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Know the Effective Fixes to Resolve AVG Antivirus Error Code 0xe001f94e without Any Hassle

An antivirus application is one of the most important software that is installed on your system. This software is generally responsible for preventing cyber attacks and protecting your system against all kind of malware, viruses, and adware. We all are aware that any kind of virus is dangerous for your system, that is why it is quite important that you have an active antivirus application always running. And in this case, AVG is one of the most trusted choices for the users. However, the users who are trying to install AVG antivirus for the first time or attempting for an update for their existing AVG application may encounter the error code 0xe001f94e. So in this guide, we aim to fix AVG antivirus error code 0xe001f94e with the most effective hacks.

Main Causes Of AVG Antivirus Error Code 0xe001f94e:

There are many problematic factors that are present in a system which can trigger the  AVG antivirus error code 0xe001f94e. So it is essential to be aware of those causes to get rid of the problem without any hassle. And some of those problematic factors are given in the area below, have a look at them.

  1. Corrupted files of old AVG antivirus application
  2. Interference of other antivirus application
  3. Application file corruption
  4. Improperly installed or downloaded AVG application

Now, after identifying the potential causes of this error then let’s have a look at its solution.

Effective Ways to Fix AVG Antivirus Error Code 0xe001f94e

Generally, the AVG antivirus error code 0xe001f94e is associated with different prominent sectors of the OS. That’s why to solve this error code, you have to locate and rectify all the problems of those prominent sectors. And essentially there are various ways by which you can perform it to get the best results. So have a look at the most effective ways and try to execute them as instructed below:

  • Remove all the system junk files

Sometimes, the junk files folder contain a few traces of previously installed AVG application and during the application installation process, those traces/files can cause errors like 0xe001f94e. Hence, in order to solve this problem, you have to eliminate those traces/files completely and to do that follow the given steps.

  1. First, open the Run Dialogue Box by press the Windows Key + R key. Now, on the Run Dialogue Box, type “cleanmgr” and hit the OK button or Enter key.
  2. Instantly a pop-up window will appear on your screen. On that window, you have to select the Temporary files option bad then hit the OK button.

Now after this, all the junk files will get eliminated from your system and you can start the installation process once more.

  • Interference from other antivirus application

In certain situations,  other antivirus applications which are installed on your system are used to interfere or interrupt the process related to AVG antivirus application. On those situations, the AVG application gives out various type of error message and the error code 0xe001f94e is a prime example of it. Now, if you want to fix this issue then you have to uninstall all the other antivirus application form your system. Or categorized your AVG antivirus application in the Exception list of your other antivirus application. To do that, you have to visit the official websites of your other antivirus application or search about it in the provided manual book.

  • Reinstall the problematic AVG antivirus application

Now, if you are getting this error code while updating your AVG antivirus application then it is quite possible that this error code is appearing due to the file corruption issue. And to fix this issue you have to reinstall the application again. To execute this method, you can use two different types of process and both of them are given below.


  • The Traditional Process:

To initiate the first uninstallation method, you can try the Traditional process.

  1. Press the “Windows Key + X” to launch the WinX menu. On that menu, you will get the  Control Panel option. Click on it and fire-up the Control Panel window.
  2. Now on that windows, find and select the Programs option.
  3. Inside the Programs window, you need to locate and select all those applications which are connected with the AVG.
  4. After that, hit the Uninstall or Uninstall/Change option.

Now it will take time to complete the uninstallation task. Once it is done reboot your system

  • After the uninstallation task, you have to download and install a fresh version of your desired AVG application. While doing that, make sure that nothing interrupts the downloading and installation process otherwise it will create more error in your system.

Final Thought

We hope that our solutions and suggestions are helpful for you to fix AVG antivirus error code 0xe001f94e. For more tech-related information keep following our articles.