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How To Fix Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages? – Easy Steps

Epson printers are one of the top-notch brands in the world. It is really popular as a brand for its high tech printing quality. Though, Epson printers boast of ultra-edging features and quality service, many times the users face problems with this printer. One of the most frustrating problems is when the users carefully put a very important file or document and then press the Print button, the printer sends out a blank paper. However, roll up your sleeves and try to resolve your problem by following our guideline. Read this article thoroughly to fix the problem. All the steps are very useful so don’t skip any step.

Reasons Behind Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Here are a few things which could be the reason behind this problem. Follow the listed causes:

Cartridge Is Empty

If your printer’s cartridge is empty then it can print the blank pages. Always check the toner level or ink level and change when necessary.

Cartridge Is Disconnected

It is one of the critical issues of this problem. This problem basically arises for electrical circuit The simple way of rectifying this effective problem is too easy to reinstall and remove the cartridge.

Paper Size Is Incorrect

It is the common problem of this issue. By chance, if you change the in-program sheet or paper size. Go back to your sheet or paper size option and check that proper paper size is selected.   

Clogged Nozzles

This issue arises if you use your Epson printer continuously. Rarely use of the printer with obdurate ink may clog up the nozzles of your device. Choose Print Head Nozzle Check option in your device to ignore this issue.

Issues Of Printers Drivers

Always update your printer drivers to get accurate printing experience. Old version printer drivers can cause multiple kinds of printing problems.

Easy Fixes Of Epson Printers Printing Blank Pages

Here are some fixes of Epson printer printing blank pages follow all these mentioned steps which are given below.

Check Cartridge

A wrong installation of the printer cartridge can stop the printing process. For this reason, blank pages will be printed. In that case, this problem will be starting pop out after installing a new cartridge. Remove your damaging cartridge before printing process will be started.

First of all, take out your cartridge. Based on the type of your cartridge, the Protective Tape can be of different location and type.

In most of the printers, there is a Colour Button on the cartridge. Pull it and remove the preservative sheet. Sometimes, it is a little plastic sheet placed on the ink nozzle and contacts. You just have to pull it out and remove this.

Check Ink Levels

Check that the ink cartridges are empty or not with printing report you simply check this by using the menu buttons. It will be mentioned as Printing Quality as it discords by your device’s model. Or you can discuss your printer’s manual to see the proper way to supervision the Ink levels.

Update Printer Driver

Sometimes the corrupt or faulty driver become a leading factor of any type of problem. So, you can update your printer driver and check out whether the process works. For updating the drivers you can follow the steps which are listed below:

Update Driver Manually

You can simply update the printer driver manually by simply visiting the official website. Get a proper driver that is suited for the device. After the updating procedure is complete reboot your printer in order to check whether printer works properly without any problem.

Update Driver Automatically

If orders are not that much expert in resolving the problem by using the methods which are mentioned above. Then, follow this one as your last resort. If you selected to download the drivers automatically the procedure will be done by the computer. If you do not find any trouble in finding out the exact driver and download it.

Check Paper Size

Check the printing paper or sheet size if it was incorrect then change the paper size and fix your blank page printing problem. Follow the listed steps and you would know how you do it:

Go to the Start button and click on it. Then, click on the Printer’s option which is under the Settings section.

Select your appropriate printer and click on the Properties option.

Go to the Paper tab then click on the size of the paper you exactly want to use.

After finishing all procedure click on the Ok button, Finally, close printer’s folder.

Clogged Nozzles

Check your Epson printer’s nozzles and run the procedure of cleaning cycle by using the menu or clean it manually by open your printer. Clean your printer printhead, cleaning dirty water, messy water of ink port.

We hope this article is very helpful for you.Here are we describe 4 top solutions and causes of this issues.Through, this article you know how to fix printer printing blank page issue.Read this article very carefully and follow all the above steps. All these steps are very useful. So, don’t ignore any of them. If one of the steps is not working, then use the next one.