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Acer Tablet Wont Charge – Simple Hacks To Fix Charging Issues In Your Gadget

Often, you can experience technical issues while working on Acer tablets including the problem of not charging. So, the tablet may be already connected to a power supply but still not getting charged. There can be multiple underlying reasons that can cause this error and your Acer tablet wont charge at all. Sometimes, these gadgets can exhibit this issue even if there is a bit of dirt, dust on it. Many times, the charger itself can be defective, which can lead to not charging your Acer tablet. There are some users who even think that somehow the charger plug is not fitting properly into the charging port. So, if you are also going through similar charging issues with your Acer tablet, you can check this article. Here, you will get to know in detail the actual causes of the charger problem in your tablet. Also, you can view the solutions to resolve this error and charge your Acer tablet properly.

What To Do When Acer Tablet Wont Charge Even After Plugged Into The Source?

Sometimes, Acer tablets can refuse to charge and displays an error notification stating ‘Plugged in, not charging’. You may then check the charger not just once, but multiple times. However, there may not be any visible defect in the charging port.  Also, you may wonder why Acer tablet wont charge in the first place. So, there can be both hardware and software issues in your Acer gadget, which can lead to this charging error. In order to fix this problem, you can check the following information and understand the reasons that are preventing your tablet to get charged.

Understand The Causes Why Acer Tablet Not Charging At All

The reason why Acer tablet wont charge can depend on several factors including the condition of the battery in your gadget. Many users who are facing this problem has observed that if the batteries were damaged or have any technical issue, it may affect the shelf life of their Acer tablets.

Some of them were even experiencing problems with the chargers as well. A broken adapter can also be the case with your Acer tablet showing charging error. Often, this leads to drawing excessive power from the source supply, which was enough to cause charging issues in Acer tablet.

Many tablets try to utilize the batteries even when they are plugged into the supply outlet. In these cases, the device may outmatch the overall capacity of the adapter and can stop the charging process or slow it down.

Most tablet users may not be aware of this fact that while connected via USB, it delivers less power as compared to the wall socket. Hence, if you are having a USB charger for your Acer tablet, it can cause a slow charge issue or stop the entire charging process.

In case the connectors to the batteries get blocked due to some debris or if any of them is undergoing corrosion, it can cause a charging issue.

Some batteries in Acer tablets may not charge properly if they are having a calibration problem. The issue of calibration can occur if there is not gauge inside the battery in your tablet, thus causing the charging error.

If there is a temporary software crash in Acer tablet, there is no way you can charge it due to the corrupted device cache. So, you must check whether the programs are updated on your gadget including the BIOS, which can cause a charging problem, if outdated.

Apply These Fixes To Resolve Charging Error In Your Acer Tablet

Now that you are aware of why your tablet wont charge due to above reasons, you can follow this section. Here, you will get to learn a few quick fixes to troubleshoot charging errors in Acer laptops. So, let’s discuss the solutions.

Fix 1: Repair Or Replace Charging Cable

Sometimes, the charging end of your cable which connects to the charging port of tablet, can get damaged. If you don’t repair this problem, it can block the current to flow into your tablet. Hence, if there is any physical damage that is fixable, you must consult a technician to repair the cable. In case the charging cable for your Acer tablet has become fray or dysfunctional after prolonged usage, it is better to replace it. However, if you are planning to buy a new charging cable for your tablet, make sure to get an original product manufactured by Acer brand. Otherwise, any low-quality charging cable can damage your gadget or the adapter.

Fix 2: Make Sure Charging Port Is Clean

As your tablet’s charging port has a very small opening, any debris collected near this can cause an issue. Many times, these ports can get blocked due to tiny dirt or dust particles, where the cable is inserted in the tablet. So, if you don’t clean up these charging ports on a regular basis, it can prevent the current supply to your gadget. Hence, you can resolve this problem by cleaning the port using an unused toothbrush or blunt pin. However, keep in mind to clean these ports as gently as possible to make sure the sensors don’t get damaged.

Fix 3: Replace Or Fix Charging Adapter

If there is no issue with the charging cable or the port, the problem can be due to a damaged adapter. So, you can confirm this by connecting the cable to another adapter, which is compatible with the Acer tablet. If the charging process is okay, it means the actual issue is with your adapter only. So, either get it repaired from an experienced professional or use/purchase another working adapter.

