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Fix The Verizon Wireless Error Code 97 With The Help Of This Article

One of the most common errors that most of the Verizon users face is the Verizon wireless error code 97. It mainly appears when a user is trying to send an SMS to someone else. It might happen due to many reasons and according to those reasons, you have to fix them. In case, you are using the outdated version of VZaccess, you may encounter the error. Sometimes, the signal becomes the main reason for the problem. If your device has a very low signal, then you might face it as well. The weak signal might come from either your phone or the wireless network you are connected to. However, in this article, we are going to discuss different steps to fix the error code 97 in Verizon Wireless.

Why Do You Keep Getting The Code 97 Error In your Device?

If you have connected your device to a network extender, then there is a slight possibility of occurrence of the error. It depends on the error message what you can do to solve it. Due to weak signal also, you might get the error in your device.

In case, the SIM card is not placed properly in your phone, then the error might arise. Attempting to connect to a network extender or staying in its range can cause the error. These are the main reasons why you are facing the error and unable to send messages. Following the specific error, you can get fixed Verizon wireless error code 97.

Solutions To Fix The Verizon Wireless Error Code 97

No matter if you want to send or receive text messages, if there is this error, you cannot do any of them. As discussed in the above section, there are so many reasons why you are facing the error. You need to know the reason first before you try to troubleshoot it. Once, you get to know the main reason, it becomes much easier to solve the error.

The SMS error code 97 can be solved by following the solutions as discussed in the section below. If you are able to complete the steps, you will be able to send text messages to everyone. Without delaying too much, let’s get into the solutions directly.

Solution 1 – Disable The Wireless Card

Disable The Wireless Card

This is the first solution that you can try in order to solve the error that you have encountered. In this process, you have to disable the wireless card if you are using any with your system. A wireless card can help you stay connected with the same network with multiple devices.

Sometimes, the main problem arises when there is too much traffic on the card and it faces some trouble to manage them. That’s why you need to turn off wireless card where you are connected to. Once you have completely disabled the card, you need to enable it again and connect with it. Now, check if the issue persists or not by sending an SMS to one of your contacts.

Solution 2 – Check The IP Configuration Settings

Check The IP Configuration Settings

If the above solution didn’t work out, then you should check the IP configuration settings. If the system has any kind of problem with its IP address, then it is possible that you’d face the problem.

Thus, in such cases, disconnect your computer from the network and then restart it. After restarting it, connect with the network again and check if the IP configuration settings are correctly set. If all is well, then send a test message to anyone and check if the error is fixed.

Solution 3 – Update The VZAccess

Update The VZAccess

VZAccess is a software application, that allows you to stay connected to the internet using different digital mediums. It uses mobile broadband and National Access on your mobile device to offer you the connectivity with the universe. You can even connect your laptop and other devices using this application through your mobile phone.

However, you have to update this software to its latest version if it’s outdated. Updating the application to its latest version can help you in many aspects. With each update, it removes errors and fixes several bugs from the system.

Solution 4 – Restart The VZAccess

If updating the application didn’t help you, then you should try to restart it. Restarting any application can be so helpful as the cached data might cause the error. Thus, close the VZAccess application and then open it again. After you restarted the application, try to check if the issue is still there.

Solution 5 – Check The Network Strength

Check The Network Strength

Even after completing all the solutions as stated above, if you couldn’t solve the problem, then check the network strength. If you are not able to send any text messages to other persons, then it is because the signal strength is very low. In such cases, take your device to such a location where you find a strong connection. After that, you should not face the problem anymore with your device.

Solution 6 – Take Out The SIM Card And Insert It Again

Take Out The SIM Card And Insert It Again

Sometimes, the problem lies with the SIM card itself which prevents any kind of message transfer. In such circumstances, you need to turn off your phone, and then, take the SIM card out. Then, wait for a few seconds and insert the SIM again in the cell phone. Afterward, turn on the phone and check if the issue exists or not.

So, these are the fundamental solutions that you can try to get fixed Verizon wireless error Code 97 in your device. After following the solutions as mentioned in the above section, you should not face the error anymore.

In this article, you have gone through all the aspects of the Verizon wireless error code 97 that you faced in your device. You came across the reasons that cause the error and their solutions in detail. Once you follow the section in a proper way, then you should not face the issue any longer. We hope that the article was able to guide you through all the possible steps to fix the error in a much easier way. Follow our Official Website Errorcode0x For More Info.