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Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working With Easy Methods

It’s very frustrating when Dell laptop touchpad not working error appears all of a sudden. It creates a lot of inconveniences and doesn’t let you continue your work unless you use a mouse. It commonly occurs when the hardware itself is faulty. If this is not the case, then software glitches or other factors might also be responsible for this unresponsive touchpad issue. It has turned out to be a great concern to know how to fix touchpad on Dell laptop. If you are struggling with such an issue, then follow this article for the proper fixes.

Solutions To Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working

Have a look at the effective ways to resolve Dell laptop trackpad not working.

Solution 1: Check the Operating System

When your computer freezes, Windows and Operating System stop responding to your commands. As a result, the touchpad becomes unresponsive. Do a trick by pressing the Windows logo key to check whether the Start menu opens or not. The Start menu won’t appear at all if your computer is frozen. Hence, close the program that is currently running on your PC and then, open the Task Manager. You can alternatively press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ to access Task Manager and close all the running applications. If the Start menu opens, then your PC is back to the normal state. Otherwise, turn off your PC and restart it, after a few seconds, to fix the touchpad issue.

Solution 2: Use the Shortcut Key

Your laptop might have a combination of Fn key and function keys for enabling or disabling the touchpad. In that case, press these keys repeatedly and check whether it solves the issue or not.

Solution 3: Remove the External Devices

We have observed that external devices like USB often conflicts with the touchpad when it is connected to a laptop. If such devices are connected to your laptop, then remove them and check the issue. If the touchpad is still not working, then proceed to the next method.

Solution 4: Verify the Mouse Settings

This solution explicitly works for mouse pad not working issue on every Dell laptop. Check the mouse settings to know whether it is responsible for Dell laptop touchpad not working or not. So, open the Control Panel window from the search box. Navigate to ‘Hardware and Sound’ tab and choose ‘Mouse’ under ‘Devices and Printers.’ Open the Mouse Properties window and locate the touchpad settings. Check the ‘Enable Touchpad’ box, if it is disabled. If you feel it’s necessary, then change the settings as preferred. Click on the ‘Apply’ button and then, on ‘OK’ to save the changes.

If the problem persists, then go back to the ‘Mouse Properties’ window and click on the ‘Hardware’ tab. Then, locate the ‘HID Compliant Mouse’ tab and check for an entry in the Device list. There will be two HID Compliant mouse if your laptop has a USB mouse port. Select each entry in the ‘Location Properties’ to determine, which of the HID Compliant mouse does not have a USB connection. If the status indicates that the device is working correctly, then that mouse is not related to the touchpad issue. Hence, you need to jump to the next method.

Solution 5: Check Device Manager for any Errors

Access the Device Manager to get the detailed information regarding the hardware issues, on your laptop. To do so, launch Device Manager and choose ‘Your PC.’ Double-click on the ‘Mouse and other pointing devices’ option and locate the ‘Touchpad’ icon. Right-click on it and select ‘Enable.’ If it is already enabled, then choose ‘Disable’ and then, re-enable it after a few seconds. If the ‘Touchpad’ icon has a yellow mark, then might be faulty. Hence, you need to get technical assistance.

Solution 6: Update the Driver

Open Device Manager, expand the ‘Hardware’ category and see the list of installed devices, on your laptop. Enter the name and details regarding the mouse manufacturer in the search engine. After that, right-click on the mouse device and let, the Windows OS search automatically for an updated driver. You may also do this work manually but, it will consume more time and you might also risk selecting an incompatible driver. So, it’s better to opt for the automated method. Windows automatically search for the latest driver and install it, if found compatible with your laptop.

If Windows is unable to find a correct driver, then browse your laptop for driver software. Then, specify the folder where you have downloaded the driver and then, follow the on-screen wizards to finish the process. When you are done with this method, restart your Dell laptop and ensure that the touchpad is working correctly.

Solution 7: Perform a System Restore

Minor technical glitches can get solved by restoring the Operating System to the previous version when everything was working appropriately. Hence, type ‘restore’ in the search box and hit ‘Enter.’ Choose ‘Create a restore point’ option from the search results and open the ‘System Properties’ window. Tap the ‘Create’ button and click on ‘OK.’ Add a description so that, you can remember the point if required when you are creating the restore point. Tap the ‘Create’ button again and wait, until the restore point is created. It will take more time if the number of system files, Windows applications, and Registry entries is large. You will receive a confirmation message that you have created the restore point successfully. Close all the existing Windows and restart your laptop, so that the restore point can take effect. If the Dell laptop touchpad not working problem continues, then move on to the solution discussed below.

Solution 8: Operating System Repairing Installation

Insert the Windows installation disc and restart your Dell laptop. When asked, press a key on the laptop to boot from the installation disc. Select a preferred language, time, and keyboard layout and click on the ‘Repair your computer’ link. Now, select the drive where you have installed the Windows and hit ‘Next’ to access the System Recovery window. Then, select System Restore and go by the on-screen instructions. Restart your PC to ensure that you have fixed Dell laptop mouse pad not working error successfully.

Solution 9: Enable or Disable Precision Touchpad

Go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Devices.’ Click on ‘Mouse and Touchpad’ and read the note attached to it. You will see note if your laptop has a precision touchpad. Hence, turn off the toggle to disable the touchpad before you connect the mouse. Then, use the touchpad and hopefully it is going to work as usual.

If you have followed this article thoroughly, then it would be easier for you to trace the issue. After applying the proper solutions, you would be able to fix Dell laptop touchpad not working in no time. These solutions will equally work for Dell laptop mousepad not working issue.