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Fix Xbox 360 Open Tray Error: A Practical Perspective

There might be several errors while you are using the Xbox gaming console to play your games. However, the Xbox 360 open tray error is one of the most often-faced problems for many users and they face it due to many reasons. It mainly appears because of some hardware issue in the console not because of some sort of software issues.

Sometimes, you need to perform some maintenance carefully as it relates to the hardware parts of the console. You might be wondering about what are the solutions to fix the error. Hence, don’t worry, you have arrived on the right page as in this article, we are going to discuss all the aspects of how you can get this error away.

Solutions to Get Xbox 360 Open Tray Error Fixed

When it comes to the solutions that converge upon how to fix Xbox 360 open tray error, then you should know that there are quite a few of them. You never know which one might be the most suitable for fixing the error on your Xbox console. If you have faced that the Xbox 360 is not able to open its tray and read what it stores, then you cannot install new games on it.

It contains so many facts to think about for this specific issue of Xbox 360 gaming console. It’s quite obvious that if you don’t install a new game, you cannot play one. And, such situations get too much annoying. In such circumstances, you can follow the solutions presented below that will help you to get rid of the error so easily.

Solution 1 – Dismantle the Xbox and Leave it for a while

This solution is one of the most significant ones that can help you solve the error that you have encountered on your Xbox 360. You might not like this solution but there are many people who got this error fixed. There might be numerous reasons why this solution can offer you astounding results. Before you try any further solutions, this is the one that you should try first. So, to do that, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1:

At first, shut down the gaming console of Xbox 360 completely by pressing and holding down the Power button. The button can be found at the front panel of the console.

Step 2:

Go to the back panel of your Xbox 360 and unplug the power brick from it. To make sure that there is no remaining power in the console, you need to press and hold the Power button several times.

Step 3:

Disconnect every device that you have connected to the computer that also includes the controllers and other additional hardware.

Step 4:

Afterward, plug in the power brick and wait for a few moments. The moment the color of the power brick changes to orange from white, that means it’s ready to turn on the device.

Now, restart the Xbox 360 gaming console and check if you are still facing the error in it. It should not be appearing on the console any longer. Check whether you are able to open the tray or not. If it’s still on the console, then you can go through the following solution.

Solution 2 – Place Important Square Parts of the Console on their Proper place

There might be many reasons behind the error and some of them are directly related to the displacement of certain parts. Due to certain activities, the square part of your Xbox 360 gets moved out of its place which can cause the error. There are plenty of users who have solved such issue on their Xbox 360 by placing these parts back to their places. For doing such a thing yourself, you will need to open the Xbox console and then, make changes on it.

Before you take any steps further, make sure that you have disconnected all the input and output devices from the console. It also needs to be free from any kind of attachments or wires. Such attachments may be the external storage device, charging cable, controllers, and HDMI cables of the console. Let us take you to the steps that will help you open the Xbox 360 gaming console and allow you to make changes in its square parts.

Step 1:

You should eject the disk from the console, if there’s any at first and then, keep it somewhere else safe. Make sure that, you have ejected the disk else it might create other problems while performing the next steps.

Step 2:

By inserting your finger into the USB port section, pull off the faceplate from the console. You can easily locate the faceplate on the right section of the Power button. Pull the faceplate towards you and remove it from the unit.

Step 3:

After that, release the end grilles through the holes of ventilation space by poking a large and bent paper clip. It will help you to unlock all the clips that are holding the grille with the console itself.

Step 4:

Find the place where the grille connects with the case of the console and insert a flathead screwdriver into that space. Next, work the screwdriver around and pry up as you go to finally lift it up from the unit.

Step 5:

Remove the hard drive from the case by pulling it away from the case of your Xbox 360. You have to do this prior to removing the grills.

Step 6:

Locate the four clips that hold the front case and unclip them to remove it. After you do that, pull the front side of your console towards yourself and do it gently, if you don’t want the panel to get damaged.

Step 7:

Now, unclip the back case of the console and place your hand on the place where the grille used to stay fixed. Then, gently apply some pressure to the combined halves of the casing inside the console. After doing all of these, use a flathead screwdriver to insert it into the slots on its back panel.

Step 8:

Next, remove the bottom of the case to look at the metal part and you can do that by pulling it off from the unit. Use a Torx screwdriver to remove screws that are holding the top. There are six screws attached to the metal part of the top case that you’ll need to remove using that Torx screwdriver. If there are some screws that won’t fit the screwdriver, then don’t unscrew it.

Step 9:

From the left corner of the front part of your gaming console, remove the eject button  In this section of the console, you’ll find a green ribbon. You only have to lightly ease your flathead screwdriver under that ribbon

Step 10:

Finally, lift the case off of the Xbox and check the disk tray whether the square parts are properly placed in it.

Once you have completed all the steps in a proper way, you shouldn’t worry about how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error. If the square parts are not in their place, then make some changes and place them properly.


That’s all you need to know about the process on how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error. Apart from these solutions, you can even try to clean the disk laser of the console that might help you. Hope the article will help you get rid of such an annoying error. Whatever the causes are, behind this problem, you should be able to solve them by going through the article.