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AMD Error 1603: Easy Troubleshooting Guide

AMD Radeon Software is a device driver and utility software package for advanced Micro Device’s graphics cards and APUs. Most of the gamers prefer AMD software drivers for installing a graphics card. Some users reported that they encountered issues while installing and updating drivers. This error is popularly known as AMD error 1603. It usually causes Windows Update failure.

Relevant Causes For this Error

Antivirus Interference: If you have installed any antivirus software, then it works as a third-party software which restricts you from installing or downloading the AMD drivers.

Corrupted System Files: If your system has any malicious software which makes your system corrupted.

Pending Windows Updates: Basically, Windows 10 has not any option for cumulative updates. It automatically updates the OS. But, in case if any updates remained pending, then you need to download the updates properly and install it. Otherwise, it won’t support the AMD drivers due to which the AMD error 1603 occurs.

How To Fix AMD Error 1603: Easy Hacks

There is more than one method which you can try out for fixing the error code 1603. Go through the solutions given below carefully to resolve the glitch in minutes.

Method 1: Run An SFC Scan

Navigate your cursor to the Start menu and then type cmd. After that, right click on the Command Prompt icon and then tap on ‘Run as Administrator’. A UAC prompt will pop-up and you need to accept that.

After that, in the command prompt you need to type the following commands which are given below:

sfc/scannow dism/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth

This command will run a system file check and after that, it will repair all corrupt system files on your system. At last, restart your PC and then repair all corrupt system files on your computer.

Method 2: Set Default Location

You can start the method by right-clicking on the folder which you will get under ‘This PC’ option on the left pane and then choose Properties. After that, click on the ‘Location tab’ and then tap on the Restore Default button to set the original location of the folder. You have to repeat this procedure for all system folders. Now, install your AMD drivers in your system.

Method 3: Deleting AMD Installation Folder

  • At first, press the Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer.
  • In the next Step Go to This PC option and then choose the Local Disk(C:) which is properly known as C drive or wherever you have installed your Windows Operating System.
  • Now, select the AMD folder in the location and then press the Shift key and Delete button simultaneously. If you are prompted to grant admin privileges to perform the action, you should. After deleting the folder, install the AMD files in your PC.

Method 4: Update Your Windows Operating System

Firstly, press the Start button from your keyboard and then type Windows Update and then press Enter. After that, Click on Check for updates, it will check for updates and if any updates required then Windows will automatically download the updates and install it into the PC.

Method 5: Disable The Antivirus Installed In Your System

If you have installed any antivirus software in your PC, then disabling the software temporarily will help you to install the AMD software.

Hope the above solutions will help you out from the issue AMD Error 1603. All the solutions are expert-approved, but if you have any query regarding the methods then get in touch with any professionals.