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Solved Guide To Fix Asus Smart Gesture Not Working Error

Asus smart gesture Windows 10 stops working when you update your Operating System. When this issue occurs, you won’t be able to use any gesture to control the touchpad of your laptop. It becomes annoying when you cannot use the touchpad of your laptop. However, you can apply some solutions to fix the problem in a short span of time. So in this context, check out the probable causes and the solutions for this error.

Reasons For Asus Smart Gesture Not Working

Check out the common issues behind encountering such kind of problem.

Incorrect Settings

If you are suffering from this problem frequently then you can be a victim of improper settings. But you can resolve them by resetting the program.

Outdated Drivers

A driver is the heart of every operation in your system. Be it connecting an external device or any external hardware peripherals, you need proper drivers for working. A driver is a workforce behind your touchpad driver. So if your touchpad driver has become corrupted or out of date, then you may have to update the same and as soon as possible. This can help you to solve your issue.

Incompatible Operating System

Are you suffering from this error after updating your Windows Operating System? If so then it means that the Asus touchpad driver is not compatible with your latest Operating System. Many users reported having faced the problem after updating the Windows Operating System.
Now that you get to know the causes of suffering from such an error, check out the solutions regarding the same.

Procedure That You Can Follow To Solve Asus Smart Gesture Not Working

Your problem regarding Asus smart gesture download is common. However, if you are unable to cope up with this issue, then you can follow the solutions given below.


Resetting the Smart Gesture of your Asus device can aid you to resolve the problem within minutes. So if your issue is occurring due to Incorrect settings, then you do not need any solution other than resetting your device.

  • Hold the Windows and R key simultaneously. Type control and then press Enter.
  • Now, go to the View by drop-down menu and select Large icons option.
  • There you will find the Asus Smart Gesture tool. Open the same and tap on the Set all to the default option.

Restart your system. Follow the above steps sequentially and check if it resolves your problem. If you find that your problem is fixed after using this procedure, then it means that the cause of your issue is incorrect settings.

Updating The Drivers

Update the touchpad drivers and see if it solves the problem. To check if your touchpad drivers are outdated or not, you need to first navigate to Device Manager. Go to Control Panel and right-click on the same. Select Properties, and on the left panel, you will find the Device Manager option. Search for your touchpad driver in the Device Manager.

If the driver icon has a red cross or yellow signboard against it, then it means that your drivers have expired. Update them as soon as possible.

Roll back Your Operating System

If you find that your problem has taken place after updating your Operating System, then do not hesitate to roll back the Operating System to its previous version. It is possible that your Asus Smart Gesture driver is not compatible with the Operating System you are currently using. Check if this method solves your problem or not.

Reinstall Asus Smart Gesture

Try this procedure, if none of the above worked for you.

  • Open the Run Window from the Start Menu and type control there. Hit OK.
  • In Control Panel, select the View By tab and under it, choose Large icons option.
  • Next Select the Programs and Features.
  • Go to the Asus Smart Gesture and choose the option Uninstall to remove the application from your computer.
  • Download and install the application again from the internet. See now if your problem is resolved.

Reboot your system and you will get rid of your problem and execute Asus Smart Gesture once again.
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