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Epson Printer Not Printing Anything: Apply Reliable Fixes

A printer is an external device that takes the electronic data stored in a computing device and generates a hard copy of those data. Epson printers are widely used all over the world which gives high-quality printing features. But sometimes, you face certain issues during the printing process. For example, you can’t print anything with your Epson printer in black or in color. There are many reasons for this problem, so here, we are going to discuss what to do when you find your Epson printer not printing anything.

How To Fix Epson Printer Not Printing?

This is a very common problem for the Epson printer users. You should try the following efficient steps to solve your problem.

Check Printer Connections

Make sure that your Epson printer is connected to your computer properly. If you are using a USB cable, then check if the cables are connected properly with your printer and computer or not. If not, then reconnect it properly. You can try with different ports on your computer or laptops.

If you are using a wireless Epson printer, then check your network devices(router or modem) and check the network connection status of your printer. After disconnecting all the connections, try to reconnect the printer to your system’s network.

If you have connected your Epson printer via Bluetooth, then you have to keep your printer very close to your computer.

Set Epson Printer As Default

If you are using one or more printers along with the Epson printer, then you have to set your Epson printer as the default one. To set your Epson printer as default, press the Windows key on your keyboard along with the R button to open the Run box. Type ‘Control Panel’ on the given box and press Enter. Click on the ‘Devices and Printers’ option. Choose your Epson printer and right-click on it and select the ‘Set as default printer’ option. After that, take a test print and check whether the problem has gone or not.

If the problem persists, then go through the next steps.

Check If Your Printer Driver Is Updated Or Not

If your printer driver is out-of-date, then it may not be working properly. So, you should check your printer’s Driver version and then update the Driver. If you are using a Windows system, then click on the Start icon and go to the Epson Software Updater.

Check The Epson Printer Driver Memory Status

You should keep your printer driver’s memory free. You can quit all the unnecessary applications to increase the total available Memory. Also, you can increase the size of RAM or Virtual memory. Select Control Panel from the menu and double-click on the Memory icon to increase the available memory.

Sounds Like Printing But Actually Not: What To Do?

When you give a print job to your Epson printer, it may sound like it is printing but it actually prints nothing.

In that case, run the Head Cleaning utility using the printer utilities. Go to the printer software and click on the Utility tab.

Check The Print Spooler Service

You should check the service whether it is running properly or not because this service manages the communication between the printer and the computer and also manages the print job. So, if this service is turned off, then your printer will not work properly. To check this service, press the Windows key along with the R button to open the Run box. Type ‘services.msc’ in the box and hit Enter to open the service window. Now, you can see the option ‘Print spooler’. After double-clicking on it, you can see a window in the General tab. You should keep the Startup type as Automatic and the Service status as running. If it doesn’t set up like that, then click on the Startup type and choose Automatic and click on the Start option under Service status and then click on OK.

After this, check whether the printer is able to print or not. If not, then you should try the following methods-

  1. Check whether your printer is running out of link or not. You should replace the ink cartridge if needed.

    2. Sometimes, the print heads are detachable to the Nozzles. So, take the print head out and wipe the Nozzles. Print heads are a permanent part of the printers so it’s not easy to remove.

    3. You should keep your printer clean. Dust can accumulate inside the nozzles and it becomes smaller due to air blockages. The dry ink also accentuates the problem. So, clean your Epson printer regularly.

We believe that this article will help you to solve your Epson printer’s printing issues. In case you face any difficulty in any steps in this article, then don’t forget to leave your comments. Stay connected with us to know more updates regarding Epson Printer issues.