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Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009 With Easy Methods

The Bitdefender VPN is a virtual private network application which helps its users to protect their online information from hackers and ad companies. But, like all other applications, the Bitdefender VPN have some problems with it. While connecting to a network for the first time the VPN application may give out many types of error codes and 1009 is one of them. This error usually appears when the VPN application is unable to connect with a network due to some restrictions or software glitches. Other than that, the error code 1009 can also get activated because of some simple human mistakes. Now, if you are one of those users who is facing the Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009 on their application and want to solve it as fast as possible, then follow this article.

Causes of the Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009

The Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009 is caused by many problematic factors of the system and network and some of them are given in this section. Have a look at them.

  1. Poor Network Connection.
  2. Corrupted or improperly installed Bitdefender VPN application.
  3. Wrong DNS input.
  4. Interference of other VPN services.

Now, if you have identified all the possible cause of the Error Code 1009, then let’s have a look at the solutions for it.

Solutions for the Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009

There are many ways by which you can fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009 and some of those methods are given below. Have a look at them and try to execute them as instructed.

Remove other VPN Applications

Remove other VPN ApplicationsIf you are using two or more VPN applications on the system, then it is quite possible that the other VPN services are interfering with the workability of the Bitdefender VPN and creating the error code 1009. Therefore, in order to remove Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009, you need to remove all the other VPN applications from the system. You can also temporarily disable them while running the Bitdefender VPN application.

Connect with the Network Manually

Connect with the Network ManuallyMost of the time the Error code 1009 appears in the Bitdefender VPN application because of bad or poor Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. To fix this situation the users need to connect the VPN application with the network manually. Now, if you want to execute this method, then follow the given instructions.

  1. Restart the system.
  2. Then, connect to a different and powerful network. While doing that make sure that the  Bitdefender VPN adapter is enabled.
  3. Now, click on the Windows Start icon and open the Search bar. On the search bar, you need to type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and hit the Enter key.
  4. The Network Connections window will instantly open up on the screen. On that window, you need to find the AnchorFree TAP-Windows Adapter V9 adapter.
  5. Once you get that, right click on it. A pop-up menu will appear on the screen. On that window, you have to click on the Enable option.

After doing that, try again to connect with the Bitdefender VPN.

Reinstall the Bitdefender VPN Application

Reinstall the Bitdefender VPN ApplicationAnother thing that can cause this error code in a system is file corruption or improper application installation. And, it is quite possible that the same problem is creating the Error code 1009 in your Bitdefender VPN application. Now, in order to solve this problem, you need to reinstall the application and to do that follow the given steps.

  1. First, open up the WinX menu by pressing the “Windows Key + X”. On that menu, you need to find and click on the Control Panel. This will open up the Control Panel window.
  2. In that window, you need to click on the ‘Uninstall a program’ or ‘Programs and Features’ option.
  3. Now, in the ‘Uninstall a program’ or ‘Programs and Features’ window, you will get a list of all the applications installed on your system. From that list, you need to find and select all the application and services related to the Bitdefender VPN.
  4. Then, hit the Uninstall button.

After that, you need to follow on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation process. Once that process finishes, reboot the system and download and install a fresh version of the Bitdefender VPN application from its official website. Now, run the application and bring up the Bitdefender interface. There you need to click on the Privacy option. It will be present on the left side of the window. In the  Privacy window, click on the ‘Open VPN’ option. You will find that option beneath the VPN module.

Change the DNS Input

Change the DNS InputNow, it might be possible that the Bitdefender VPN application is unable to connect with your internet connection due to improper DNS input. In certain situations, users have found that the DNS setting of their Network is blocking the VPN service on their system and causes Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009. Now, if you are facing the same DNS problem, then follow the given steps to rectify it.

  1. Open the Control Panel window and select the ‘Network and Internet’ option.
  2. In the ‘Network and Internet’ window, click on the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ option and launch its window.
  3. There, you need to click on the ‘Change adapter settings’ option and then, double-click on your active network connection option.
  4. A pop-up window will appear on the screen. On that window, you need to click on the Properties option.
  5. Now, in the  Ethernet Properties window, locate and select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4) option and then, hit the Properties button.
  6. A new pop-up window will come up on the screen. On that screen, you need to check the box beside the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ option and then, fill the following date into their respective areas.
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

After entering them, hit the OK button and restart the system. Now, you just need to check whether the error code is eliminated or not.

We hope that our solution and suggestions are quite helpful to you regarding the Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009. For more tech-related information keep following our articles.