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Error 0x80070570 In Windows? Here Are The Simple Fixes

Windows by Microsoft is the most popular computer operating system in the world. You can find personal computers running different versions of  Windows in the homes and offices of people around the world. This is mainly due to the fact that you will get all the necessary features from this. Especially the ones that you use on a day to day basis. And, the stability of performance is absolutely top notch. Yet, many users have reported issues that plague their Windows PCs and cause trouble. The Windows error 0x80070570 is one such issue that users face.

In case, you are facing this Windows error code 0x80070570 issue from your PC as well, then you do not have to worry a bit. As with all the technical instructions that we have laid out this article. You will be able to fix this issue all by yourself and get your PC running properly again.

What Might be Causing the Error 0x80070570 in Windows PC

A computer operating system is a very complicated kind of technology. And, it has a lot of components that make it work properly. So, if there is a problem anywhere within it, and you attempt to fix it. Then, you might end up causing harm that you did not intend to in the first place.

But, there is a way in which you will be able to avoid any kind of mishap like that. And that is by knowing why the error 0x80070570 is occurring in the first place.

With that knowledge, not only will you be able to fix this problem without any extra damage to the system, but will also find it easier to understand and then execute the instructions that we have laid out here.

So, in this section of the article, we have put forth the possible causes that might be causing the error code: (0x80070570).

Technical Causes of this Error

First things first, the time you might come across the error 0x80070570 is when you try to update Windows. Because of this, you will come across error messages that will cause the update process to stop.

And with this error in the system, you will not be able to get any kind of system updates, which can lead to further problems as well.

So, a fundamental reason for this error is that if the particular application for the update fails to locate the necessary files. This happens mainly due to technical glitches in the Windows registry and the settings related to that.

Then, there is the SATA driver that comes with the system that might have problems. So, during the process of installation of the updates, the computer system fails to recognize it.

Again, if you have deleted certain files from your Windows PC, but they still hover around in the system. Then, Windows fails to recognize those files when you might be trying to move them around. Then, this particular error code issue will come up.

Now, for updates to work, the system has to be able to process all the requisite files for that operation. That is generally going to be from the Windows installation CDs that you are going to use. Any damage on the disk will cause this error code to show up on the screen.

And finally, it is the antivirus software that you use that can cause the error 0x80070570. It happens when the firewall interferes with the usual course of the update.

So, now that we have covered major ones among the possible issues behind this error message on Windows, let us now take a look at the solutions for this.

How to Resolve Error 0x80070570 Issue: Step by Step Instruction

In this section, we will get into all the details regarding the solutions to this issue. Ideally, if you are aware of what the exact cause of this issue is in your case, then it can save you a lot of time as you can go straight to the solution for that.

But, if that is not the case then there is no problem at all. Just apply these steps one by one and that will fix this problem.

Use the Windows Startup Repair

Use the Windows Startup RepairThis is one of the most useful software tools that come along with the different versions of the Windows operating system. And, it can help you to solve different technical issues with the Windows Startup Repair.

To use this for fixing the error 0x80070570 issue, here are the steps you need to take –

  • On the Windows Home Screen, click on the Start Menu to open it up. Also, click on the Restart button there while holding down the Shift key at the same time.
  • That will bring up the Advanced Startup Options after the reboot. Click on the Troubleshoot option, and then the Advanced Options.
  • In the Advanced Options window, click on the Startup Repair option. And, then type in the administrator password if need be.
  • This will initiate the fixing process from Windows Startup Repair.

Wait till the process is over, and then look into the report. That will most likely put an end to this error code issue. But, if this did not work, then move on to the next step on this list.

Deactivate the Firewall in Your PC

Deactivate the Firewall in Your PCA firewall can block restrictions to a lot of processes in the system. Especially the ones that you are applying from the outside.

So, this can very well trigger the error 0x80070570 issue in your Windows PC. So, it will be best if you can just deactivate the antivirus software and the firewall. That way there will be absolutely no issues when you are copying files to or from your hard drive.

For this, just go to the settings section of your computer and look for the antivirus control options. Once you are in that window, look for the option to deactivate it and once you find it. Just click on it to disable the antivirus software that you are using.

