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Fix User Profile Service Failed the Login Windows 10 [SOLVED]

Like many others, you also may be frustrated when you try to log in and get an error message “User Profile Service Failed the Login Windows 10”.  Now let’s have a look that why this type of problem occurs in your Windows 10 OS.

Reasons behind User Service Failed the logon In Windows 10 Operating System

If you are interested to know the reason then they must go through the following points

Reason 1

This type of trouble may occur when you are trying to upgrade your default profile from an older version of Windows 10 on your machine. When Windows 10 trying to create a new user account, then this type of problem takes place in your system.

Reason 2

Microsoft suggests that when you are trying to log on your account, and at that moment your antivirus is scanning your device, then this type of errors can happen.

Most users face problems, but rarely are aware of the right solution. Well, no need to worry. Continue reading to identify some useful and easy to fix this anointing error in Windows 10.

How To Solve “User Profile Cannot be Loaded Windows 10” Error

Hope you read the above two reasons very carefully. To conclude that most troublesome problem, do nothing but just read those instructions carefully that given below. If you study these solutions from top to bottom, then you will aware of the proper resolution of User Profile Service Failed and Cannot Be Loaded the Sign In Windows 10.

Solution 1: Boot Your Windows 10 In Safe Mode

Follow the following steps to boot your Windows 10 in safe mode and solve User Profile Service Failed To login Windows 10 error.

Turn On your Computer In Safe Mode

When Windows does not work properly, you can start up your Windows with Safe Mode. Safe Mode loads with only some essential basic driver and programs. Turn on Windows in Safe Mode can be a useful solution to resolve your trouble.

Assure Your Computer is OFF

Press the Power button to start Windows. After that press 5 to 10 sec until computer closing automatically.

Repeat this steps till you see the “Preparing Automatic Repair.” Then wait for Window to analyze your machine. Then Click on  “ Advanced” and after that tap on “ Troubleshoot”. Then, click on “Advanced” and then click on “Startup Setting to Continue”. Then, restart your device.

After restarting press F4 on your keyboard to open your machine into Safe Mode.

Fix Corrupt User Profile

In Safe Mode, press ‘Win+ R” simultaneously and open run dialog box. After that, enter the command “regedit” and press Enter.

After Registry Editor window pops up. Head to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > ProfileList .

Now click on each one of the s-15 folders double-clicked on the ProfileImagePath and find out the user profile. Once you have identified where is the user profile [note-It don’t have .bak ending], then double click on the “State “ and change the value data to 0.

After that double click on “ Refcount” to drive a popup “Window.” Then, click anywhere in the right panel and click New > DWORD (32 bit)> type RefCount > click on Enter. When done, restart your computer to see if the problem is sorted out or not.

Solution 2- Create a New User Account

Before you take any action, you must back up your old User file. Generally, this process is very costly, and it is a better choice to use “free backup software”. Now to create a new user account, you need to ensure the followings process.

  • First, open the Setting app and then go to “Accounts“
  • On the “Account” application several options will appear on your display from there you have to select “Family and other users” tap on that and then click “Add someone else to this PC”
  • Your device may ask you that ‘How will this person sign in?” and click or tap onI don’t have this person’s sign-in information” checkbox.
  • After that click on “Add a user without a Microsoft account.”
  • Now Enter a new User Name in that account, and if you want to protect your account, you can also give a password. Then, click “Next”

After you generate a new account, restart your computer and try to log in on the new account and if everything is ok then move your files from old to the new account. Now it as your main account.

Concluding Word

Hope now it is clear to you to solve this kind of error. Check the above process and apply them one by one and see which one is suited to your computer. For more information log in to our website and also, make a command in the comment section and we will answer your queries as early as possible.