any corruption in your computer memory section.
  • In case bad memory gets detected in your RAM you have to replace your RAM in order to fix this 0x8007025d  error.

Restart BITS Service:

Restart BITS Service:

This is a part of the Windows update service. But if your Windows update is failing many times to download the Windows Update you should restart your BITS service. BITS service is actually Background Intelligent Transfer Service which manages the background download of the Windows Update. To restart this you need admin privileges;

  • Press the Windows logo key and the letter R together. You will see a small run box appear on your computer screen.
  • There will be a white panel where you can type in. You should type “service.msc” through that white panel and then press the enter button through the keyboard.
  • A service window will come up on your computer screen. In that window, you need to find this Background Intelligent Transfer Service. You need to give a double click on this option.
  • After that, a property option will get open.
  • Set the Startup by typing Manual and then, click on the Start option. After that, you just need to reboot your system. Once your system restarts check if the problem is still there or not.

Microsoft Management Console can be used to Fix this Error:

Microsoft Management Console can be used to Fix this Error

You can use the Microsoft Management Console to get rid of the error 0x8007025d. And to that you need to follow the below steps;

  • You have to open the Command Prompt by using the Windows installation media. You can also use the recovery disk.
  • A black window which is a command prompt will come up on your computer screen. You have to cmd there and then press the enter button through the keyboard.
  • A Microsoft Management Console Window will come up on your screen. Give a click on file option. The option gets expanded and you will find option Add/Remove Snap-in. You need to select that option.
  • In the left panel of that window, you will get to see a Computer Management which you need to select and then click Add option.
  • There will be a checkbox before the option Local Computer From the Next Screen. Then, click on the finish button. And finally, press the OK button.
  • Click on Computer Management to expand and then twice click on folders to navigate option.
  • Navigate to system tool then Local User and Group. And then click on the user option.
  • You should give a double click on Administrator option and an Administrator Properties box will pop up on your computer screen. You have to Account is disabled option and then, hit on the OK option.
  • Now, give a right click on Administrator and choose Set Password.
  • Finally, you have to reboot the PC. After the reboot, the problem will be resolved.

Now you must have got some idea about why Windows cannot install required files in windows 10. All the above are easy and simple steps which you can follow in order to get rid of this issue. If you face any difficulty, you can reach to us. You can leave your comments in our comment box.