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Effective Solutions To Eradicate Avast Error 42125

Though Avast is the best antivirus among users, sometimes you can face some technical glitches while using it. One of the most common errors that you frequently encounter is runtime error 42125. Mainly the error code appears when Avast antivirus fails or crashes while running. It does not mean that the error code was corrupt in some way. But when the error code 42125 occurs Avast antivirus stops to function.

Therefore, you need to fix the Avast error 42125 at the earliest otherwise your system may be affected by the virus or malware. If you frequently face the error code and you have no idea about the troubleshooting methods then stay connected with this article. Keep reading this article to know the symptoms, causes and some amazing steps to resolve the issue from your system.

Symptoms of the error code 42125

The error code 42125 comes up without a warning message. The runtime error message may appear anytime on your screen all of a sudden due to the virus infection. In fact, the error message can pop up in some other dialogue box frequently. Due to the runtime error code, you may experience a sudden fall of the internet speed.

Main reasons behind the Runtime error code 42125

While designing the software, programmers try to code the design avoiding any error. However, nothing is perfect in this world, so, you can encounter some unexpected errors even with the best program design. Glitches can occur at run time or while designing and testing. But run time error can occur if you run incompatible programs at the same time.

Another reasons to encounter the error is a memory problem, a bad graphics driver or virus infection. Whatever the case may be, the problem must be resolved immediately to avoid further complications. Check out some of the effective methods to resolve the error.

Runtime Error Code 42125: Quick steps to follow

There are many problems with Avast antivirus that pops up frequently. Hence, you have to fix the error code. Sometimes small problems create big troubles, if not dealt in proper time. In order to fix the issue follow the undermentioned fixes.

Method 1: Close conflicting programs

Close conflicting programs

Always keep in mind that you are encountering the runtime Avast error 42125 due to the programs which are conflicting with each other. Then at first, you need to resolve those programs with immediate effect. To stop these conflicting programs glance through:

Step 1

Click Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time to open Task Manager. In the Task Manager, you will able to see the programs which are currently running.

Step 2

After that navigate to the processor tab. Then stop the running program one by one and highlight each program. At last, press on the End Process button.

Step 3

While stopping the running program you need to check each time if the error code reoccurs or not.

Step 4

When you identify the program which is responsible for the error code 42125, then reinstall the application in order to resolve the matter.

Method 2: Update the conflicting programs

Update the conflicting programs

Once you identify the conflicting program, you need to uninstall it or check whether any updated version is available for the program or not.

To update the application go to the Properties option. In the Programs and Features option select the Application which one you want to update. Moreover, check if any update is available. If yes, then update the program accordingly. Then restart the system and check the status of the error.

If the program is already up to date then uninstall the application. To do so, go to the Control Panel option. Then search for the Program and Features option. A list of application will appear on your screen. Then search for the application which you want to uninstall. Click on the application and press on the Uninstall option. After successful uninstallation, go to the search engine and from there install the latest version of that program.

When the installation process is complete, check whether the error prevails.

Method 3: Update the Avast antivirus

Update the Avast antivirus

Sometimes the error code occurs due to the outdated version of the Avast antivirus. You need to check if any updated version is available or not from the manufacturing website. If it is available, then launch the antivirus with the latest version.

To get rid of this error code you can also reinstall the antivirus after uninstalling it. To uninstall the Avast program go to the Control Panel and then Programs and Features option. Search for the Avast Antivirus. Right Click on it. Then click on the Uninstall option. When the process completes, download it from the manufacturer website.

After performing the steps you will able to fix the issue on your own.

Method 4: Reinstall the Runtime Libraries

Reinstall the Runtime Libraries

Error code 42125 can also appear when MS Visual C++ package does not install properly. To repair it, uninstall the package from the Programs and Features option. Find the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package. After that, right-click on the option and select the Uninstall option. After that download the latest version of the redistributable package from the Microsoft site, then install it and reboot the system.

Method 5: Reinstall your Graphics Driver

Reinstall your Graphics Driver

A bad graphics driver can generate the error code 42125. Then you need to remove the graphics driver. Go to the Device Manager and locate the graphics driver. After that, right click on the video card driver and then click on the Uninstall option. After that restart the system. Check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Hope the above-mentioned solutions will definitely help you to resolve Avast Error 42125. Before proceeding with the above solutions you need to back your files and data. Nevertheless, if you have any query related to the issue you can share your feedback. You will update you with the effective troubleshooting measures.