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Facing Issues with Epson Printer Recovery Mode!! Get Quick and Most Applicable Solutions

Epson printer is quite a well-known and trusted brand, however, sometimes, there can be issues which affect the users’ experience. “Recovery Mode” error is one of them.  You will face this Epson Printer Recovery Mode error when you update your Epson printer with new updates. With the help of Epson Driver, you can update and download the Navigator software. After that, you will get to see that your system suddenly stuck in Recovery Mode. And the error message will be on your computer screen like “You have attempted to update your Epson printer using the Epson Driver Update and Download Navigator software but have found that the printer is stuck in Recovery Mode.”

In case the update gets interrupted due to a power cut or due to some other reasons, you may encounter this issue. While updating if your internet connection gets intermittent or goes off entirely you will face this error. Besides, if you remove the cable or cancel the installation program you will get to see this error.  So, if you are facing similar issues, this article will definitely help you to fix that error.

The following are some easy and simple troubleshooting steps which you can follow:

Solutions to Resolve Epson Printer Recovery Mode

The following are some of the most applicable solutions which you can follow in order to fix the error:

Update the firmware

  • Update the firmwareIf you get to see that your system has stuck in the recovery mode you should wait for a little while. The pop will appear on your screen and you will find an option like Epson Firmware updater download site. You need to click on the link which gets highlighted there. After that, a page will be up on your computer screen from where you can download Epson firmware update.
  • Once the firmware gets downloaded successfully, you have to run the file on your computer. You need to follow the on-screen instructions in order to install the firmware.
  • Now, in case you don’t get to see the pop-up box on your computer screen or accidentally you have closed that page. You should visit the Epson official website and from there you can easily download the latest firmware. But, make sure that you select firmware updates for your model of Epson printer and the download.
  • Once download gets completed successfully, you need to install them on your system in order to update your Epson printer. But, before you update your firmware you have to ensure that there are no fluctuations in internet connection. You should have a stable internet connection. At the same time, you need to have a good power backup and check if all the cable connection is fitted properly or not.

So far we discussed what the Epson Printer Recovery Mode error is and what the causes are of such an error. We also have explained the simple solutions for this error. Hope this article will help you in the Epson Printer Recovery Mode Fix. But if you are stuck or face any difficulty or need any explanation you can let us know by your comments. You can write your comment in our comments section.