Fix 4: Switch To Alternate Power Source

There can be problems with the power outlet in which you are trying to charge your Acer tablet. If the power source is not stable, the charging process can take ages or won’t start at all. So, if there is nothing wrong with your gadget’s charging port, cable, or adapter, you must try another power source. Hence, try to select a more suitable and efficient power outlet to charge your tablet. Also, make sure that your gadget is directly plugged into a wall socket in order to avoid slow charging and battery draining issues.

Fix 5: Clear Cache From Your Acer Tablet

This method has worked for many Acer tablet users who resolved their charging issues by clearing the device cache.  Sometimes, accumulation of too many temporary data on your tablet can slow down the entire gadget. It can further cause issues and you can figure out that Acer tablet wont charge due to slowing down. So, the best way to fix this problem is by clearing the cache, cookies, history and other unnecessary files from your tablet.

Let’s assume you are using Android-based Acer tablet and want to clear the cache in it. Hence, you can click on the ‘Settings’ tab on your gadget and touch the option of ‘More’. Then choose the ‘Application Data’ and manage the apps that you wish to clear the cache from. After selecting the suitable applications, simply touch on the ‘Clear Cache’ button.
There are some tablets, where you can find the section of ‘Cached Data’ and clear all your app cache files immediately. To access it, you have to swipe downward on your gadget and locate the Notification bar. Then touch the gear icon and tap on ‘More’. There, you may find ‘Cached Data’ in the storage section.

Fix 6: Reset Your Gadget

Sometimes, if you wonder why the tablet isn’t charging, try to reset your gadget. Many users have fixed charging error on tablets just by applying factory reset on their tablets. So, if there is any software glitches or background programs running in your device that can prevent charging, this solution may help. In order to reset your android tablet, go to Home Screen and tap on the ‘Apps’ icon.

Then find out the ‘Settings’ app, tap on it and choose the option of ‘ Backup and reset’. In some tablets, you may have to access this feature by first tapping on the ‘General’ icon. Hence, after getting this far, locate the ‘Factory data reset’ option and tap on it.

Carefully, go through all the on-screen information provided on your tablet regarding the factory reset feature. After checking this information, find the tab of ‘Reset device’ and touch it. It will prompt you and ask whether you want to erase all your downloaded apps and personal information from the tablet. So, tap on ‘Erase everything’ button and wait until the Acer gadget restarts on its own. Try to plug in the charger and check whether the charging is going on.

Fix 7: Update Firmware For Gadget

Often, it is necessary to update the software installed on your Acer tablet to repair its charging interface. An outdated firmware can prevent interface to receive the charge from the sensors connected at charging port. So, it is recommended for users to update their OS version in tablets periodically. It is essential to avoid any charging issues or any other technical problems.

In order to apply this method, you must have a stable cellular or WiFi network enabled on your Acer tablet. Then go to the ‘Settings’, tap on ‘About device’ and select ‘Software Update’. Wait for your network to search for the updates available for your gadget and follow the on-screen instructions to download the latest OS version. After this, restart your tablet and try to charge it again by plugging it to the wall socket.

Fix 8: Reboot Your Acer Tablet

Often, a hard reset can work like wonders and resolve charger problems in your tablet. So, to apply this fix, you have to turn off the gadget by pressing the power button. After 1-2 minutes, press and hold both the Power and Volume Up buttons for almost 2-3 seconds. Then release the Power button while keep holding the Volume Up. As the Select Boot Mode appears on the screen, utilize the keys for Volume Up/Down for navigating the mode. You can select the Boot Mode by pressing the Power button after proper navigation to the desired option. Hopefully, after rebooting your tablet, it will not show up any charging error.

Even after applying any/all of the above fixes your Acer tablet wont charge, it’s time to change the battery. So, you must take the point of view of an Acer technician before buying a new battery for your tablet. Also, ask them how to install the battery in your gadget without causing damage to any other component in the Acer tablet. While using a new battery, you must also be careful with the time for first charging schedule. Since it can differ with respect to the model of your Acer gadget and also the technical specifications of the battery.