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Learn About The Effective Fixes For Asus Live Update Failed To Connect Issues

When you execute the Asus live update, you may encounter a live update error message. However, this is quite common and you need not to worry about this. This error generally occurs in connection with the software firmware update failure. Otherwise, it might be the case that the error is encountered due to the BIOS issue. Therefore, you can resolve this Asus live update failed to connect issues by following some simple troubleshooting steps. Let’s have a quick look at the troubleshooting steps

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Asus Live Update Cannot Connect to Server Issue:

Follow the below troubleshooting steps for resolving Asus Live update failed to connect issues.

1. Examine Network Connectivity

It is a very common issue which you face if the internet and network bandwidth are not connected properly with the desktop. Therefore, you need to make sure that the network is connected properly. You cannot use the Asus Live update without internet connectivity.

2. Reinstalling ASUS Live Update

If the software is not present while you are having proper network connectivity, you have to reinstall Asus live update application in order to combat Asus live update failed to connect issues as mentioned in the below steps:

  1. First of all, you need to navigate to the link “http://www.asus.com/support/”.
  2. After that, you need to provide the product’s model number on Asus supporter site.
  3. Then, you need to navigate to the Drivers & Tools tab. After that, choose the OS.
  4. Next, you need to download the tool software. Then, you need to install that in your PC.
  5. When the installing process gets over, try to work with it and examine whether the error persists or not.

3. Updating the BIOS/ Drivers

When you receive Asus Live update failed to connect issues, it implies that there is an issue associated with the older BIOS/Drivers. Therefore, you must update BIOS/Drivers. This is owing to the fact that BIOS suffer from updates. With the passage of time, if they detect some issues which require improvement, you should update it. You need to update the recent BIOS versions as well as the device drivers. Henceforth, after performing the above steps, you can easily fix this problem.

Take a Glance at Some Other Fixes:

You need to follow the below steps to combat Asus live update not working issue

  1. First, you need to click WinKey as well as the R key in order to open the Run box.
  2. Then, you need to enter misconfig and click on OK.
  3. Navigate to the Startup tab.
  4. Now, press Enter in order to open the Task Manager.
  5. Moreover, you can disable the Asus Live Update application. After that, you need to reboot the Windows.

Asus Live Update Intrusion Method

You can easily install the ASUS Live Update feature on your computer with the help of free software. This method is also referred to as a bundled installation. It helps you to install the surplus module. Thus, if you fail to decline, it begins with the hidden installation. If you wish to fix Asus live update cannot connect to server error, you need to copy the file to the hard disk. The typical name is (*.*). Sometimes it happens that it makes new startup key using the Asus Live Update and value (*.*). Moreover, it can make a folder using the name ASUS Live Update present under C:\Program Files\ or C:\ProgramData. After you install ASUS Live Update, you need to display ads, popups, as well as banners on your computer. Henceforth, it is advisable to delete the ASUS Live Update immediately.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article will give you a thorough informative overview pertaining to the Asus live update failed to connect issues. You will get to know all the troubleshooting steps by following this article. Also, you can refer to this user manual for any kind of  Asus live update issues.