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Wireless Mouse Not Working Windows 10: Troubleshooting Hacks To Fix

While you are working with the wireless mouse and it’s getting stuck or freezing constantly then surely there are some issues related either with the mouse or with the Operating System. There could be several reasons for the wireless mouse not working Windows 10. For example, outdated system, corrupted files of the Operating system, fragmentary drivers, power issues, battery error, and USB port not working. Moreover, the user might face other problems also alongside this error. The mouse might start moving randomly. The cursor freezes all time. All the buttons of the mouse stop acknowledging the click. Usual settings of the system and the mouse might disappear. In the end, the system drivers fail to identify the mouse settings with the device.

Read the article and understand the ways to correct the errors related to the USB mouse not working windows 10.

Methods To Secure Wireless Mouse Not Working Windows 10

Reinstall The Mouse

Open the device and select the Windows logo key and the X key from the keyboard simultaneously. After this process, pick the Device Manager and then scroll until you find the ‘Mice’ and other pointing devices option. Select on that option and then choose the Update Driver. Again, select the ‘Browse my processor for driver software’ option and then choose from a list of device drivers and uncheck the compatible hardware option. Press the Next and Continue option. Finally, select ‘Yes.’ Reboot the device and then check for the reinstalled driver software.

Now go through a similar procedure and click on the ‘Display Compatible Hardware’ option. Choose the driver and then click Continue. Update the drivers and check till the installation is completed.

Upgrade Drivers

If the mouse still declines to work then try updating the drivers manually. To start with the process select the manufacturing website and then find the latest version of the drivers. Click on the Update Now option and then continue. Reboot the device after the upgradation.

Switch Off The Filter Switch

Open the control panel by typing ‘cmd’ on the Windows search bar. Choose the Ease Access option inside the control panel and then again click on the same choice. Scroll down till you find Keyboard Easy Option and select on that. Untick on the Filter switches and apply the OK option and continue. Restart the device and then check for the working of the mouse.

Complete Streamlined Boot

Clean the cache of the device and also check if any of the antivirus or pre-installed applications have blocked the working of the mouse. Try to scan the system and identify the issue. Immediately eject the software which is initiating the error.

Relaunch The Mouse

Hold on the Windows logo key and then press the R key from the keyboard together. As the dialog bar opens, then in that type ‘devmgmt.msc’ to start the Device Manager. Choose the Mouse option and select the Wireless option by right-clicking on it. Along with this process update the drivers and uncheck on the Show compatible hardware menu. Select on Next and continue with the process. Restart the device and again hold on the Show consistent hardware option. Also, pick the classified driver preferablyPS/2 Compatible Mouse and select Yes. Again restart the machine.

Review hardware, appliances, and wireless combinations

Join the mouse recipient to a different port and try various other USB  ports in your device. To monitor for the solutions first check the working of the cell of the invention as well as of the mouse. If there is a defect with the battery, then change it and check if the problem still arises. Try the wireless mouse on another device and check for the working. Recheck the device and the mouse and identify the errors. Organize wireless connection and check the plugs on different computers.

Impair the quick startup

The Fast Startup characteristic is one of the major causes of this difficulty. To solve this error press on the Windows logo key and then along with it press on the X key. Select the Power option and then again click on the same. Choose the changed settings and then uncheck that. Save the changes and then exit the page. Restart the device after the process completes.

USB And Bluethoot Connected Mouse

Open the device and in that choose the Start menu. In the search bar type control and click on that first option. As the Control panel opens, then select the View Devices and Printers option below the Hardware and Sound menu and continue. Double tap on that option and select USB Mouse or Keyboard by clicking right on it. Choose on the Properties menu and navigate till you reach the HID Device, snap features.

Now select the Settings and then click on Changes. Select the Power Management menu and untick the Allow the network to set off this device to save power option. Click on the Next and continue option and press on OK. Refresh the system and then restart the machine. After a pause check if wireless mouse not working Windows 10.

These are the Operations to perform when you find the wireless mouse or the USB mouse is misfunctioning.