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Critical Process Died Windows 10 | An Easy Resolve

It is quite unusual when you are performing an important work and suddenly you face the Critical Process Died error. This error is basically accompanied by the screen of your computer going blue. Moreover, this particular error is really one of the most frequently occurring errors which are alleged to give nightmares to a large number of Windows users. But, don’t worry anymore of sacrificing your sleep or your time of relaxation to this issue and its fatal clutches because we are here with the easiest of the solutions.

This article is going to describe the error in detail along with every solution that is going to help you to solve the problem promptly. Read the article thoroughly and avail the solutions that suit the problem.

What is Windows 10 blue screen critical process dies?

The critical process died indicates Blue Screen Of Death(BSOD) which alerts us about a critical system process which is crashing your computer down. The effect of such type of error goes to the extent of damaging the hard disk, memory and sometimes even the processor.

It is well and good if one sees that the computer suddenly turns off and restarts back to its normal state if it happens for the first time. However, it is dangerous if the error keeps occurring time after time and you continue to neglect it.

Your computer will restart and revert to the normal mode if you are visiting the problem for the first time. But it is a matter of concern if the error occurs haphazardly over and over again wrecking your PC each time.

Critical Process Died Windows 10 Fix – Effective Solutions

There are numerous causes that can result in such errors. In order to fix the problem, here are some effective ways that can help you out in such a critical case.

Fix 1: Run A Virus Scan

Run A Virus ScanIt is sometimes observed that the error causes due to certain spyware and malware. Even if they are not that much terrible, but neglecting the errors would definitely be troublesome.

Get a dependable antivirus software and scan your computer. If there are any virus or malware that is affecting your computer then you can easily remove them completely. If this process does not work then progress on with the next one.

Fix 2: Update device drivers

Update device driversIt has been seen that in most of the cases the buckboard drivers cause the Blue Screen Of Death. However, in such a circumstance, adjudicate and update all the device drivers to the latest one to fix the issue. You can opt for any of the two ways for the proceeding to happen.

Update the Driver Manually – In order to update the drivers manually, go to the official website of the manufacturer and find out the most suitable driver for your device. Ensure and remember to have drivers that are compatible with Windows 10.

Update the Diver Automatically – If you are technically proficient and are aware of all the facts, then update the drivers automatically. It will help you to directly download the actual driver without the need for you to find an exact one.

Fix 3: Undo Recent Changes

The BSOD can also occur due to some buggy or faulty hardware and software. Moreover, when you are downloading any program or hardware, then ensure that you upgrade all of them to the latest version. This can assist you to get rid of the difficulty.

Fix 4: Run SFC And DISM

Sometimes due to a damaged RAM or a corrupted hard drive causes a Blue Screen Of Death Error. Furthermore, it pops up and forces the computer to reboot. In this way, the computer protects itself from further damages. In order to ensure that the RAM and the disk are in good condition, you can run two inbuilt checks.

Run SFC (System File Checker)

Run SFC (System File Checker)Before running SFC, you must be aware that what actually SFC is? Basically, the full form of SFC is System File Checker. It helps to substitute all the corrupting or incorrect system files. So to run SFC:

  • Firstly, open the Run box and type cmd. Click “Run as Administrator” by right-clicking the command prompt. Now, again type “sfc/scannow” and then press the Enter button from your keyboard.
  • Wait for few minutes for the whole process to finish and then simply restart the computer. Once the computer restarts, check if the error still persists. If still the method troubles you then transfer to the DISM check.

Run DISM- Deployment Image Servicing And Management

Run DISM- Deployment Image Servicing And ManagementThe title DISM holds for Deployment Image Servicing And Management. If the above process does not resolve your problem, then the feasible way to fix such an error is to operate up with the DISM.  However, it is not needed every time and besides, the failure of system file checker forces the user to step up with the process. To run DISM, follow some of these credentials that are below:

  • As the above process, open the run box by using the Windows logo keys. now type “cmd” in the Run box. Click “Run as administrator” by right-clicking the Command Prompt.
  • You will get some commands that you need to type in the Command Prompt window one by one. End the process by pressing the Enter key. Save all the changes and restart your computer and check whether you are done with the error.

Fix 5: Refresh Or Reset Your Windows 10 and Troubleshoot Critical Process Died

Even if you have tried all the fixes and not had got over the error, then the last way is to refresh or reset the Windows 10. Finally, this ultimate process of formatting your system and reinstalling your Operating System would definitely make you feel the difference and remove the error altogether.

This article is a detailed guideline on how to fix the issue when your computer is facing the Blue Screen Death error. After reading this article inform us whether it has been of any help to you or not. Also, you can leave a comment in the comment section below.