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Easy Methods To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5200

When you are working with Canon printer, it is feasible that you might encounter difficulties. Such circumstances usually appear after your machine acquires an upgrade and affects the associated softwares. It becomes very irritating for the client if they cannot get prints when required. This issue with the printer comes crossed with a  pop-up note.

Simple Ways To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Method 1:

Open the device and then switch off the printer. Provide the system about 5 to 7 minutes and then again relaunch it again. Check if the error code 5200 still exists. If the error doesn’t exist, then restart the device again and check.

Method 2:

Open the device and along with it open the printer. Then Power off the printer and dislodge the cartridges. After the operation then remove the printhead correctly. Reboot the printer and once the printer starts then install both the cartridges and the printhead. Restart the system again.

Method 3:

Open the device and then switch off the Canon printer. Do not free the Stop switch and along with that select the Power On key. Now hold the Stop key and press it for five (5) times. Once done with this process then only free the other two switches. Check if the cover is blank and then again start the device. Now the device will identify the latest hardware. Ignore the popups and then click on the Restart option and provide the device time to launch itself.

Method 4:

Open the device and click on the Turn off option. Now click on the Reset key and at the same time select the Power On button. When you are pressing the Power On crucial, after that free the Reset switch. Hold down the Set key and repeat the operation twice. Free the Power On switch and the light will flicker and at the same time 0 will pop up on the display window. Again hold the Reset key and make sure to press it four (4) times. Also, push the Power On key two(2) times. This operation will first switch off and then restart the Canon printer once again.

Method 5:

The canon printer error code 5200 can get resolved via the system troubleshooter. Scan the device and check if any corrupt files exist in the system. Remove the data and then check for the error.

Reset The Canon Printer

To check for the error code 5200, first of all, switch on the device and then select the Stop or Reset option from the press and hold the Power alternative. Now release the Stop key and along with it press the Power On key. Now repeat the same steps twice and after that Free the Power ON switch.

This procedure will pop up on the notification as an idle message, and this operation will take about one minute. As the message appears on the screen, open the printer and then dislodge the cartridges. Open the lid of the cartridge and then bring out both the colors. After that remove the top lid of the printer and then initialize the printer.

If the process does not work then again switch off the printer by selecting the Power off key.  At the same time press the Stop key. Now again press the Power On key and simultaneously press the Reset button. Repeat the same step twice for confirmation. One pop up Idle message will appear on the display screen. Click and open the cartridges again.