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Apple Music Not Working On Mac | Avail Top Notch Solutions To Fix It

There a huge number of users who love to listen to music in their iOS devices using Apple Music. They can choose the music of their choice to stream in their system as per their requirement. Although it compacts with great features, sometimes users confront some errors including Apple Music not working on Mac. This problem becoming very common in occurrence.

In case, if you are also experiencing the same, then you have to fix it as early as possible. Keeping that in mind, here we are going to discuss some excellent hacks that will co-operate you to get rid of the error completely. So, try these troubleshooting methods and solve the glitch on your own.

Know the Reasons and Symptoms of Apple Music Not Working on Mac:

There are a number of reasons for what your Apple Music won’t play on Mac. if you are connected with a weak or unstable network, then it is pretty possible that you might face the issue. An outdated version of Apple Music is also another common reason for what you might get this issue. Apart from that, outdated browser, subscription problem etc are equally responsible as well.

Symptoms of this Apple Music Issue:

When Apple Music not working on Mac, then you can identify this error by a few signs that are illustrated in this section:

  • Users are unable to make any purchase or subscribe to any songs.
  • The radio stations stop working properly.
  • Seldom they might get error notifications popping up on the screen.
  • Sometimes users are unable to log in into their Apple Music Account due to this issue.
  • Users can encounter a syncing problem between the Mac device and Apple Music server.
  • Sometimes this issue won’t allow the users to add the songs in the Favourite or Playlist option.
  • It can lead to unnecessary crashes and unresponsiveness in the Apple Music app.
  • Sometimes “Apple Music” freezes and become unresponsive as well.
  • Seldom Apple Music Library becomes empty after updating your Mac device.

Hassle-free Solutions to Fix Apple Music Not Working on Mac:

There are many solutions by which you can easily fix the Apple Music not working on Mac issue by executing some simple steps. So have a look at the procedures mentioned below.

Method 1: Restart your Apple Music App

By a simple restart, you can easily get rid of this particular error. So, try to restart the Apple Music to fix the error. To go through this method, at first, you need to exit from the Apple Music app. Tap on the home screen and navigate to the Apple Music icon. You can see this icon in the Applications menu. After that, simply click on it for once more time. Now, try to download a song to see if Apple Music is working or not. Moreover, you can also visit the App Store and simply visit the website and try to play a song as well.

Method 2: Turn on Flight Mode

Seldom, this particular issue gets fixed by a turning on the Airplane Mode. Thus, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab on your Mac. After that, locate the feature of ‘Flight Mode’. You have to enable this option for a short time almost about 20 to 30 seconds and then turn the Airplane Mode off. Then, start the Music app on your Mac and strive to play or download the same song which you have tried previously. Also, be confirm that you are connected with a good connection as well. If the solution is not enough to fix Apple Music not working on Mac, then move to the next one to kick out the issue from your device.

Method 3: Change the Preferences

As an alternative method, this may help you to resolve the issue on your own. So it is suggested not to skip any step and as well as don’t make any mistake while performing the under-mentioned steps. So, let’s start:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to click on the Apple Music icon in the Dock of your Mac and launch the Apple Music.
  2. After that, from the Menu bar choose Apple Music. Also, tap on the drop down menu and select Preferences and click on it.
  3. Choose the General tab from the Preferences screen and mark on the little box that is shown beside the “Show Apple Music Features.”
  4. Now, tap on Ok and save your preferences for Apple Music.
  5. By any chance, if you see that “Show Apple Music” is already selected but Apple Music is not displaying in iTunes, then tou have to uncheck the box and tap on Ok.
  6. After that, select iTunes that is located in the top of the Menu bar. Again, from the drop-down menu choose Preferences.
  7. Finally, choose Ok. Try to open Apple Music and check if the error is still showing up or get resolved.

Method 4: Change Network Settings

If Apple Music not working on Mac properly due to the poor internet connectivity, then by this method, you can resolve the issue at an instant. To reset the internet settings, at first, you have to be sure that you are connected with a stable network. So, if you want to check the network settings, then click on “Settings” and launch the general tab as well. Next, move to the Reset option and click on it. After that, select “Reset Network Settings” icon from the list of the options. Now, try to play a song on Apple Music and check if the issue gets solved or not.

Method 5: Launch Apple Music via Different Procedure

When none of the above steps will help you to get rid of the issue, you can choose this one as well. To do so, the first thing you have to do is to navigate to the Settings icon and click on it. Now, go to the Music tab and press the icon “Join apple Music.” After that, strive to download a song on music app and check if you are encountering the same issue or not. If the problem is not solved, then move to the next step as well.

Method 6: Turn on iCloud Music Library

Seldom this particular issue can generate on Apple Music due to not turning on iCloud Music Library. At that time, it can be mitigated by switching on this option. When you turn on this option, it can restore your access to the entire music folder that is stored in the library of the Apple Music. To do so, at first, navigate to the Settings and then move to Music. After that, slide down the screen and choose iCould Music Library.

Apart from that, you can also do this in another way. When you see the option is turned green, then you can assume that iCloud Music Library is enabled on your Mac.

Expectedly the above-mentioned fixes will help you to solve out the Apple Music not working on Mac issue. In case, if you are unable to do that by following the procedures described above, then you need an expert’s help at that time. Moreover, you can also leave a comment in the feedback box.