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How To Fix Acer Touchpad Not Working: Ultimate Guide

In recent ages, Acer is one of the topmost companies that manufacture laptops as well. After the recent Windows update, many users face several issues with Acer Laptops. Among those, Acer touchpad not working is the most common issue faced by users. By any chance, if you are also facing the same issue, then this is the right choice as we are going to discuss the issue in detail.
This particular issue can happen due to multiple reasons. In this section, we are going to discuss the possible reasons that are responsible for this particular error.

Outdated or improper driver– It could be due to the outdated or incompatible drivers. By any chance, if you are using an outdated driver you may face this glitch.

Virus or malware effect– Another one is the virus effect in the system. If your device is attacked by viruses or contains malware then you may encounter this issue.

Corrupted hardware– Sometimes hardware related issues are equally responsible for showing this error. In case, if any hardware gets corrupted then there is a possibility to get this error.In this situation, you don’t need to worry. There are lot of ways to solve the issues. Apart from this reason, issues with power management, battery discharge and a damaged USB port are some causes for this glitch.
Hence, here is this article, we would be addressing Acer mouse pad not working. You need to follow the simple methods as stated below and perform the steps carefully. You will surely find some effective method that helps you to fix the issue as well.

Effective Ways To Fix Acer Touchpad Not Working

In case, if you are also facing the same issue, then you need to solve it without wasting your time. You should not ignore the early symptoms. Take the help of this guide and troubleshoot the error quickly. Perform the steps carefully because any mistake can damage your system.

Method 1: Disable Fast Startup

This process is considered as one of the basic methods to solve the issue instantly. Hence, you need to disable the Fast startup option from your device.

To do so, first, restart your device in Safe Mode. Then, tap on the option “Control Panel” in the search box. You can find this option at the bottom of the device’s screen. After that, again choose “Control Panel” in the pop-up notification. Now, choose the Power option and then, tap on the option “Choose what the power button does”. Then, select the option “Change settings that are currently unavailable” by clicking on it.

At last, uncheck the icon “Turn on fast startup” under the section “Shutdown settings.” Finally, click on “Save changes” to apply the changes. Now, check if the error is there or gets resolved.

Method 2: Uninstall Touchscreen Drivers

If the above process does not help you to solve the issue, then you need to go to the start option. Then move to the search box and type in ‘Device Manager’. Alternatively, you can press Windows key and R together for Device Manager.

Now navigate to Settings and click on it. Double click on “Human interface manager” that is shown in your device screen manager. Then, you must select the appearing “Touchscreen drivers.” Now right-click on the “Touchscreen drivers” and select the option Uninstall. Finally, open Settings and go through the device’s touchpad. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Additional mouse’ options. Now, restart your machine and check if the problem is taken care of.

Method 3: Enable Mouse

Before taking any step, make sure that your devices are connected with every internal part correctly and the device is not disabled.
Follow the steps to reconnect the mouse or touchpad.

At first, go to the Windows Start menu. Open Setting option and select the Devices and open it. On the Devices window, select the Mouse & touchpad option.

Click on the “Additional mouse” tap to open the “Mouse Properties” window and click on the “Device Setting.” Navigate to the Devices window to check the hardware status and click on “Enable.”

Method 4: Update System Driver

Go to the Start option and search for the Control Panel. Select the option “Update and security.” Click on ‘Check for update’ to see if there is an update for your device. By clicking on the Check for Update, the new updates will be downloaded and install automatically.

Once the installation gets completed, restart your device. Now, go to the browser and enter the manufacturer’s official website. In the web page, you can see the latest version of the drivers. Select a driver as per your system requirement and download it and again restart your computer.

Method 5: Reinstall Mouse Driver

Sometimes a simple installation of the mouse driver can solve the issue as well. To do this follow the steps and then check if the mouse lagging issue gets resolved.

First, check the mouse itself. First of all, press and hold the Windows key and X simultaneously from the keyboard. Now, tap on the down arrow and choose the option ‘Device Manager” and then tap on “Enter”. Now, select the option “Mouse and other pointing devices” by clicking on it. Then, again press the down arrow key to see the list of options.

Now, navigate to “Enter your mouse name” and then hit the Enter key. After that, tap the Tab button and Control key together to fetch the “Driver” option and select “Uninstall Device.” Hit the Enter key again and if asked to restart your device, then again press the Enter key and let the device to restart.

But in case if you do not select the restart option then go to the toolbar icon and next Device Manager and select the option “Scan for hardware changes” by clicking on it. If the mouse is still not working, then press the F5 key and by the process, the scan will start and Windows will help you to reinstall the mouse driver.

Hopefully, by the above procedures, you will surely get rid of the error “Acer touchpad not working.” But in case if you find any difficulty while executing the methods then share your feedback with us. Let us know your queries. We will get back to you with viable solutions.