This will most likely do away with this particular error code issue.

Put the Files in a Different Directory

Another instance of occurrence of this particular error code issue is when you are trying to delete certain files.

In the usual way, you can select the files you want to delete. Then, you click on the Delete option. And that is when Windows might show such an error message. So, you will not be able to delete the files.

So, if this is how the error 0x80070570 is manifesting in your Windows PC. Then, the workaround for that will be to take the files that you want to get rid off. And, move them to a different directory.

It is very simple, where you just have to select the files, and then eliminate that. After that, just go to the new location and want to put them in, and then click on the Paste option.

Thus, you will be able to change the directory of the files you want to delete. And as such, bypass this error code issue.

Activate the RAID in BIOS and then Disable

BIOS has a very powerful feature which goes by the name RAID. This process is going to be rather straightforward. This will involve activating the RAID feature on in BIOS.

If you need any kind of technical manual in full detail to carry out this process. Then, you can get that from the manual of the motherboard that you have. So first, you will have to activate the RAID feature using those instructions.

After you have done this, you will have to install the Windows operating system back again. Then, go back to BIOS and deactivate the RAID form there. This will solve the error 0x80070570 issue in your Windows PC.

Identify and Fix Errors in the Hard Drive

Identify and Fix Errors in the Hard DrivePresence of any corrupt files in the hard drive of your computer system will cause this error message to occur. And thus, hamper the task that you are trying to accomplish there.

So, in order to fix the error 0x80070570 issue, you will have to find out what is wrong with any file in the hard drive, and then troubleshoot that. Here are the steps that you need to take for that –

  • Go to the This PC option in your Windows PC. And, then right click on the partition you want to look into.
  • From the dropdown list that appears thereafter, click on the Properties option.
  • In the window that comes up from there, click on the Tools tab and in it, click the Check button.
  • After that, click on the Automatically fix system errors checkbox, and then finally, click on the Start button.

This will make the Windows operating system scan for any issues with files in the hard drive. But in case, you do not find anything of use with this scan and the problem persists, then you will need finer scanning to identify the exact problem that is there. Here is how you can do it –

  • Press and hold down on the Windows key and the X key at the same time. This will bring up a dropdown list with all the important options in that.
  • From that list, click on the Command Prompt (Admin) option to bring forth the Command Prompt window.
  • In that window, type in “chkdsk /f O:” and after that, hit the Enter key. Keep in mind that ‘O’ is going to be the particular drive in your case.

This will start the chkdsk scan which is going to be ideal for finding out issues like this.

Get Rid of the SoftwareDistribution Directory Files

Get Rid of the SoftwareDistribution Directory FilesThe SoftwareDistribution directory is regarded for creating error code issues like this. And, it can very well be the cause for this particular one as well.

So to fix this, what you will have to do is get rid of all the files from the SoftwareDistribution directory. That will solve the problem and here are the steps for that –

  • First, you need to open up the Command Prompt window with proper administrator access.
  • Once the Command Prompt window comes up, put in the commands net stop wuauserv and net stop bits.
  • Now, minimize this window and then take the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution path. Delete all the files that are there.
  • Open up the Command Prompt window once again. In that, put in the commands net start wuauserv and net start bits.

After this, all you need to do is to reboot the PC and that will most likely solve the problem.

Check for any Issue with the RAM in your PC

Check for any Issue with the RAM in your PCIn many cases, any technical problems with the RAM of the computer may be responsible for such an error.

So, the first thing that you need to do is to check the RAM that is there on your computer. And if you find any problems, then you will have to solve it. And that will resolve the error 0x80070570 issue.

But, keep one thing in mind that when you are going to scan the RAM for issues, you will have to scan one module at a time instead of all of it together.

And once you do this, the error message will go away. And thus, you will be able to get the updates you want from there on.


You have all the necessary instructions that will help you solve the error 0x80070570. We have covered most of the possible scenarios that you might come across.

But still, the fact of the matter is that due to the complexity of such technology, there can be a lot of other issues here that you might face. So, you might not be able to fix them all yourself. And for that, you are going to need help from experts.