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Can’t Import Photos From iPhone To PC | Reliable Solutions

Apple has provided some of the great features to their devices for photography purposes. Sometimes having these photos in your device may consume a lot of storage space. Often, you can’t import photos from iPhone to pc. So, today we will take a brief look at how you can import photos from your iPhone to the computer without any hassle.

Can’t Import Photos From iPhone To PC? Here are The Fixes

Due to the various photo-management tools and software, the iPhone is widely preferred by users. However, people sometimes find it challenging to move images from iPhone to PC using iCloud, iTunes, Bluetooth. Also, users complain that they can’t see the iPhone photos while importing pictures from phone to desktop.

In case you can’t import photos from iPhone to PC, nothing to worry about. Here are some of the best-proven measures that you can use to transfer photos from your iPhone to Windows 10 easily.

Make sure you update both your iPhone and iTunes to the latest version before starting any of the solution procedure. You should also upgrade the Windows OS on your computer.

Solution 1: Restart AMDS

Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS) is a built-in process which detects and syncs iPhones, iPods, and iPads connected to the PC. When you install iTunes in Windows 10, AMDS runs in the background with other programs on your computer. iTunes can recognize the iPhone device plugged to Windows 10 with the help of Apple Mobile Device Service.

In case the system doesn’t recognize your iPhone, then you have to restart the Apple Mobile Device service (AMDS). Follow the below steps to restart AMDS.

  • Press Windows logo key and R together to launch the Run dialogue box.
  • Type ‘services.msc’ in the Run box and click OK to open the Service Manager window.
  • Locate Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS) from the list services in your system.
  • Right-click on AMDS  and select Properties from the context menu appears.
  • In the next window, select Startup type and click on Automatic from the menu.
  • Inside the Service status page, press the Stop button and then OK.
  • Once the service is stopped, again Right click on AMDS option and click on Start option to restart it.
  • In the end, you just have to restart your computer.

Now open your iTunes and connect your iPhone to transfer the photos.

Solution 2: Use Windows 10 File Explorer

Your Windows has an inbuilt application named File Explorer that generally helps you to view and manage files in your device. When it comes to copying pictures from your iPhone to Windows 10, you can use the File Explorer to do your work. Let’s have a look then,

  • Plug-in the iPhone to the computer using Apple’s USB cable. On your phone’s screen a notification saying ‘Trust’ will pop up. Click on it to establish the connection between your iPhone and PC.
  • Go to File Explorer on the computer. You can find it by pressing the Start key and you can see the Explorer icon on the left side.
  • As your iPhone is connected to the computer, you’ll see it as a drive under ‘This PC’ section. Now, double-click on the icon of the iPhone device. Then, go to DCIM under Internal Storage and here you’ll get the access to your photos.
  • You can see the images and videos that are present in your iPhone storage. Just select the photos and transfer them to a folder located on your computer. In this way, you’ll be able to import all the pictures from your iPhone to Windows 10.

Solution 3: If You Can’t Import Photos From iPhone To Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced a new feature, i.e., Photos app in the latest Windows 10 Operating System. This app helps you to copy pictures from your mobile device to Windows 10 in bulk.

  • Using the Apple’s USB cable connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Type ‘Photos’ in the search bar on your computer to open the Photos app of Windows 10.
  • On the top right of the Photos app click the Import button. You can get the text reminder by clicking the three dots.
  • Select your iPhone from the options that appear and select the ‘Import’ option to start copying the images from your phone’s memory to Windows 10.

Solution 4: Alter The Picture Folder Permission

  • Click on This PC from the desktop and right-click on Pictures folder.
  • Select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Under the Security tab, click on Edit.
  • Search your account name from the list of username and then click on it.
  • Tick the box beside Full Control under Allow.
  • Click Apply> OK.

Solution 5: Use iCloud Service

Apart from the above solutions, you can try the Cloud services such as iCloud to transfer photos from the iPhone to PC. Thus, you just have to download and install the iCloud application on your Windows computer. When the installation is complete, open the Cloud application. Here, you’ll find the option ‘iCloud for photos’ that displays the available directories on your iPhone. To access the images, you have to click on the particular directory and copy them to your computer.

So, with the above methods of solution, you won’t face any trouble while transferring photos from your iPhone to Windows 10 system.