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Fix Adobe Error Code 1002 Issue In A Flicker

With its complete features, the Adobe software drags the attention of the customers day by day. Adobe is mainly known for its photo editing software, Adobe Reader and the Adobe Creative Cloud.  However, the Adobe software also contains some drawback with it. A lot of Adobe users reported that they face an Adobe Error Code 1002 while using the Adobe applications on their devices.

Once, this error code is generated on their Adobe applications, they cannot do anything with it.

If you are an Adobe user and if you face this error code 1002 on your screen, then read this article from top to bottom, as in the remaining part we will assist you with some easy troubleshooting techniques that will help you to overcome from this error issue.

The Prominent Causes of  Adobe Error Code 1002 Issue:

If you are a new Adobe user, then you should be aware of the possible reasons behind the occurence of this irritating error code 1002. So that you can be careful for the next time.

Most of the time, this error code 1002 occurs, if your system is unable to update the Creative Cloud applications. Sometimes, a bad network connectivity can also lead towards the development of this error 1002.

If you have not updated your Adobe Applications for a very long time, then also you might face this issue on your device.

No matter, what the reason is, once this error code 1002 appears on your screen, then your Abode software will be blocked and the Adobe applications are useless for you. So, you want to get rid of this issue immediately. For this, we are here for you. Now, look at the below mentioned steps to fix the error code 1002 issue immediately:

Methods You Should Try To Resolve Adobe Error Code 1002 Issue:

Here are some methods given that will surely help you to fix this error 1002 issue. Hence check out:

Check your Network Connection

This is the first of methods that you should try. At first, you have to make sure that whether you have a strong internet connection or not. Because if you don’t have a good network connection, then you may see this error code 1002 on your screen. So, ensure that you have a strong internet connection. And if you have, then restart your machine and if the error code 1002 still pops up on your device, then go to the next method.

Update your Adobe Application

Update your Adobe ApplicationIf you are not updated with your Adobe Applications for more than 10 days, then this issue may appear on your display. If this is the reason, then you need to update your Adobe software for its latest version.  For updating, firstly, you need to go to the homepage of the Adobe Applications, and from there search for your usable Adobe applications. Now, check which version gives you better features than the previous one. Once you have found it, then click on that and after reading the online instructions you have to click on the Apply button.

During the updating process, you should not touch any other keys as it may hamper the upgrading process.
Again restart your machine and if, unfortunately this error code 1002 still creeps up on your display, then go to the next one.

Update your OS

Update your OSSometimes, your Operating System may create trouble for you and for this, you can face this Adobe error code 1002 issue on your system. In those cases, you need to upgrade your Operating System. If you are unsure regarding this, go to the home page of your usable Operating System. From there, find the best-recommended version and again read the online instructions and tap on the Yes option.

Now again, you should restart your device and if you are still unlucky, then try the next one.

Scan Your Device


If the error issue still creates trouble for you, then scanning your computer is another alternative option for you. If your system is affected by any kind of malware virus, then also this error code issue may pop up on your screen. So, you need to go for a complete scan up of your computer. During the scanning process, your security software finds and detect harmful files and threats. Or, sometimes it sends an indication to your system, that those files are corrupt and you need to remove or delete them.

After that, restart your machine and now the Adobe Error Code 1002 code, will not appear on your screen anymore.


Hope the above steps are sufficient to resolve the Adobe Error Code 1002 issue. Now, we strongly recommend you to read the above methods carefully and apply them one by one on your computer and see which one works for you.