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Avast HTTP Server Returned Error: Get Top-Notch Solutions At Your Fingertips

Avast is a renowned name among the users in the field of security software. It protects your device from all kind of online threats. It also detect the malicious software, if present in your system and keeps all your personal details secured. Despite being that, it shows some technical glitches. Many users encounter errors while using Avast antivirus. Avast HTTP Server Returned Error is one such common glitch.

Probable Reasons For Avast HTTP Server Returned Error

While updating your system an error message regarding Avast HTTP server returned error might display to your screen. Also, it makes your system slow and even sometimes your system freezes. Some common reasons due to which this error occurs are as follows:

Corrupt Download: If you have downloaded the corrupt files of your Windows or you have not completed the installation properly, then also you may get this error.

Corruption In Windows Registry: If your Windows Registry files are corrupted, due to the presence of malicious software, then this error can occur.

Presence Of Third-Party Tool: If you have installed any troubleshooter or your system has any third-party software, then the files of it gets conflicted with the Windows Registry files and as a result you might encounter this error.

Presence Of Junk Files: When your system get filled up with junk files, and your browser cache memory is full, then it restricts your system from installing the drivers and you can encounter this server error.

How To Fix Avast HTTP Server Returned Error: Easy Troubleshooting Steps

We illustrate you some top-notch methods which will help you to fix the issue. You need to apply the methods without skipping any steps.

Method 1: Check The Internet Connection

Sometimes, due to connectivity issue, you might encounter this Avast HTTP error. It happens because your system may not able to detect the router’s IP address.

Method 2: Clear Cookies And Browsing History

Gathering of many junk files in the system can result in Avast HTTP server returned error. So, you need to clean out the cache memory and browser history. Also, remove the unwanted files from your system. Follow the instructions below:

At first, you need to open a browser and then press the Ctrl key and H button simultaneously from the keyboard to open the History window in your screen. Now, choose the option ‘Clear browsing history’ option and set the time range into Everything by dropping down the arrow. After that, you have to choose Clear Data which will clear all the browsing data from your system. After the completion of this step, it will create a space, due to which Avast HTTP server error will not occur.

Method 3: Uninstall And Reinstall The Avast Antivirus Software

You can start the process by clicking on the Start menu. A window will open to you where you will get the Control Panel option. Clicking on that option you will get a option named Programs and Features. Now, expand the same window where you will get numbers of programs installed in your system. Now, on scrolling down you will get the Avast antivirus programme and now right click on that option and choose Uninstall from the list which will remove the Avast files from the system.

After the completion of Uninstallation process, reinstall the Avast Antivirus program.

Hope the above methods will help you to troubleshoot the Avast HTTP server returned error. If you have issues regarding the solutions, then comment in the comment section box. And if you are not confident enough in applying the methods, then get in touch with the skilled experts.